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Mind Over Money is an original podcast co-hosted by veteran financial adviser Brian Murphy and Certified Financial Planner, Blake Davelaar. In each episode, Brian and Blake share experiences and insights on timely topics from financial planning to investing for retirement and how to avoid getting sucked in by Wall Street and mainstream media. Join them as they share insights, wit and wisdom to help investors make smart decisions.
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Investment Update

Investment Update


In this episode Brian and Blake discuss Dimensional Funds introduction of Exchange Traded Funds. They explore how this and other recent  developments will impact our approach to portfolio construction aligned with the best thinking of our new Allworth investment team.
On this episode of Mind Over Money, Brian and Blake have a conversation with Allworth Co-CEO Scott Hanson about the merger and all things Allworth Financial, past, present and future. 
We are excited to announce that Pathways Financial Partners will be joining forces with Allworth Financial. Brian and Blake will continue to work for our clients and have access to more resources.
This election cycle has many investors worried about financial markets here in the US and across the globe.  Brian and Blake take a look at past elections and share insights on what we may see in the days and weeks ahead.Show Notes:
On this week’s Mind Over Money, Brian and Blake discuss the stock market breaking through to new record-highs amidst the global pandemic.  Tune in to find out the value of having a disciplined investment strategy that helps keep emotions in check when markets get choppy.
Bonds and Inflation

Bonds and Inflation


In this episode of Mind over Money Brian and Blake dive into the topic of inflation and its relationship with bonds.
As the United States begins reopening, Brian and Blake shed some light on The CARES Act and recent upswing in capital markets.
As the pandemic continues and markets become volatile, Brian and Blake offer their perspective.
Stocks have entered Bear Market territory and everyone is talking about Coronavirus.  Brian and Blake weigh in on the recent sell off and try to shed light on why it is important to have a plan and stick with it, especially in times like these.
Estate Planning!

Estate Planning!


In this week's episode, Blake and Brian discuss Estate Planning! Information on the passing of assets to heirs and precautions you can take to set up the next generation for success! Tune in to learn more.
In this episode your hosts Brian and Blake discuss the SECURE Act of 2019. The biggest impact for most investors will be felt in their IRA’s.  Tune in to learn about how these changes will affect your IRA, your Required Minimum Distributions and how we may all  feel the pinch of higher taxes over the next few years.
In this episode we continue our exploration of the many choices and often complex strategies available to retirees.   Tune in to learn more about smart moves available to everyone either contemplating or already in retirement.
Today we'll be discussing common myths and misconceptions about planning for retirement. Tune in learn more about retiring with confidence.
In this week’s episode, we take a deep dive into the challenges of being a global investor.  Does it still make sense to invest outside the US?  Can owning Emerging Markets help your return?  Check out this episode to find out!
Behavioral Biases

Behavioral Biases


In this week’s episode, Brian and Blake explore some most common behaviors tendencies that get in the way of successful investing. From overconfidence to FOMO and everything in between we share our insights and a few tips to help you stay on track
In this week's episode, we are joined by a special guest, Robbie Petrillo from Pinnacle Plan Design.  We discuss the many types of retirement plans available for small businesses and the tools that self employed professionals can use to minimize taxes while saving for retirement. We also take a stab at the new QBI deduction, and how it can possibly impact your business and your retirement plan.
In the continuation of the previous episode, we discuss some of the most frequently confused and asked about terms in the world of investing, ranging from hedge funds to value vs growth stocks. Tune in to improve your financial literacy!
Investment jargon can become difficult to follow. In this episode, we will provide an overview of basic investment terminology we often use with clients and believe is important to understand when investing.
Rebalancing is something we should all do to control the risk in our portfolio and to help us reach our goals. Here's everything you'll need to know about Rebalancing and why it's so important. 
One can hardly turn on the nightly news without hearing about the most current inversion of the yield curve and its far-reaching implications. Before panic sets in, we offer a few insights to help you gain knowledge and build confidence in the power of a long term investing horizon even as many media outlets promote knee jerk reactions.
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