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Do you want to get rid of work stress? Get better at sport? Have a calmer house? Get the kids settled at school? Mindfully is here to help you do it. Join Sydney Swans legend and mindfulness champion Brett Kirk, as he teams up with Smiling Mind to show you how to find a calmer and happier you. In Mindfully, we'll show you how to build mindfulness into key areas of your life through targeted meditations and advice from the experts. You don't need incense. Just a desire to find more piece of mind.
24 Episodes
Did you know mindfulness can help your kids learn at school and be happier while doing it? AFL legend and father of five, Brett Kirk, sits down with his nine-year-old daughter, Sadie, to talk about how mindfulness helps her handle school work, exams and the playground. Smiling Mind CEO Addie Wootten shares the science on how mindfulness can help transform kids' learning.
In this Smiling Mind meditation, your child will learn how to train their focus, by using sound to help them get more out of school.
This Smiling Mind meditation will help your child notice the good things, which will help them feel grateful and happy.
Help your child be kinder to themselves and others with this Smiling Mind meditation.
Bellies aren't just for food, they're for helping us breathe deeply. This Smiling Mind meditation teaches kids about this great way to relax.
After a long holiday it can be tough for kids to go back to school and concentrate in the classroom or settle in to life at school. In the next season of Mindfully AFL Champion and father of five, Brett Kirk, chats with a very special guest, his nine-year-old daughter Sadie, about how mindfulness helps her at school. Dr Addie Wootten from Smiling Mind shares the benefits of mindfulness for kids’ learning, engagement and wellbeing.
Home life can be hectic. There are lunch boxes to be packed, homework to do, kids to be dropped off and you’re just, well, exhausted. Parenting guru, Maggie Dent, and radio host, Jo Stanley, chat to AFL champion, Brett Kirk, about how you can use mindfulness to bring calm to your home
Create a sense of calm in your mind and in your home with this Smiling Mind mediation.
Get ready for a good night’s sleep by closing all your open brain tabs with this Smiling Mind meditation.
Text You can reduce your stress levels and build better relationships by being curious and present. This Smiling Mind meditation will help you do just that.
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