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Author: Clark Sheffield, CPA and Jace Mattinson, CPA

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Millionaires Unveiled interviews and tells the stories of everyday millionaires. We provide detailed insight into their investing strategies and current portfolio allocation.

How did they get started? What decisions did they make along the way? How has their portfolio allocation changed, and what are they doing now to not only keep, but also grow, their highly sought after "millionaire" status?

From these extensive and thought provoking interviews, you'll be able to assess your current portfolio allocation, learn investing strategies, and join the fast track to financial success.
207 Episodes
Brandon has a window washing business and makes about 50K a year. He started the company when he was 11 years old and has been growing it ever since. He also has investments in real estate (two townhomes and a plot of land). Brandon and his wife budget for about 3.5K monthly in living expenses. Brandon discusses the tradeoff of growing his business vs time and freedom, how he started in the window washing business, why small business has been a good thing for him, and the importance of finding value and enjoyment in one's work.  Listener Survey -
Cecilia has a current net worth of 1.5M, about 420K of which is in home equity; she also has 640K in retirement accounts. Cecilia shares her story of working in a corporate job before deciding to start her own coaching and development company. She is divorced and has two kids almost off to college. She is working on "what the next stage of life looks like." Cecilia also discusses her upbringing, keeping up with the Joneses, teaching kids about money, and budgeting.
Marvin and his wife have been married for about 15 years and have no children. Their current net worth is just over one million dollars, 785K of which is invested in retirement accounts; He also has 30K in home equity. Marvin shares his background which includes joining the military at the age of 17, working in learning and development, and adventure/travel. He also shares advice and insight about paying off personal debt, buying a timeshare, balancing two careers, and more.
Trae has a net worth of $2.3 Million. Of the 2.3M, 80% is invested in a small business software startup. Trae also has investments in the stock market, real estate, and crypto. He discusses his interest in small business and software, how he started in real estate, and how his high risk tolerance has influenced his financial success. Trae shares advice on lines of credit, work/life balance, financial independence, and his goals for the future.
This episode is unique in the sense that there are two guests; Stu and Jimmy, a father and son respectively, who discuss their personal and financial journeys. Stu has a net worth of 1.3M while his son has a net worth of about 300K. They discuss their mindset and attitude about money, the importance of life insurance, being on the same page as one's spouse, and the value of hard work. Stu and Jimmy also share general advice, what they've learned from each other, and their advice for teaching kids about money.
Henry has a net worth of two million dollars. He's a serial entrepreneur and now coaches business owners. His previous businesses include computer sales, home theatres, spec homes, website sales, and a factoring business. He primarily invests in single stocks and mutual funds and shares his thoughts about why he doesn't invest in index funds. Henry also discusses annual spending (about 200K), working in partnerships, small businesses successes and failures, and financial lessons learned from his parents.
Mark works as a Fire Marshal and has a net worth of more than one million dollars. Without counting his government pension (estimated to pay him 9K a month upon retirement), he has a net worth of 960K. Mark has worked in the public fire service since he was 17 years old (now 50), and talks about his retirement plans, receiving a wake up call on how much is needed for retirement and balancing frugal living vs. spending. We also discuss HRA's and HSA's and the value of a future pension.
Jeremy has a current net worth of over $300 million dollars! His net worth is primarily held in his business, but he also has holdings in real estate and angel investments. Jeremy shares how his small business was started, the importance of goal setting and thinking big, and also tips for time management. We also discuss the meaning of money, Jeremy's history with angel investments, and how he teaches and motivates his children about living a purposeful life.  Sponsor - Masterworks -
Kevin has a net worth just over one million. Of the one million, over 80% is invested in the stock market, while the remainder is in cash (80K or one year of expenses) and other holdings. He shares details on his small business investments (20K) and the importance of contributing early to your 401(k). Kevin and his wife paid off over 40K of student loans and aggressively worked to increase their household income and savings rate.
John has a net worth of 4.2M. Of the 4.2M, 1.8M is invested in real estate split between his primary home and a condo rental. He as about 500K in his 401(k), and an additional 800K in other retirement accounts. John is 55 years old and first hit a net worth of 1M at the age of 39. He discusses teaching his kids about money, vacation costs, estimated spending after retirement, general mistakes and advice, and what it feels like being close to retirement.
Graham and Abby are married with three children (including one with down syndrome) and have a net worth of just over one million dollars. They share their millionaire success story which includes investing early in retirement accounts, paying off debt, and frugal living. Together they have about 625K in the stock market (retirement accounts, HSA, ESA, etc..) and a paid for house valued at 275K. Graham and Abby discuss working together as a couple, paying off debt, and the question of whether they worry about money.
Justin has a net worth of 500K and is on his way to becoming a millionaire. Of the 500K, about 28% is in home equity. He is 32 years old and works in real estate. Justin share insight into his market investments, how much cash to hold and why (he prefers six months of living expenses). He also discusses what's worth spending more money on, his most expensive car purchase, who influenced him most in his life, and how his financial journey got started. 
Logan has a current net worth of 3.75M, of which most is invested in real estate. He has 55 total units, primarily single family rental properties. Logan discusses how he got started in real estate which includes buying his first rental for about 40K. He paid off 110K in student loans and now works as a nurse anesthetist. He also shares details on renovating homes, finding good contractors and life insurance.  
Greg has a net worth of 1.9M, 1.2M of which is in different retirement accounts. Besides his paid for house, he has his wife hold no real real estate. Greg discusses paying off his home (15 year mortgage) in seven years and now being completely debt free. He shares how his journey started (via Dave Ramsey) and how he became a millionaire at the age of 39. Greg recently quit his full time job to work just two days a week and no enjoys more freedom and flexibility with his time.
Brian is a small business owner and CEO of his current company, GreenPal, a lawn mowing technology company. He has a net worth of 4M, most of which (3M) is invested in single family real estate which cash flows over 150K annually. He also has 300K invested in total stock market funds as well. Brian shares thoughts on growing his business with no debt, allocating money back into his business, and buying and holding real estate. 
Jay has a net worth of 1.8M. He and his wife both have government jobs working for the department of defense. He saves 50% of his gross income and lives off of 20% of his gross income. He attended the Air Force and discussed the importance of marrying the right person. Jay also shares thoughts on risk tolerance, real estate investing (he has no real estate), living debt free, frugality and teaching children positive financial behavior. 
Jeff, the wealthy custodian, has worked at the same school district for over 30 years. His max salary was 47K, and he has a net worth of over 1M which excludes his pension of over several hundred thousand. He is 55 years old and discusses all things portfolio allocation, the value of one's time, and the joy of simple living. Jeff also shared advice on creating assets that cash flow, why material items and money don't define you, and the importance of consistent investing and taking chances when opportunities arise. This is the second interview with Jeff, the first, which discusses more of his background and story was released as episode 47.
Brian and Amy have a current net worth of just over 450K. They spend about 30K annually and have a combined income of 170K. They discuss their money conversations prior to marriage, paying off student loans, and how they both started investing. Brian and Amy share general advice and mistakes which includes starting investing faster, buying a smaller house, and being more intentional about one's finances.
Jonathan has a current net worth of 2.2 Million. He is 40 years old and spends 175K annually. He reached his first million at the age of 37. He invests only in real estate, nothing in the stock market, because he wants to invest in what he can control. In real estate, he prefers mobile home parks. Jonathan shares great advice about the importance of mentors and connecting with those who can help you along the way. 
Robert is 28 years old and has a current net worth of 1.2M. Of the 1.2M, 850K is in taxable accounts invested in various stock holdings; he also has a few rental properties. Robert graduated dentistry school with hefty student loans but immediately bought a practice from a retiring dentist. He has worked hard to run the practice more efficiently (including adding internet advertising and a website) and thus increased both revenues and net profit. Robert also shared his financial goal of 240K of passive income annually. 
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Ania Z

What is the 3rd party property rental company?

Feb 24th

Awper Online

So what was his diagnosis to become paralyzed?

Dec 20th

Jonathan Rooney

In this episode the speaker says that her current allocation in index funds is in the vanguard total stock market index fund. I have always read to have at least 30% in international stocks. Is it a good idea to have 100% in a total stock domestic index fund? Or would you suggest to do 70% total stock market index and 30% total international stock index?

Dec 9th

marvelous momo lol

Hi, I love this podcast, Everytime I scroll up and down, I find my way back to this. please how can I contact you for investment purposes.

Aug 26th
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