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Bringing you a direct diverse podcast that relates around sports, fitness, culture & relationships. Keeping it direct to the general listeners and engaging the community. All the topics on the show are skillfully crafted and thought out for the listeners to dive into.
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He is an author, mental health advocate, counsellor and podcast host of Everybody is a Celebrity Wayne Cole. Wayne provides a sense of clarity in actions and the key way to understand life. This man is a beast when it comes to the way he delivers his message. Keep it going. Check Wayne’s Instagram as he interviewed some pretty amazing people such as Ananda Lewis and Super Bowl Champion Shaquil Barrett. [1:40] Why did Wayne get into podcasting and becoming a mental health advocate? [5:23] With mentoring the youth what is something Wayne wants to younger generation to know about, when it comes to his development in life? [10:00] Why do we never elevate or celebrate the ones around us especially in the black community? [12:23] How does Wayne slow down to speed back up again? [14:23] Wayne talks about his podcast and what it means to him? [23:30] Why strangers support you more, then family or friends? [29:00] Shaquil Barrett, Amanda Lewis others.What does it mean to Wayne Cole, bringing and shed light to these’s interviews for the listeners? [32:49] I speak about my interview with Mario Armstrong 2xEmmy Award for the Never Settle Show. As me and Wayne give Mario is flowers. ——— Connect With Wayne Cole ———Wayne Cole Twitter: Cole Instagram: Cole Podcast:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
During her tenure as a student, she received a diploma with Honours in Law Clerk to have the qualifications to take Paralegal Course. Firstly, the original plan was to spread awareness and advocate doing work as a paralegal. Since 2019 the epilepsy changed which caused a drastic change in career path. New limitations to control seizures changed the path in career choice. Additionally, how does one accommodate having epilepsy, and being a parent. Podcasting had been something that had come to mind having to re-route career plans, and being open to new ideas. The avenue chosen is to use social media, podcast and other opportunity to inspire change and help others.On this episode we finish the trilogy, we get into the time when Megan was homeless, to understanding the dynamics of the ego amongst family & friends . This is the way we wrap up the podcast appreciate everyone checking out the trilogy episode. Make sure you tap into below. ⬇️[1:34] Megan speaks about the time she was homeless, how she talks about her experience and what she learned by herself. [5:03] The biggest learning lesson Megan understood about herself.[10:10] What is Megan’s why on what she wants to do? [21:46] Megans asks me a game changing question about herself? ——— Megan Contact Information ———Megan’s Instagram:’s Twitter: Megan’s Linkedin:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Using her Passion and hope to help within the world by way of Mental Health and Human Rights Advocacy, and Epilepsy Awareness. In doing hoping to encourage and illuminate others who may need to relate and need to hear this story. During her tenure as a student, she received a diploma with Honours in Law Clerk to have the qualifications to take Paralegal Course. Firstly, the original plan was to spread awareness and advocate doing work as a paralegal. Since 2019 the epilepsy changed which caused a drastic change in career path. New limitations to control seizures changed the path in career choice. Additionally, how does one accommodate having epilepsy, and being a parent. Podcasting had been something that had come to mind having to re-route career plans, and being open to new ideas. The avenue chosen is to use social media, podcast and other opportunity to inspire change and help others.I am Raw, Authentic. My name is Megan. I am 37 this year. The End.On this episode we shed some light on domestic violence in the household and in relationships. *Trigger Warning* in case you been involved in any form of abuse listen to this closely as two adults bring to light some important convo about how to overcoming situations that either you or your friends could end up being in. Lots of learning teachable gems on this podcast. The time stamps below [.58] Why do we think it is so hard for people to speak about domestic violence?[4:20] How does one take the power back from being a prisoner of domestic violence? [37:01] How to speak to woman in a way that creates a better sense of communication!———— Megan Contact Information —————Megan’s Instagram:’s Twitter: Megan’s Linkedin:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Welcome to Episode 301 featuring Megan. This is apart of the July trilogy episodes that are releasing July 7th, 14 & 21st. A Woman, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece and Aunt. Diagnosed with Frontal/Temporal Lobe Epilepsy at age 30, Mental health fighter; Withstood Abuse as a Child+ Teenage Domestic Abuse Relationship; Teenage Homelessness; Endured Freedom Village USA - A Cult. Using her Passion and hope to help within the world by way of Mental Health and Human Rights Advocacy, and Epilepsy Awareness. In doing hoping to encourage and illuminate others who may need to relate and need to hear this story. During her tenure as a student, she received a diploma with Honours in Law Clerk to have the qualifications to take Paralegal Course. Firstly, the original plan was to spread awareness and advocate doing work as a paralegal. Since 2019 the epilepsy changed which caused a drastic change in career path. New limitations to control seizures changed the path in career choice. Additionally, how does one accommodate having epilepsy, and being a parent. Podcasting had been something that had come to mind having to re-route career plans, and being open to new ideas. The avenue chosen is to use social media, podcast and other opportunity to inspire change and help others.I am Raw, Authentic. My name is Megan. I am 37 this year. The End.[2:15] Speak about dealing with Epilepsy? And for audience and what is it? [7:06] With Epilepsy? How important is it having commutation with the inner circle most importantly a teenage daughter? On the signs and symptoms? [14:03] What are some of the misconceptions about you Epilepsy that you want people to understand? [21:36] Bullied from the age of 10-14, how did that impact you not wanting to go to school? [36:18] What was the biggest learning lesson about bulling that you spoken about in the household to your daughter? —— Megan Contact Information ——Megan’s Instagram:’s Twitter: Megan’s Linkedin:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Today we bring on the show Jedson Travernier and what a brilliant episode that has been created for the audience. We talk to Jedson about the following topics such as his rise to creating a platform for himself back in 2020, which led him to audition for the ever so popular show Big Brother Canada Season 9. We talk about what it means to be a content creator going viral with videos and the stigmas that are attached to the colour of our skin and how we overcome that. Hats off to Jedson doing this podcast and make sure you listen. Drop a 5 star review on Apple podcast. First and foremost thank you to the true people who have been dedicated and listened to this podcast since day one, today as we celebrate episode 300! Thank you Jedson keep on the humble path to success my friend. The time stamps are listed below[1:59] Let’s take it back to last year 2020, crazy year. Lockdown #1 happened. You and your iPhone found a way to make content go viral, his success? What made you venture down this road? [3:59] When you started to see the viral video success what was the first thing that came to your mind on the platform and the success that came from it. [7:21] You played varsity basketball in my hometown London, Ontario, in that skillset and more importantly that craft lane you did for yourself? If 2020 circumstances did not happen would you have pursued playing at different level possibly overseas and such? [9:41] What made him choose the path that he wanted to audition for the show casting for Big Brother Season 9.[14:04] What was the first reaction he had when having a chance to battle back in the house with Tera rolling the 3 balls up the ramp to stay at the top!? What was the emotion like for him in that game in particular? [15:50] When playing the HOH or POV games, how did basketball mentally help give him the preparation skills for the challenges ahead? [18:31] What is one thing he learned from Big Brother 9 that he can use in the real world? ———— Jedson Tavernier Contact Information —————Jedson Travernier Personal Instagram: Travernier Fitness Instagram:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Madison Brodsky graduated from the University of Arizona in three years ready to hit Los Angeles as a new entertainment news reporter. Five years later, she rose to the top of her game at TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, but nothing could have prepared her for taking the ultimate career risk of going freelance in the midst of a global pandemic.She is a breathe of fresh air and curated so much energy to the podcast in the realm of entrepreneurship, influencer and just a complete goal crusher in her field of work. Madison bi-costal between Los Angeles and Tampa we touch on so many things in the sprit of voice stay tuned below ladies and gentleman. Thank you Madison for joining the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast and bringing so much value. [1:54] When did you know you wanted to work in the entertainment business? [10:18] How many hours do you speak on your craft? And what is 3 things is a must have in your career field?[13:20] Tell us about the time G-Easy crashed your ZOOM, what was that experience like? [15:44] The ability not to get star struck when doing these interviews with celebrities, influencer and public figures how does the mental preparation go in your creative space that you feel not a lot of people understand? [19:38] How does Madison use the competitive nature in her professional life to bring into her day to day [24:56] What is the biggest goal Madison wants to get done for 2021, but it has been completed already? —— Madison Brodsky Contact Information ———Madison’s Instagram: Twitter:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Chris Swiech, is a loving partner of Megan and a father to two beautiful kids. Today he comes on the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast to talk about the last couple years from not knowing what he wanted to do with my life, to wanting to end my life in many ways. Chris had thoughts of suicide at some points, his mental health was at an all time low. The drugs and booze were holding him hostage from doing what I wanted to do in life, he was a slave to them for so many years. November 18th, 2019 would be his last day being a slave to these things. And he woke up, and wanting to start living again and getting real with himself, and facing his demons head on. It’s been a long road but well worth it, Chris decided he needed a big change in life. Today he can gracefully say that he is truly happy with life again and is the host of the Depths Of Darkness to the Light of Success podcast. Such a powerful podcast that curates around mental health, addictions, friends and the true meaning of success and life. Tap into the podcast below via the time stamps of the episode cues. [1:32] Being sober since 11/18/2019 [6:00] What is the biggest things you learned from your addictions before getting cleaned up [18:00] How does Chris define success in his own words?[18:47] What os Chris’s guilty pleasure in food? [28:18] What book stands out for him when it comes to to development? [35:50] What do you want people to learn from your podcast? ——— Connect With Chris Swiech ————Chris Swiech Instagram: Swiech Linkedin: Swiech Podcast Facebook Page: Swiech LinkTree: —— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Emily Padan joins on the show with plenty of topics of conversation on the table, the talking points we bring to the table deal with entrepreneurship, bringing a sense of clarity to our lifestyle. Emily is the creator/ founder behind @bloom.class which strongly believes in equity, inclusion and diversity and that being a positive role model in a student’s life is necessary in order to create a trusting, valuable relationship. Her podcast is called @findingyourwave and everyone needs to check out the quality material she produces as she is a story teller and she talks about unique journeys, constantly learning and growing. The time stamps on the podcast are listed below and trust me so much quality in a deep 40+ minute conversation welcome to Episode 297 below 👇🏾[7:07] We talk to Emily about teaching to entrepreneurship[9:19] Having a sense of urgency when it comes to tapping into the true meaning of life with clarity? [13:08] The creation behind the bloom.class [17:58] What is hinter project [21:58] What are some of the most characteristics and skills that is the most important when it comes to her and husband in entrepreneurship? [24:34] What is one tool lovers need to have when in love & in business together? [35:37] What business-related or self development book has inspired you the most? ——— Emily Padan Contact Information ———Bloom Class Website:’s Instagram: Your Wave Podcast:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
For the first time appearing on a podcast Lacey LaVonne stepped up to the plate in this collaboration effect and we are giving her flowers for contribution to the show. The art of stepping out of your comfort zone to chat on a podcast for the first time ever. Lacey LaVonne is a TikToker, YouTuber, content creator and studying for her real-estate license to sell homes in the Chicago area. Below he discuss about several different things that are listed below [:25] Lacey first introduction to the podcast [1:00] What made her go into the element of content creation with YouTube & modelling [2:58] The impact on importance and surroundings [3:34] What does driven mean to Lacey [3:56] Finding inspiration in photography and the creating element [4:43] Is there one model or photographer she wants to work with down the road? [5:18] The power of working in silence and what does it mean for her [5:50] The area of real-estate and why she decided to venture down this lane.[7:24] What is the rise of social media for Lacey, and what is the downfall? [9:32] Top 3 go two apps on the iPhone and why they matter[13:40] Subscription to all social media apps and what could we see happen? [17:19] Social media how do we create a media diet from the phone. [19:03] How do you plan content for YouTube or your brand the correct way[21:23] What are two things Lacey wants to complete for 2021?[22:27] Balancing work life between relationships with friends & family———— Lacey LaVonne Contact Information —————Lacey LaVonne YouTube: LaVonne Instagram: LaVonne Tik Tok: —— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Psychology, Jesse was living out my childhood dream as a soccer goalkeeper. In Africa, he took a prescribed medication to prevent malaria, and it built up toxic levels in my system. Jesse was fighting for his life for a year, and it took ten years to recover. During this time, Jesse’s life was transformed in the deepest ways: identity, faith, mindset, habits, career, and relationships. The greatest blessings and growth in life can emerge from the worst situations. This is the grace of God, and the hope’s he want to spread. [1:40] You had to take prescribed medication to prevent malaria and it built up toxics levels. Can you take us down the journey and how you found a new mindset? [8:30] How did you use goaltending as precision to development for your life? 
[17:04] What are the four sentences that improve your relationships in the INNER CIRCLE. And why we continue to use them? [25.10] What is the biggest high pressure situation you had to overcome and how Jesse had to deal with it. [29:45] When Jesse wakes up in the morning what is number one priority that he aim’s to? [34:54] What is one thing Jesse wants to see completed for himself before the end of year 2021? —— Jesse Bradley Contact Information ——Jesse Bradley Website: https://jessebradley.orgJesse Bradley Website: Jesse Bradley Linkedln:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Curt Cuscino is the Founder & CEO of HypeLife Brands, a progressive brand development & marketing agency helping disruptive lifestyle brands engage the Millennial Generation.Since HypeLife Brands’ inception in 2001, Curt's team at HypeLife has consistently employed a highly progressive approach to creating powerful, engaging brands and fundable startups in the ever-changing realm of brand, while employing a heavy focus on precision marketing, keenly focused on building customer traction and long-term ROI.Curt is a brand & marketing guru in his own right, as well as a thought leader when it comes to the challenges of future-proofing brands & early-stage startups to fully harness the power within the Millennial Generation through effective Millennial Marketing. He has been featured on a number of radio shows, and was recently interviewed by NPR on the subject for a national Marketplace feature on Millennials, Retail, and the Future of Everything.[1:21] How did you get into marketing? What made you purse that passion of marketing? [4:30] What are 3 common mistakes people do when it comes to branding themselves in the digital age? [11:10] How do you empower your clients to go digital? And why should people choose HypeLife Brands? [14:20] What do you think your unique skill is that helped you become successful? [23:47] What is the number one thing people are always asking your help with? [26:21] What is one skill or trait do you feel is imperative to be successful? [32:20] What is one thing you want to complete for 2021? ——— Curt Cuscino Contacts ———Curt Cuscino Twitter: Cuscino Linkedin: Brands Website:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Justin Mob is a creative director and business development strategist, specializing in the curation of digital content for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and health care professionals across the US and Canada.His work with clients have been featured in Huff Post, The Wall Street Journal & Scrubs. Justin Mob’s passion in the ability to feel good about yourself is highlighted in this episode, as we venture down the road to cosmetics lip filler, injections and much more the content on this podcast is catered as a learning tool to give you the insights to carry with, some may experience TRIGGER WARNINGS in some of the topics below but never the less we keep it respectable and knowledge. Press play and listen with the intention to understand. The time stamps are posted below. [1:50] Why your physical appearance matters?[2:20] Why do people sleep on their physical appearance? [6:17] How can you benefit from the pretty privilege in your everyday life?[8:30] What are the beauty standards for this generation?[10:45] How to maintain the ability to look the way you look? [17:22] Leadership and beauty.[31:24] What would say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? [32:16] What would Justin Mob do differently if he did not pick the current career choice? [37:54] What is the marketing tactic you use for yourself. [40:18] Who would Justin Mob like to mentor or get mentored by? (Two part question) [41:47] Best investment Justin Mob has mad for himself Justin Mob’s featured article: ————— Justin Mob’s Contact Information —————Justin Mob Instagram: Mob’s website: Mob’s Twitter: Mob’s Linkedin:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Since 2015, Michael McCrudden and his team have lead the digital way in Canada, recognizing a need in the market and producing Before They Were Famous videos that profile both up and coming and highly successful Hollywood actors, musicians, athletes, rappers, YouTubers and more.This man has eclipsed the mark of 3.45 million subscribers over 2,351 videos. 1+ Billion Views welcome to the podcast Michael McCrudden. Tap in below with all we talk about on the show. [.44] I want to know how did whole story come full circle for you and the brand Before They Were Famous? [1.55] How much time and purpose goes into his Before They Were Famous? [2:43] Over the past year what has been the biggest lessons you have impacted you? [3:45] What is the biggest thing you want to tell Youtube & Content creators NOT to do with content creation? [5:25} What does Before They Were Famous standout from other publications on social media or tv? [6:42] How did Michael McCrudden get his first start in the entertainment business? [9:25] How friends relate to the stardom and your business? [10:25] Who is that one person Michael wants that interview with? [13:02] Would Netflix be the next step for Before They Were Famous? [15:00] The “what you can do for me now” topic (listen up to this get your pen and paper) [22:35] What would Michael do if he had an extra hour of the day? ——— Before They Were Famous Contact Information ———— Youtube: Website: Twitter: Michael McCrudden Instagram:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Renée has dedicated her life to grapes. As a Court of the Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier, she has made wine her life’s work, and her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to be a curator of wine experiences.In her work as a Wine Communicator, Curator of Virtual Experiences, Brand Consultant, Educator and Wine Writer Renée brings to life her love of wine in a way that is contagious. She has a flair for making wine fun and understandable, sharing her passion for the vine.Follow her on on Instagram for the daily wine journey!Today we take a splash into her life when she got started, this mega power of a woman brings some action packed content to this podcast. Dip into the flavour on what we created below. [5:00] Take us through the journey on why you choose to become a Certified Sommelier & wine content creator? [9:18] How many hours do you put into an average work week. [11:48] One tip for entrepreneurs in similar content creation space to stay ahead. [18:05] What or who has made the biggest impression on your life in the last year? [24:00] What upcoming life event are you excited about? [25:20] How Renee does her demo’s and taste test [31:50] What are the TOP 10 Red/White wines everyone needs to check out before the end of 2021.. We call it 5 for 5 (trust me this was a legit breakdown) [39:01] Most expensive bottle Renée has in her household that she looking to consume but not doing a review for. [41:00] What has been you most satisfying moment in business? —— CONNECT WITH Renée Sferrazza ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——Website: https://reneesferrazza.comInstagram:ée-sferrazza-430964101/FACEBOOK:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
We are back let’s call this the monthly meet-up or the monthly check in. Co-Host Tucker Booth returns with some updates on what he has been doing behind the scenes with the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast. And you know I had to drop a few gems on this podcast. The time stamp gets unleashed below [1:21] Tucker talks about some important news and things he has been working on. He mentions his new mask that he has been wearing. [5:25] When your ego gets ahead of the business & long haul vision[12:00] Changing the guard for the podcast, having the important conversations from sports to more fruitful dialogue on the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast. [15:15] NBA News the play-in tournament & NBA playoffs. Golden State Warriors & Los Angeles Lakers talk. —— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is the CEO of People Building, Inc., and the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” movement.He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to Inspire others and he measures his success on how he is able to help others achieve greatness. C-Roc had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.C-Roc has mastered the ability to zero in on the linchpin of an organization and has helped many businesses exceed their initial goals and expectations. He’s consumed with the passion to help people break free from the confines of complacency and propel to untapped levels of success.To get out of orbit you need Rocket Fuel.
Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco shows you how to convert past adversity into ROCKET FUEL to break free from the negative pull of pain and despair.
In his new book, C-Roc offers life-changing lessons in personal transformation by asking yourself What Are You Made Of? This powerful question will ignite within you a thrust to greatness! Learn how to overcome painful past obstacles and achieve a fulfilling life where you're in command of your future. If you're ready to shoot for the stars, C-Roc says, "Thrust is a must!"
Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life.[1:26] What do you think most people take for granted? [2:43] Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?[3:34] How does Mike limit himself from technology? [5:50] The story behind Rocket Fuel and why Mike wrote the book.. [15:36] What is your favourite insert of the book or chapter? [20:25] 10X Stage have you been on it. [21:34] How do we fulfill happiness in our life. [22:53] What Is one thing you want to complete for 2021 and what does that mean for Mike. ——— Mike “C-Roc” Contacts ———Website:—— CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ——INSTAGRAM:
Born August 1921 — passed away April 17th 2013 nicknamed Sugar. His name was Sylvester Lawrence my grandfather. My grandfather was a police officer in Jamaica he inspired so many people by taking them under his wing to always bring a mentor “his big time quote” is being satisfied with what you have, and to never watch the crowd. The time stamps listed below tap in to listen ⬇️[:45] Who was Sylvester Lawrence?[1:40] My grandfather’s quotes! [2:50] The art of storytelling from my grandfathers point of view [4:00] Position vs Procession Rory Contact Information:Instagram:
Miro & Ash Six CinquièmeMontreal based creative agency Six CinquièmeSix Cinquième [fraction, 6/5]Because the spark of inspiration that is familiar to all creatives is akin to divine intervention, we consider it our 6th sense. As a result, we are of the opinion that creativity is an invaluable resource that demands the utilization of six fifths of our a home for mavericks constantly looking to uncover the next frontier; a launchpad for trailblazers ready to make their mark. We empower those who are propelled by possibility; those who see the future as a blank canvas, who don’t just embrace change but seek it.From branding to visual production, Six Cinquième gives you the creative tools to fearlessly commit to your vision, because we know that fear is the enemy of progress and that for true creatives, the unknown is the most exciting opportunity there is.Welcome to the world of Mirolaflaga & Ash the timestamps are listed below. Make sure you tap in. [1:15] How do you distinguish yourself from the competitors with your brand. [5:05] What is the creative process behind the brand Six Cinquiéme? [8:50] What motivates the both of you to create business being in a relationship? [13:45] Why should branding so look at building as an investment instead of an expense [17:00] How do you want people to remember your organization in the next 2-3 years [20:00] The difference between living identity in true self vs professionalism [24:50] How do you keep track of tools when you’re hit a roadblock?[30:20] Favourite part of being an entrepreneur? [33:14] What is one big dream project you both want to accomplish?[35:08] When we think of branding and visual, How do you find the right person to understand they’re why? [39:35] Finding new ways to connect? [43:50] What is your favourite app that you use on phone or computer? Six Cinquiéme Contact Information Six Cinquiéme Website: https://www.sixcinquieme.comMirolaflaga: Contact Information Instagram:
In the solo edition of the podcast I visit the ability with voice and communication. The sense of urgency is here and today we take action. NO more one-way dialogue in your endeavours. Create a sense of two-way communication to build the better today in business, community and relationship building.Time stamps for the episode is below. [2:20] Past patterns how to try to better communication[3:30] More tranformatonal converstations Rory Contact Information Instagram:
Eric Johnston is a Canadian Stand-Up Comedian, Actor and M.C. from Hamilton, Ontario. A professionally trained entertainer, he was educated at both Humber College Theatre Arts and the prestigious Vancouver Film School. An agile, high energy and diverse performer, Eric stars in the International Children’s show “Splatalot”, which is seen on major networks in over 170 Countries around the world (including Netflix) by day, and performs nightly on some of the top comedy stages and Comedy Festivals in North America. Eric has begun to make a splash in the American market with sold out shows in Chicago, New York City, New Jersey, Detroit, and Atlanta. Eric was invited to The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood where he performed alongside world-renowned comedians including fellow Canucks Russell Peters, Tom Green and Jeremy Hotz. Most recently Eric toured Canada coast to coast on his 3 month long 75 show “Small Town Tour” where he performed his full hour one man show in major markets and in towns as small as 150 people! Every day is different for Eric but one thing is for sure, he shows no signs of slowing down. Time stamps for the topics discussed on the stage. [1:05] How did you get into the stand up comedy? [9:15] Pro wrestling scene, being to live events how was that? [18:36] How do you find the inspiration on building the content around comedy? [27:56] Becoming the voice over for DRIVER. [31:10] The show Lets Go For A Drive! What do you want people to know about Eric Johnston[37:31] Canadians Connecting with Canadians and what does it mean (we did not use the name of the app) [40:12] What horror character scares you the most and why? [43:06] Who has brought the biggest impression on your life this past year (2020) Eric Johnston Contacts Instagram: Facebook: Contact Information Instagram:
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