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As former high-level CIA operatives, John Sipher and Jerry O'Shea would create fake conspiracies around the world. Now, with the help of experts, they execute their own fun and fearless investigation into conspiracy theories past and present to assess what's real. And how. And why.

- Executive Producers: Adam Davidson, John Sipher, Jerry O'Shea & Jonathan Stern

- Associate Producer: Rachel Harner

- A production of Honorable Mention and Abominable Pictures
27 Episodes
Crazy claims of the week: Hunter Biden's prosecution was a red herring; Cheap Fakes; and Emmanuel Macron's wife is a man. Plus The Epoch Times and new congressional Republicans put on Intelligence Committee.
Routine military training exercises, in the eyes of paranoid extremists, were a pretense for Obama to have the U.S. take over Texas. Which... uh... does't it already have?
Some people believe Alaska and Hawaii belong to Russia. Mainly Russians believe that.
Part Two of our interview with the Russian-Israeli-American “businessman” who, when partnered with Rudy Giuiliani, tried and failed to come up with dirt on the Bidens for Trump. And he's got a long list of names of the others who were in on it.
A Russian-Israeli-American “businessman,” partnered with Rudy Giuiliani, tried and failed to come up with dirt on the Bidens for Trump. It was all Russian disinformation.
Are gold-painted street performers in Pakistan actually spying on its citizens? John & Jerry look at this trend in the context of Pakistan's history, and recall some of their own surveillance stories.
One time when the CIA got it very wrong (with John Sipher, Jerry O'Shea and Adam Davidson)
Were Margaret Trudeau's “borders” open to Cuba? (with Jon Lovett)
We’re ALL The Deep State. Whistleblowers, whistleblowees, and the people who defend them. (with Mark Zaid)
This week, an attempted coup in Germany was stopped. A "prince" believed that a bureaucrat loophole could restore his lineage to power and reboot Germany to its pre-WW2 glory.
Guest Denver Riggleman gripes about his time as a sane Republican in Congress and how he was shunned for his morality. How Jerry was recruited into the CIA. And how to win a bar fight.
The conspiracy to protect Trump's lie about how it was the Ukranians who interfered with the 2016 election and not the Russians. How people rationalize taking money from Saudi Arabia. And two Russian spies were caught in Germany. (with Adam Davidson)
Is there a conspiracy to spread conspiracy theories?  (with guest David Corn and suprise dramatic readings!)
When did UFOs become "UAPs" and, as always, why is the government hiding them? (with Michael Ian Black and Seth Shostack)
The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project


Is “Stranger Things” a true story?  (with Mike Rothschild and Christopher Garetano)
What has the government acknowledged and what are they doing about it?  (with Marc Polymeropoulos)
Who has it? Where did they get it? Is it real?  (with Jon Lee Anderson)
Who are The Dirty 51? And why were John & Jerry on the cover of The New York Post?  (with Adam Kinzinger)
Isn’t it Russian disinformation? Was Guiliani a “useful idiot”? (with Asha Rangappa and Denver Riggleman)
Is it safe to go back in the water of The Red Sea?      
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Deplorable Trumper

🤣🤣 so 2 CIA operatives talking "conspiracy theories"?? Fox guarding the hen house? What next, al qaeda to give insight on 911

Mar 13th