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Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo
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Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

Author: CBC Podcasts

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Where is Cleo? Taken by child welfare workers in the 1970’s and adopted in the U.S., the young Cree girl’s family believes she was raped and murdered while hitchhiking back home to Saskatchewan. CBC news investigative reporter Connie Walker joins the search to find out what really happened to Cleo.
23 Episodes
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This preview of Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams? explores how a chilling tip sparked the CBC’s Connie Walker to uncover secrets and confront a suspect in a decades-old cold case. The 8-part true crime podcast launches on October 25th.
S1 Episode 1: The Tip

S1 Episode 1: The Tip


Reporter Connie Walker meets face to face with the person who sent her a tip about Alberta Williams’ unsolved murder. Find out why they’re breaking their silence, and meet the sister who’s still haunted by vivid memories of Alberta’s disappearance.
Combing through old police notebooks, Walker tries to piece together what happened on the night Alberta vanished. She discovers that even before Alberta’s body was found, one of the people interviewed hinted at a “tragic accident”.
S1 Episode 3: A Suspect

S1 Episode 3: A Suspect


Investigative reporter Connie Walker tracks down the person police suspected in the murder of Alberta Williams.
New details emerge about the last night Alberta was seen alive. Reporter Connie Walker speaks to a key witness who has never been interviewed by police about what he saw the night Alberta disappeared.
A shocking new revelation surfaces about people seeing Alberta in a mysterious black truck after she was thought to have disappeared. The tip propels investigative reporter Connie Walker north, to Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
In this episode, Connie Walker finds the cabbie who people told us they saw with Alberta and her uncle Jack the night after she’s thought to have vanished. While talking to Walker the taxi driver discloses something surprising about his DNA.
A closer examination of old RCMP notebooks yields new details about a mysterious phone call from a woman who knew where Alberta’s body was concealed, days before her body was actually found.
Digging deeper into old police notes, Connie Walker tries to find out what happened to a pile of bloody clothes matching a description of what Alberta was wearing on the night she disappeared.
S1 Episode 8: Resilience

S1 Episode 8: Resilience


Connie Walker questions police about DNA evidence, and learns that after nearly three decades, their seemingly stagnant investigation has become “very active”, as a result of new information brought to light in this podcast.
In the 1970s, Cleo was taken by child welfare workers and adopted in the U.S. Her family, who has been searching for her since, was told she was murdered. Host Connie Walker helps the family unravel the mystery. A CBC News podcast coming March 7th.
Connie responds to Christine’s plea for help finding her eldest sister, Cleo. The only proof of Cleo’s existence though is a tiny, undated school photo. A clue soon emerges which will take Christine’s search in unexpected directions.
Christine gets a tip that helps geographically narrow the search for Cleo, and Connie visits another sister, April, to see what she may remember. Scouring old photos and documents, they stumble on a key reference to Cleo in April’s adoption records.
Connie meets Cleo’s older brother, Johnny, in Pennsylvania, where he was adopted. He’s haunted by the memory of saying goodbye to Cleo and longs to fulfill a promise to find her. A late night internet search reveals he may be close.
The search for Cleo leads Connie to investigate a headstone belonging to a 13-year-old girl who died in 1978. The cemetery is more than 20 hours away from Arkansas, where Cleo's family has long believed she was killed.
As Connie shares some shocking news with Cleo's siblings, the truth about what happened to her remains just out of reach. Police may have answers but can’t share them yet. It's time to visit the one person who's bound to know more.
S2 Episode 6: Little Pine

S2 Episode 6: Little Pine


A brief encounter with someone who knew Cleo perhaps better than anyone else just before her death reveals crucial details. Connecting new facts about her life leads the investigation to a world far from where Cleo died, back to Little Pine First Nation.
S2 Episode 7: Lillian

S2 Episode 7: Lillian


Connie’s chance meeting with the father who Cleo never knew is followed by new revelations about the Semaganis children’s biological mother, Lillian. A picture begins to emerge about why her children were taken, and when she joined the fight to stop the adoption of more Indigenous children into white homes.
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So incredibly sad what happened to Alberta Williams, she deserved much better & a full long life. RIP Alberta. Please if you have any info regarding this case come forward.

Oct 20th
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The brothers statement sounds really suspicious- he said that he was on the school bus and saw Cleo wearing his jacket and that when he got home she didn’t have it- so he went outside to look for it. He found it in the creek and then confronted her as to why she threw it in the creek. And he said he heard a bang and thought it was Cleo cleaning? Really? Have you heard a 38 go off? It doesn’t sound like someone cleaning, it sounds, unmistakeable, like a gun. Maybe his jacket was wet because he was washing blood off if. From his statement he went outside looking for his jacket, but it didn’t sound like he knew to look for it in the creek, he just happened to find it there? It doesn’t add up

Aug 29th

Big Red H

This story broke my heart.

Feb 6th


very badly edited; it makes it frustrating to listen to

Feb 6th

Michelle Moritz

getting an error that the source is broken.

Feb 5th

Lucy Sharf

Painfully beautiful series. I’m so sorry that this was and still is a reality. Thank you so much to the team and to Cleo’s family for telling this story. It was really well done. I learned so much.

Oct 6th

Chris MacArthur

Such a sad, and all too common story. Excellent work done by the reporter and her team. I'm always impressed with the CBC, I wish journalist in my country were of the same caliber.

Sep 10th

Alexandria Campbell

when will the next season come out!

Jul 12th

Robert Cain

this is a very sad story and I feel for this little girl. I did not like the angle it was written from.

Jul 2nd

Robert Cain

so it was just assumed she was raped and murdered?

Jun 27th


I'm a fan but I thought the way they handled telling Mark was really tactless. Let a sibling tell them or at least be nicer on the phone, that was not a time for a name correction.

May 31st
Reply (1)

Janet Corbin Harrington

So extremely sad that a young girl felt no hope of being able to return to the family she loved. She was lost before they could find her. Gov't has a purpose, but certainly acts beyond their limits at times. Especially in the handling of all native tribes. There were great atrocities in the handling of native tribes. I was shocked to learn this still happened in the 60's. Prayers for peace for Cleo's family.

May 20th

Rachel Eh Hamilton

Wow that New Jersey Govt employee was so unprofessional and quite frankly inconsiderate.

Apr 3rd

Angel S

So heartbreaking but still so many questions unanswered. what caused her to take her life How did she get the gun why was her brothers jacket in the creek and he was on the scene....

Mar 19th

Barry Donaghy

ts x 52zbt545/hŕwk!ahaanjiak!!a+Hi

Mar 10th

brian humber

i coundnt stop listening to this over the last few days,,, i never knew about this very sad part of Canadian history,,, thank you for opening my eyes,,,,,

Feb 18th

Geoffrey Rouse

I'm a fan, but this episode is painfully drawn out. You were right, for nothing.

Jan 13th
Reply (1)


riveting!!! not sure I'll get this out of my head for a while!!

Dec 14th


"this krey phase"

Dec 13th
Reply (3)


Is there more of this that I have missed?

Dec 4th
Reply (1)
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