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Author: Janet Fouts

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Janet interviews with business leaders who take a mindful approach to life and work. Support this podcast:
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This week on Mindful Social, my guest is Michelle Tillis Lederman. She’s a real human connector, not one of those people who connects with their own end result in mind, but someone who puts the relationships first and really connecting on a personal level. That’s what makes her one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, and she’s the author of four books including the bestselling The Connectors Advantage. That’s what makes her one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, and she’s the author of four books including the bestselling The Connectors Advantage. --- Support this podcast:
If you are wanting to bring empathy forward and open to clearer communication with others, listen to this week's guest on Mindful Social,  Oren Jay Sofer, author of Say what you Mean- A Mindful Guide to Nonviolent Communication. You're going to love this one!  --- Support this podcast:
Michael Brenner shares with us what’s really at the root of being disengaged and miserable in our jobs, and spoiler alert, sometimes it’s US, our attitude, expectations or even our victim mindset. Get the book today : Mean People Suck: How Empathy Leads to Bigger Profits and a Better Life, --- Support this podcast:
Maria helps us see what makes people successful is not just the most intelligent person in the room, Not necessarily the best concepts,  but the teams who have the best soft skills, the best collaboration, empathy and how we are starting to see more data and proof that soft skills really do make a huge difference in how success happens. Want to hear more about that? Listen up. --- Support this podcast:
  On the show this week is Bryan Kramer. We’ve been friends for years, and seen the changes in social media marketing from what used to be seen as a marketing tool to people actually want to communicate with each other, and how moving from the hustle of a marketing agency has changed his outlook on work and life.  --- Support this podcast:
My guest on Mindful Social this week is Molly Cantrell-Kraig. Boy, does this woman have a story! She's been through the wringer a few times in her life, yet she's managed to do so much more than survive, she's thrived. Her new book Circuit Train Your Brain- Daily Habits That Develop Resilience is such a great read. You know by now that one of my favorite topics is resilience and when you bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence into the mix it can be golden! Molly has written the book with small bites of information you can pick up and do without straining your brain. It's easy to read yet full of richness. You're gonna love it. --- Support this podcast:
   When you ask someone their experience in the world of work, what kind of stories do you hear? Many of us go to work and come home feeling stressed, less than enough, exhausted. Friday is looked forward to. Monday? Not so much. I really enjoyed chatting with Jason Lauritsen this week about his new book, Unlocking High Performance, and his work with leaders, working to improve broken workplace culture and our relationship with work. Listen up and let us know how your experience of work is going! --- Support this podcast:
This chat with Bruce McIntyre covers a lot of topics, from his personal journey as a caregiver for his wife with Parkinson's disease to serving as the Executive Director of the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma. He’s been through quite a lot on this journey and has dedicated his life to helping other family caregivers learn how to take care of their loved ones as well as themselves. As a leader, he's learned lessons along the way to bring more kindness and less judgment to how he works with his team, and how to really talk to people to understand what their challenges are. --- Support this podcast:
This week on Mindful Social I talk with Christine Comaford about her newest book: Power Your Tribe. The book hits home on a lot of levels, particularly when we’re talking about creating a safe space for growth, energy, and creativity in the workplace. Lean more about this episode here. --- Support this podcast:
This week I'm speaking with Heidi Sloss, another entrepreneur who has also made some major changes in her life and work. She's taken her experiences owning several businesses and feeling "stuck" and rigid in her life, now she's on a new career path, one that helps people be well. Learn more on the blog! --- Support this podcast:
  This week I’m talking with Immanual Joseph, PhD, about compassion. In the workplace, at home, for others and for ourselves. On the podcast, Immanual said: “Courage is fierce. In the workplace it involves standing up to popular opinion, Standing up to your co-workers and friends to do the right thing. It’s also being vulnerable, Compassion is the opposite of weakness. Compassion is courage with wisdom.” Listen in and add your comments. --- Support this podcast:
In his new book, “Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen” Marc offers an essential guide for leaders of all types, shapes and sizes. Whether you are leading a corporation, a classroom, a family or a country, there is much to gain by spending quality time with this book. --- Support this podcast:
If you think forgiveness is all about letting someone off the hook? You're wrong. And I forgive you! Find out what it really is in this MindfulSocial chat with Dr. Fred Luskin. --- Support this podcast:
This was a very special episode with Non Wels, creator of the You, Me, Empathy podcast. --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk with Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D. about learning to actually change the structure of our brain through positive neuroplasticity and ways we can learn from our experiences to have more well-being, happiness and emotional balance in our lives. --- Support this podcast:
You Are Enough

You Are Enough


That feeling of not being good enough, not worthy, self-judgment is rampant in our culture. But we can learn to be kind to ourselves and stop listening to the negative stories we spin for ourselves with a little mindful attention. --- Support this podcast:
When something happens to an employee outside of work, how that company responds is representative of the company culture. In their newly released book, The ROI of Compassion: Unleashing the Ultimate Performance, Production and Profits with Strategic Caring in Traumatic Times, Lisa and Loren Murfield tells the story of their personal experiences of loss and how one company responded with heart and compassion, while another did just the opposite. --- Support this podcast:
The people of Rwanda have embraced a policy of forgiveness, love, and reconciliation, even toward those who committed incredibly heinous acts during the civil war and genocide of the 90's. --- Support this podcast:
How do we show up at work? Is it our whole, authentic self or some avatar we hope will be what people trust, value and engage with? This week's guest, Mike Robbins, is the author of: Bring your Whole Self to workHow vulnerability unlocks creativity, connection and performance. --- Support this podcast:
Are you thinking of how, when, or why you should be mobilizing your employees to get more engaged with sharing and supporting your business online? Are you holding them back just in case it doesn't go well? Listen to this week's show with Michael Brito and maybe you'll see how that old-school thinking is working against you. --- Support this podcast:
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