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Audio excerpt from my talk at TEDxPurdue University in February 2022. It's time for a change from transactional work culture to a culture that recognizes the value of care and compassion. One that increases resiliency, creativity, productivity, and well-being for all. See the video and more tips on How can I help you? --- Support this podcast:
When I first heard about Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy (CBT) It really resonated with me. An approach that helps us to change our thinking patterns for the better? Skills to cope with anxiety, stress, dependencies, and depression? Fascinating. So of course when I read the CBT Workbook for Mental Health I had to learn more. Today’s guest is Sarah Fader, co-author of the workbook with  Dr. Simon Rego. Have a listen, I know you’re going to find this interesting too. --- Support this podcast:
Whether you are going back into the office or the workplace after parental leave from work, from caring for a loved one, or because of the pandemic, how can you put your best foot forward and integrate without losing yourself in the process? My guest this week, Lori Mihalich-Levin, JD  believes in empowering working parents, and in the coming months, many of us are heading back into the office for the first time in a while. How can we as leaders help everyone during this transitional time? Learn more about Lori on the blog. --- Support this podcast:
When we come to a real meeting of the minds, it can transform the relationship and the perspective that each brings to the table. So how do we learn to have these transformational conversations? I recommend you start by reading Toi B. James” book, of Talk About It: 12 Steps to Transformational Conversations…Even When You Disagree.  Note: Mindful Social listeners will receive a discount on the soft copy of Talk About It: Website (only): Discount: $4.99 off (excludes ebook) Discount code: thankyou Dates: Nov. 4 – Nov. 30, 2021 Get more details on the blog.  --- Support this podcast:
If we want everyone to come out of those challenging conversations with positive feelings and a clear idea of their action items, we need to set up that successful conversation for the best possible outcome. That’s just what Roberta Matuson’s new book Can We Talk? Seven Principles for Managing Difficult Conversations at Work addresses. Have a listen to the podcast, and be sure to stay to the end for a special offer from Roberta! --- Support this podcast:
The massive disruption we've been through the last few years has caused a paradigm shift in how we live and work. Employees are no longer satisfied with the autocratic leadership and stilted engagement strategies that used to be the norm. People are looking for jobs where they really feel respected, encouraged, and where everyone is part of creating and supporting a corporate culture that nurtures productivity rather than drives it. I'm chatting with my good friend Mark S. Babbitt, co-author with S. Chris Edmonds of  Good Comes First - How Today’s Leaders Create an Uncompromising Company Culture That Doesn’t Suck. --- Support this podcast:
This week's guest, Laura DiBenedetto founded Vison Marketing, an award-winning marketing agency at the age of 19, and took the marketing world by storm.  Today is known as America’s Happiness Coach and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Six Habits. Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life. Listen up and leave a review! --- Support this podcast:
How do we truly be our best selves in the workplace? You’ll find hope, encouragement, and support to further your leadership career in “Your Best Self at Work: Aligning Strengths, Emotional Intelligence & Resilience. Listen to my chat with the authors, Drs Benjamin Dilla and Joel Bennet. --- Support this podcast:
This week I chatted with Dr. Diana Hill about her new book, Act Daily Journal: Get Unstuck and Live Fully with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, co-written with Dr. Debbie Sorensen. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a powerful type of therapy that embraces mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based living, encouraging people to not shy away from difficult feelings. Listen to the podcast and find all the links on the blog! --- Support this podcast:
Brett Hill has such a delightful approach to teaching mindfulness and meditation. His degree in interpersonal communication and a fascination for technology lead to a career as a technical story-teller, author, blogger, and speaker for companies like Microsoft, Adobe and others. It was great fun chatting with Brett and I think you're going to love listening too. --- Support this podcast:
Are you “mindful curious” or maybe a bit "mindful skeptical"? Listen to Author Clif Smith on the #MindfulSocial #podcast about his new book 'Mindfulness Without the Bells and Beads'. Jump on the blog for show notes, links to the book and learn more about Clif Smith.  --- Support this podcast:
For some it takes years of work, or even an existential crisis to learn our real, deep truth. Our one thing that brings us joy. In Authenticity Reawakened, Author Vicki Znavor walks us through some of the signs to understand how we really feel, and how we might not be as connected to our work as we thought we were. Then she helps us face our fears and embrace our own truths with curiosity, courage and grace. Leave your comments here or on the blog!  --- Support this podcast:
In her new book Own It. Love It. Make It Work she reveals why you don’t have to rely on your company, your coworkers, your boss, or anything other than yourself for your professional fulfillment and engagement. Get the links on the blog --- Support this podcast:
Hear about core values, finding your WHAT, black sheep, and caregiving on Mindful Social this week with Brant MensWar. --- Support this podcast:
F*ck the Bucket List!

F*ck the Bucket List!


Ayelet Baron is an old friend here on Mindful Social, and I'm honored she asked me to preview her latest book, the first in a trilogy, called F*ck the Bucket List For The Soul- Discover The Wonder Of You. Ayelet walked away from her corporate career to pursue her truth, to face her fears, and to create a life that challenges, fulfills and enriches not only her own life but that of others. As we face so many challenges this year, everything has changed in mere days, and now is such a perfect opportunity to take a good look at the hows, whys and why not in our lives and make a choice to see the opportunities we may have been blind to until now.  Listen up to hear more from Ayelet, and get the book! --- Support this podcast:
Expectations have changed in so many ways. This week on Mindful Social, I'm with Roshaunda Green. She shares her perspective on some fresh ways to look at leadership and culture in this new normal, and some tips to network and the hunt for a job that fits the way we want to work going forward. Have a listen and visit the blog for more info and contact. --- Support this podcast:
This week on Mindful Social I talk with Heather Gwaltney, author of Be Kind and Take No Sh*t: A Woman's Guide to Balance, Power & Joy Visit the blog post to grab a free chapter of her book. We covered a lot of ground in this chat! We covered some of the challenges women face as leaders in our current work culture, with different management and styles than their male counterparts, and touched on the importance of setting boundaries for ourselves, the way women approach problem-solving, collaboration with colleagues, and how the typical archetypes of female leadership are changing. --- Support this podcast:
As responsible and conscious marketers we are taking a closer look at how marketing is handing issues of culture, diversity, and inclusion, especially on social media (this is mindful social after all!). This week Janet facilitates a conversation with 4 individuals who have their fingers on the pulse of the issues, to offer insights into what's been going right, as well as what we can certainly be working on as conscious, mindful, and engaged marketers. Be sure to visit the blog post to learn more about our panel! --- Support this podcast:
What's the first thing you think about when you hear the words "Diversity and Inclusion"? Is it unconscious bias tests? Maybe you've worked somewhere you had to take diversity and inclusion training in order to move up in the company and it was just another box to check off? Or maybe you'd LOVE to find a company that took diversity, inclusion, and equity seriously? This week on Mindful Social I'm talking with Lesley Slaton Brown, the Chief Diversity Officer at HP, Inc. to hear how drawing from diverse points of view improves the products and services as well as the corporate culture at HP. Listen up! --- Support this podcast:
At the moment it is even more important that our teams feel safe, heard and working together isn't it? In Mike Robbin's new book he addresses core principles include fostering an environment of psychological safety, fostering inclusion and belonging, addressing and navigating conflict, and maintaining a healthy balance of high expectations and empathy. Listen in and learn more about Mike and the book on the blog!  --- Support this podcast:
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