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Examining how the mind's eye is used in various art forms of creative works.
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  On today's show we will introduce a Spotify Playlist not only for the enjoyment of NAF music. But for cross promoting artists through networking the list.   Here on Mind's Eye Reflections Podcast we are not only about interviewing artist. But also about the sharing of creative tips in promoting your music so that others may hear your music.   As artists our compassion is our music. By networking our music out to the listeners. We free up ourselves to be more creative in making our music. And at the same time getting the healing nature of our music out to the listeners in a greater way.   I have developed a Spotify Playlist called Earth Songs for the sharing of NAF artists to others and help in the promotion of getting the music out to the listeners.   So how does this works, the list is developed by artists that submit their song info to me via email.   I then add it to the playlist. Then each of us uses the list to spread the word of were to find our music to others. Sharing the list to our social media sites and newsletter etc. As the list gets shared out to all our friends and contacts. The networking in turn gets larger for all of us. As we all get exposure to listeners that we might not otherwise get in our own circle of influence.    So is your music on the playlist? And why would you want it on there?   Well as a fan of NAF music it's a one stop place to discover new or unknown artists.   I really enjoy listening to other artist as I am working at the computer. Its great to have shuffle play and listen to while doing many of the daily activities. And inspiring too get new ideas and inspiration listening to others with the same compassion of the flutes.   Native American Flute Artist  Playlist Link below   We Encourage NAF artists to submit their Spotify songs to the playlist.    If once a month or so. We each share out the link on our Social media sites. Over time we all will benefit with new listeners and new artist exposure.    By emailing me at   If you are a fan of NAF music we would greatly appreciate your sharing of the playlist to others.   If you have a favorite NAF Spotify song that is not in the playlist, let us know name of NAF song and artist name, to add it to the playlist.   Visit our hosting site for the podcast at Visit our website at Visit our Facebook Page at
William Hopper, A very talented musician in so many ways. With a long history back to his childhood. Playing a number of instruments from guitar, drums, dulcimer and Native American Style Flutes. He has developed a number of wonderful tracks to listen to on the internet. Paints a picture of music.   Be sure to check out William's sites and links and be sure to follow him for his latest updates of his works.   Website of William Hopper   His Turntable site – Great place to listen to his music   CdBaby site:   Facebook Sites (Two of Them)   Google Play   YouTube Video     Here at Mind's Eye Reflections we look forward to your feedback and comments. You can follow us at the following links to us.   Our Website:   Our Facebook Page   Our Podcast Hosting Site at PodBean   We appreciate your likes and shares and really look forward to your comments. Thank you
Episode 2 Interview of Jay Michael (Native American Style Flutist) Welcome to Mind's Eye Reflections Podcast, where we discuss how various artists envisioned their creative process, where we share in tips and methods of those creative processes. I will be your host today. My name is Arthur Putnam, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our guests for today. Jay Michael is a Amazing Artists In so many ways, I've been following him for a number of years on the Internet, his performance of the Native American style flute, is such a pleasure to listen to. He also plays various other instruments that accompany his playing. Greatly involved in sharing in the Internet community not only his art form, but that of many other artists. You can find his websites and the show notes below. I would highly recommend that you check out his website it is a beautiful piece of artwork. For sure. Jay has performed Live on stage with many different flute circles and well known artist. He is very accomplished artists in his own right.  Please Show your support for Jay Michael at his following links, and follow and like his works.    Jay's Website   cdbaby website where you can buy and listen to Jay's Album   Jay Michael Twitter   Events Coming up with Jay Michael   Native American Flute Musicians   Native Flute Accompaniment Instruments   Waco Texas Native Flute Circle   Hummingbird Dance by Jay Michael (YouTube)   Harmony CD Sample Tracks at SoundCloud   Here at Mind's Eye Reflections Podcast we would love your feedback and comments. Be sure to follow us on PodBean itunes and elsewhere. Our Facebook page is listed below and would welcome you following us there also. Mind's Eye Reflections Facebook page where you can find our links. You can contact us here.   Our podcast is hosted on PodBean at the following location.   Thank you and look forward to your comments.
Our Introduction

Our Introduction


     Introduction to Mind's Eye Reflection Podcast. Our goal and desire to share in the creative process of various art forms. With a heavy interest in Spirit base music and Art.  Background music in this episode is by myself Arthur Putnam Follow us on Facebook
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