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The Millennial to Millionaire Podcast is a podcast dedicated to personal finance and financial literacy geared towards a generation lacking in both. In the podcast, host Paris Grant brings as much knowledge as he can to help the Millennial generation learn as much as they can about budgeting, saving, investing, retirement and everything in between. Collaboration with local talent and a genuine will to teach and help make the podcast exciting and fun and the practical information make it a podcast worth listening to. Support this podcast:
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It is the first Friday of Financial February (say that 5 times fast) This month I will be releasing interviews from some of the top financial professionals I have had on the show Starting off is todays special guest: John Stoj On this episode we talk about the state of financial literacy, the benefits of financial advisory and his interesting career in finance and sushi Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future interviews and if you would like to connect with John, you can visit his site Thank you #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
The stock market is trendy right now. This is great because it means more and more people will be exposed to the market and able to reach their financial goals sooner. It’s not all sunshine and roses though as a lot of new investors are doing more speculation than anything. This is why it’s important to have guidelines you set to keep you on track In this episode I explain the general criteria I use to approach investing Take some time out of your day today to determine (and write down) what your investment philosophy is Please subscribe to the show so you don’t miss out on more great financial talk and some amazing guests #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Thank you so much tuning in to another episode of the podcast Todays episode features Daniel Mangena He is an amazing author, speaker, and motivational speaker who is on a mission to help all of us keep it one million In this episode we talk about what true alignment is, the concept of microshifting and how to be a money magnet I really hope you enjoy and get lots of value out of this episode. He really cares about getting the world “lit up” and it shows Make sure to check out his site: Also make sure to subscribe, leave ratings/reviews, and of course #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
It is a turbulent start to 2021. There is political strife, the pandemic is still claiming lives, and the economy is not in the best shape. It can feel like so much is going on around us that we can forget to nurture the relationships that help us persevere through such trying times. Todays guest is Monica Parikh and she is the founder of School of Love NYC  In this episode we talk about relationships in coronavirus, saving, and emotional skills we can develop. You can find more of her on her website: Please make sure to subscribe, leave ratings/reviews, and #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Index investing is a passive investment strategy in which an investor attempts to track the returns of a market benchmark. This is a strategy recommended by Warren Buffett for most average investors due to its simplicity, low maintenance and general accessibility But are they without their pitfalls? That’s what this episode is all about! Listen and let me know what you think by leaving a rating/review! I would like to reiterate the importance of doing research before making any investment decisions, I am not a financial advisor and this show is for entertainment and conversations about money #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
2021 is here! This means a clean slate, new chances to make use of your potential, and that THE MILLENNIAL TO MILLIONAIRE PODCAST TURNS 4 TODAY!!!!! To celebrate, I decided to share my first ever episode to show how much evolution can take place when you consistently show up and develop a long-term orientation Please subscribe so that you don’t miss future episode airings and leave a rating/review so that more people can see the show Thank you so much for listening! Let’s #keepitonemillion in 2021! --- Support this podcast:
Money Scripts

Money Scripts


Hello and welcome back to another installment of the Millennial to Millionaire Podcast Money scripts play a huge role in our financial lives without us even knowing Do you know what a money scripts is? Do you want to know what yours is? Here’s an assessment you can take to find out: In this episode I will discuss where money scripts were coined , what they are, and most importantly how to MANAGE them! Take a listen and share with a friend if you think one of them might identify with one of them Please subscribe, leave ratings/reviews and #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from me to you. If you are reading this, I hope your day is filled with abundance and positivity. Enjoy today and I will be back on Monday with more money content for you! The best gift you could give me is a rating/review to help me reach my goal of 50 by the end of the year. Thank you #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
This week, my featured special guest is Damion Lupo Damion is a serial entrepreneur who really lives life on a million. He has written books, owns multiple companies, has his own podcast, and even created his own martial art! Listen in as we talk about failure, his new book, what wealth means to him, and martial arts! It’s a great episode and it will bring tons of value. Damion is someone who has been through it and wants to help make the journey easier for others. If you like what you hear, check out more of Damion on his website: Go check out his latest book Unicornomics: and go check out his podcast – Financial Underdogs: Please make sure to subscribe to this show so you don’t miss more cool guests, leave ratings and reviews so that I can provide a better experience, share with your friends so they can be rich and most importantly #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Does getting to 1 million seem impossible? Hopefully not after this episode In this episode I explain: How much you need to save each month to be a millionaire Relevant factors What it means to reach one million As well as give some advice on how to make it happen. The link to the calculator: Please make sure to subscribe, leave ratings, share with your friends and most importantly #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
How to Sell

How to Sell


This episode is all about the sale of securities. Investing is important and getting your money in the market is one of the best financial moves you can make but it is just as important to know how to translate that to money in your pocket. In this episode I will explaining: • Who is involved in the sale of securities • The different ways you can sell- market, stop loss, limit • Differences in selling between stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds • Key parameters to use when deciding when it is time for you to sell I hope you enjoy this episode and use this knowledge on your journey! Please make sure to subscribe, leave ratings, reviews, share with your friends, and KEEP IT ONE MILLION! The link to the episode where I talk about rebalancing is here: --- Support this podcast:
Holiday Season Episode

Holiday Season Episode


The holiday season is here! As we enter the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to share some facts and statistics. In this episode I cover: • the reason for my hiatus as well as my plans for the show moving forward • why the holiday season is important to our economy • why it is relevant to you as a citizen and as an investor The link to the episode I mentioned is here: If you have got any value from this podcast, please show your support by subscribing, leaving a 5-star rating and a review to let me know what you think! Thank you for listening and make sure you remember: DON’T KEEP IT 100, KEEP IT ONE MILLION! --- Support this podcast:
Hello and welcome to another amazing installment of the best financial podcast to ever exist. This is the Millennial to Millionaire Podcast and on this episode I interview Maia Monell. She is the cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer for, a financial wellness app changing the narrative about money. Maia is not scared to talk about important issues like gender equality, lack of financial literacy in America, and how hard it can be for some to grow financially. She has amazing energy and lots of information to share. Please make sure to download the FREE app: In your Google Play or Apple Store. The link to their blog: And make sure to follow them @letsnavit Or reach out to her directly: Thank you for listening and make sure to subscribe, leave ratings, reviews, and make sure to #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Tatiana Sawyer is a visionary CPA, author, speaker , podcast host and amazing person that helps small businesses make better business decisions! In this episode I sit down and interview her and ask her questions about following passions, taxes, what these better business decisions really are and of course, her book! It is an amazing interview with all around great advice and I hope you get a lot of value out of it ❤️ Please make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already ! Also make sure to leave ratings and reviews so that I can do a better job and all of the links that she mentioned in the show are right here #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Hello, welcome to another installment of the Millennial to Millionaire Podcast! Going off the last episode, I want to highlight more of the amazing business leaders I have had on the show. This weeks featured guest is Carl Allen. Carl is the quintessential businessman. With a career spanning 30 years, billions (with a B) of dollars in revenue, and business in over 17 different countries I had to have him on! He speaks about how he got started, more about what he does, and how you can get started doing the same things. When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, or general business advisement he is definitely the man. I hope you get lots of value of this episode and maybe even take some steps to build your own business portfolio. Thank you as always for listening. Please make sure to subscribe, leave ratings/reviews, connect with me on social media @them2mpodcast, and let me know how I can deliver a higher quality show for you. The links to everything he mentions in the show are here: for a FREE 10 step blueprint for buying business - his website --- Support this podcast:
Hello and welcome to another episode of the Millennial to Millionaire Podcast! On this special guest episode, I interview Christopher Polion. He is the founder of Brains, which is a cool new investment app. He walks us through the app, talks about his journey to creating it, and his plans for its future. I hope you find value in it whether it’s as an entrepreneur or someone who wants to get started or help someone else get started investing. Otherwise, it is a great interview with someone doing great things for the improvement of financial wellbeing. Please make sure to subscribe, leave ratings/reviews, follow me on social media @them2mpodcast If you like what Christopher has to say, you can download the app using the link below:   As always #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
WELCOME TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE M2M PODCAST! This episode is all about politics (sort of). With the elections coming up, we are seeing more and more political ads and its understandable if it makes you wonder “How will this affect my finances?” This episode is my answer to that question. In this episode I cover: the correlation between the President and your money what elections you should prioritize and what you can do to navigate your way to financial freedom regardless of your elected officials. Thank you so much for listening; make sure to subscribe, leave ratings, reviews and most importantly #keepitonemillion The link to the app I mentioned is:     And make sure you tune in to my next episode where I interview the founder! --- Support this podcast:
Hello everyone, Its your boy Paris Grant. While I love showcasing my awesome guests, I did want to take a time out to get back to the basics. This episode is about investing as you can probably tell but I wanted to break it down into smaller parts so that you can understand the proper steps to take and if you have experience investing this will be more like a refresher course.  The link to the book I mentioned is  And the link for Brains, which is a super cool new approach to investing is  Please make sure to subscribe, leave ratings, leave reviews, and most importantly #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Super happy to be joining you again with another interview! This week I have Derrick Van Ness from Big Life Financial. He is a financial advisor doing big things and his approach is very personal. He is literally doing the thing that I want to be doing and he is super generous with his knowledge. Make sure you play it back and absorb all he has to say so you can live your BIGGEST financial life Check out his website here or TEXT 'BIG LIFE' to 38470 for a link to his free book about his Money Maximization Model Make sure you hit him up for a FREE assessment! Please subscribe, leave ratings, reviews and as always #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
Hello and welcome to the Millennial to Millionaire Podcast. This episode features another personal finance podcast host (he also has a YouTube channel). Alex from Main St Finance joins us and shares everything from how he got started, the ups and downs of podcasting, and what inspires him to keep going. It really is a great episode and I really want to highlight other voices in this space so if you like what you hear, please go check out more of his work You can find his YouTube channel here His podcast is here You can find his Twitter here You can also email him directly Don't forget to subscribe, leave ratings, reviews, and as always, #keepitonemillion --- Support this podcast:
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