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Mikey Likes You is the health podcast for the underdog in all of us. Host Mike Catherwood approaches the world of wellness with a wealth of personal experience, celebrity experts, and his trademark nonsensical humor. Listen in for his straightforward talk about the most confusing aspects of our bodies, brains and hearts.
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I'm half way through the 12 week program from "The Maximus Body." The author of the book and the creator of the program, Bobby Maximus, joins me to discuss my progress. Bobby ends up enlightening me on so many different aspects of life. I always encourage you to listen to my Maximus episodes and this one is particularly informative. We end up chatting about relationships, mindset, framing and perspective, plus much more.
Its a nice round of question and answer. I touch on some really good stuff, thanks to you the mighty listener. Topics include, being liked by girls, density training, creatine, getting back into training after a layoff, my personal diet, calorie surplus and how much, trap training and much more. I do in fact like you
Dr. Drew Pinsky has been my professional partner on the radio and television for a long time. Through our professional partnership we've developed a beautiful friendship. Drew and I get right into Covid talk and I sincerely feel its a different conversation than the one you're commonly hearing. Drew is not only a board certified MD, he's also a member of the media. Because of this, he has some of the most insightful views on how this pandemic is being handled. This is not a divisive, agenda driven hit piece. That's the last thing anybody needs. This is a thoughtful investigation of the radical experience we've all been having for the last six months. We also talk about how he is old and weak. Yeah Buddy!!!!
Maximus Check # 1

Maximus Check # 1


So if you listened to the last episode with Ryan Bader, you may have heard me talk about the 12-week program I am doing. It is from the "Maximus Body" by Bobby Maximus (aka Rob MacDonald). The book is fantastic and I recommend it to you all. There is a six month program that is very comprehensive and well programmed. There is also a 12 week program that is gnarly!!!! I chose the latter. Its 6 days a week, two workouts a day, for 12 weeks. More than anything, it asks you to really get to know yourself. Maximus, much to my surprise, offered to personally guide me through the program. I'm overwhelmed by how generous and helpful he's being and I definitely don't take it for granted. Here is check in podcast number one of my journey, where Maximus himself gives me some guidance and motivation.
I have a chat with Bellator Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Ryan Bader. A very nice man who is so good at wrecking people. We talk about balancing work and family, diet and nutrition, raising boys in modern America, keeping motivation after finding success and much more. Ryan puts his light heavyweight belt on the line August 21st on DAZN and Paramount Network.
You Talking' to Me?

You Talking' to Me?


Its an awesome sesh of question and answer. We talk about dealing with urges when in recovery, regrets in life, training music, creatine, fat loss and muscle gain, giving up on love, cellulite, morning routine and a whole lot more. Oh and send your nominations for my new intro song to @mikeylikesyou1. I love my weekly Ween but I want to keep it fresh.
Dr. Paul Saladino is a board certified MD who has invested himself, personally and professionally, into human health. His new book is the "Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet." We chat about a bunch of fun stuff like, the ethics of modern meat eating, the downside of veggies, human evolution, misguided public views on diet, the right and wrong way to carnivore and much more. I really enjoyed Paul and I think you will too my friend. 
"I see a world where sexual stigma and shame are erased and gender equity and empowerment are embraced." These are the words of my guest Lora DiCarlo. She is an entrepreneur/inventor that has skyrocketed to the top of the sex tech game. On top of her amazing products, she now is providing sexual health coaching through the WellSX program. She is a very smart, ambitious and accomplished woman and I had an amazing conversation with her about modern American sexuality. I really dig this pod.
Bobby Maximus Baby!!!

Bobby Maximus Baby!!!


Bobby Maximus is one of the world’s foremost fitness authorities. He holds himself to a beautiful standard in and out of the gym. This former UFC Fighter and BJJ World Champion has broken multiple power-endurance world records. One of the most comprehensively fit people on earth and a man I admire greatly. Follow him on Instagram at @bobbymaximus and check out his latest book, The Maximus Body at
The Real Orlando Magic

The Real Orlando Magic


My friend, my former Jiu Jitsu Professor and one hell of a guy. He's Orlando Sanchez. It's always amazing to watch someone achieve greatness, and as an ADCC champion, Orlando has definitely done that. But this young man came from a very deep hole only to get back to ground zero. He's built himself into a healthy, happy person and I love it.
I take your questions and I do my best to answer them. Kids and diet, quick (not proper) weight loss, German Volume training, wimp vs idiot and other shit I can't remember. Plus I end with a very nice Ronnie Coleman story.
For Whom Chris Bell Tolls

For Whom Chris Bell Tolls


Chris Bell is a documentary film maker who's committed his life to preventing people from suffering. He's a bodybuilder, powerlifter, addict and genuinely caring human. His vulnerability and courage have helped me and many others keep going even when the going gets tough. He has looked in the mirror at someone he didn't like and made the changes he needed to make. I like him very much.
Last Episode was all about eating and this one is ALL ABOUT TRAINING PUNK!!!! I fielded your questions and did my best to answer them. I also broke down exactly what you need to know to put together your best training protocol. It's time to confront your resistance and....Well I guess use resistance. See it's a play on words cuz we have existential resistance and I'm saying use resistance training. Oh never mind. Fuck Off!
This is a special episode focusing on diet. Carnivore, Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Vegan I go over them all and then some. Want to know what diet is best for you? I try to give you the answer. I also give you the upside and downside to all the trendy diets, with some guidance toward the one you want. My dogs are barking like crazy during my very sweet intro, and my daughter makes an unwanted appearance. Nice!!!!
It's been a couple episodes since I did a proper Q and A so I thought I'd do that. I put out the beacon for some questions on @mikeylikesyou1 and @mikeCatherwood and you guys came through with some really good ones. We get into my personal diet, food addiction, tips to control hunger, how my lovely wife keeps her physique and how to gain weight when you're a real deal hard gainer. I did a super sappy, glam rock/power ballad intro. It sucks. That's that foo!
Mayhem is Afoot

Mayhem is Afoot


I get to some really good Q and A out of the way in the beginning. The topics are how to manage fat and calories with a high protein diet, the best time of day to workout and what is my COMPLETE workout routine during the lockdown. Then I dive into a very interesting and entertaining interview with my friend Jason "Mayhem" Miller. He's a former world class MMA fighter who fought for PRIDE, Dream and The UFC. He's also about 18 months sober and successfully putting his life back together after a particularly tough stretch.
One of the Co-Hosts of the Jason Ellis Show on Sirius Xm is Kevin Kraft. Very funny and clever dude who I am happy to call a friend. He wants to get in shape but he really does not know what in the hell to do about it. I felt like he was in a position that a lot of listeners are in, so I brought him on and gave him a comprehensive plan of attack. This plan of attack is designed for ALL OF YOU out there who want it, but don't know how to get it. I really hope you like it.
Take My Wife...Please

Take My Wife...Please


So I'm living that lockdown life just like the rest of you, and I got this lady who lives with me. She's an actress and she's amazing. Her name is Bianca Kajlich. Oh yeah, she's my wife. She sits down to do this pod with me, kind of as a favor. It turned out to be one of the best pieces of broadcasting I've ever been a part of. My wife and I field questions and dive into our mutual troubles with intimacy, putting pieces back together after a relationship ends, weird defense mechanisms and a better term for cunnilingus than cunnilingus. I'm really in love with my wife and if you listen to this you'll see why. She is vulnerable and smart and pretty and honest and blah blah blah.
Locking This Sh@t Down

Locking This Sh@t Down


I get goofy in my backs-house because, like most of you, I'm on viral house arrest. I touch on my struggles with sexual trauma and how it relates to a conversation I recently had with a courageous young Marine. Then I breakdown what I think to be the BEST AT HOME WORKOUT PROGRAM for the lockdown. Let's get it. YEAH BUDDYYYYY! - Ronnie Coleman
I hit up my shitty little home studio to bang out some more Question and Answer. How do you keep fit in the lockdown? How do I not eat the shitty food my kids are eating? Massive weightless follow up tips and a whole lot more my friends.
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