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Bringing you a direct diverse podcast that relates to celebrities, influencers, and professional athletes. Welcome to our podcast, where we offer a diverse range of topics and discussions to help our listeners better themselves and live their best lives. In our podcast, we offer valuable relationship and dating advice for those looking to improve their romantic lives.

From tips on communication to strategies for building trust, our discussions cover a variety of important topics related to love and relationships. We also offer valuable insights on entrepreneurship and business, with tips and advice for those looking to start their own businesses or take their existing ventures to the next level.

Take a deep dive into marketing strategies to financial management, our discussions cover a range of important topics that are essential for success in the world of business. In addition to these topics, we also offer discussions on health and fitness, providing insights on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.

Learn workout routines to healthy eating habits, our discussions cover a range of topics related to health and wellness. Finally, we offer discussions on overcoming adversity and improving oneself each and every day.

From mindfulness techniques to goal-setting strategies, our discussions provide valuable insights into how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Join us on our podcast as we explore these and other important topics and provide valuable insights and advice for our listeners. listeners the topics on the show are skillfully crafted and thought out for the listeners to dive into.
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Head of Global Digital Community Marketing @ 2K Games | Co-Founder Asian American Collective | Podcast Host. Zeena stops by the podcast to discuss everything surrounding diversity and inclusion within communities. And how to effectively network within your social circle. 09: What do diversity and inclusion mean to Zeena Koda? 3:29 Was the pandemic why we started having these important diversity & inclusion conversations? 7:59 How do we create dynamic leaders in diversity and inclusion? 24:287 Zeena talks about building into her communities with key tips 27:45 How can marginalized communities widen their net? 35:30 How podcasting can springboard your voice? 48:44 AI and how it will impact the music industry? 52:07 Top 3-5 Wrestlers of All-Time → CONNECT WITH ZEENA KODA ← INSTAGRAM:
Artist Collective is the brainchild of CEO and artist manager extraordinaire Evan Price. After 15 years in the industry, he has had firsthand experience in every corner of the industry. Reinforcing that knowledge with a bachelor’s Degree in Music Business from Columbia College Chicago, he offers his expertise through online training and handcrafted consultations. His mindful approach encourages artists to invest in personal branding, creating real fan connections, while focusing on collaboration rather than competition.Living that sentiment, he invites his impressive network to share their expertise through Industry Chats, giving independent artists access they could have only dreamed of! :09 What is an artistpreneur, even gives us the breakdown. 2:07 Evan speaks about the transition into the business. 3:20 How does Evan understand the best approach to want to work with you?5:24 Why do people create limiting beliefs within themselves? 9:48 How do you bounce back from burnout as a creator or entrepreneur? 12:55 The 3 obstacles people find by not identifying their purpose? 16:52 Understanding how to network, create relationships and ask the right questions? 21:40 Welcome to the world of social audio.28:29 The difference between coach and mentor. →CONNECT WITH EVAN PRICE ←INSTAGRAM: TRAINING (13 MINUTES): DISCOVERY CALL:
In today's episode, we talk about the WNBA experience in Toronto. The game was between the @ChicagoSky and @MinnesotaLynx The experience was amazing. Check out the whole video in response to the atmosphere. — CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA — INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: LINKTREE:
After working my way up the ladder in the television sports world—hosting and reporting at some of the greatest events of the past two decades—it was time for a change. Even though the change wasn’t by my design, it was still very much needed.As a successful two-sport athlete growing up in Arkansas, pursuing a career in this industry made perfect sense. By the time I made it to the network level covering golf exclusively, it finally felt as though I had credibility. Why do we as women struggle with our own validity significantly more than our male counterparts? Golf has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I won my first of four Arkansas Women’s State Championships at the age of 14—still the youngest in state history—and was a two-time AJGA First-Team All-American. But perhaps what I’m most proud of is being the first scholarship player in women’s golf at the University of Arkansas in the post-Title IX era.My television career included stops in Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, and then Chicago working for the Big Ten Network. But my big break happened in 2014 when I landed what was supposed to be my dream job at Golf Channel. Little did I know how quickly that would all change. As I soon learned, the misogynistic, boys’ club culture—which had plagued the network from its early days—was still rampant throughout the company. Unfortunately, many of those in the executive offices and on the management team only perpetuated these deeply-rooted problems.Soon after making my story public on January 1, 2021, as detailed in the Washington Post, upwards of 30 women reached out to me privately about their own encounters with mistreatment. Sadly, most of these women have been unable to speak out because of Non-Disclosure Agreements they signed after losing their jobs. Others are afraid that voicing their struggles will blackball them in the industry moving forward. Trust me, I understand. Either way, it’s both heartbreaking and infuriating.My hope is that revealing these truths in my soon-to-be-released memoir, Troublemaker, unites women and brings about change; that the people running companies who repeatedly make unfair decisions toward women and minorities finally get exposed and are forced to change—or cast aside if unwilling to do so; that HR departments around the world become places that protect the employees, not their employers. It’s astonishing how many people lack faith in their own HR departments to improve their work lives.I want Troublemaker to serve as a reminder to these persecutors that we aren’t going away. I want it to empower women who’ve been silenced out of fear of losing their jobs to speak up and to do it loudly. As Elie Wiesel so poignantly once said, “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” May we all be (good) “troublemakers” together so that one-day books like this will no longer be necessary.1:51 How did Tucker Booth get involved in the book? 6:26 Most challenging part of writing the book Troublemaker: A Memoir of Sexism, Retaliation, and the Fight They Didn’t See Coming 14:13 What does misogynistic culture mean to you? And how do we solve this problematic social issue currently today? 23:15 Should visual minorities should be a head of HR departments in companies? 26:00 Will the book bring the word “cancel culture”? 29:50 What happens when people say Lisa is looking for clout status? 32:45 Has what has happened to Lisa discouraged her from working in media? 35:41 Lisa talks about the book being for-worded by Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton → CONNECT WITH LISA CORNWELL ← INSTAGRAM: A Memoir of Sexism, Retaliation, and the fight they Didn’t See Coming:,aps,203&sr=8-1WEBSITE:
My name is Tess, and I have been an athlete my whole life. I was a gymnast as well as a nationally ranked track and field athlete until a severe knee injury ended my career. I went from being extremely active to no activity, which took a toll on my mental and physical health.I knew I needed to do something, and that is when I fell in love with weight training. I have been lifting for about 4 years now and I have learned so much. My goal is to provide you with easy-to-follow workouts and help you show yourself what you are capable of. Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the challenge. I am a certified personal trainer through ACE and have a diploma from Fanshawe College in Fitness and Health Promotion.1:52 When did Tess pick up her first workout exercise? 4:10 Tess battling back from injury and what did she learn? 6:10 Biggest misconception about health and fitness?15:44 Should a blueprint be created for women led by women for health and fitness?19:20 What is something more people need to learn about health and fitness? 20:48 People who train heavier weights than usual, does that have to deal with ego? 24:00 What is Tess’s favorite workout? → CONNECT WITH TESS VERHOEVEN ← INSTAGRAM: FOR TESS: https://www.wellnesswithtess.comSHOP WITH TESS LULULEMON:
With almost two decades of experience under her belt, Tanya Oliver is an expert at guiding people toward looking, feeling & becoming the best version of themselves. She is passionate about helping her clients tap into their full potential, accelerating the achievement of their goals exponentially. The great results she has gotten for her clients have paved the way for her to be a renowned public speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Tanya is an executive coach for high-end achievers, and her drive to change other people’s lives comes from her life-changing experience of transforming her own. It has not always been success and happiness for her, and sharing her story is what she now uses as fuel to help those around her: It doesn’t matter the hardships life throws at you, but how quickly you get back up and how you respond to them. At her lowest point, she found herself searching for fulfillment and happiness in all the wrong places, and creating self-sabotaging habits that impeded her success.”I came from a space of addiction, suicidal thoughts, and heavy anxiety and depression,” she shares. “I was 60 pounds overweight, with low confidence and no support system in place.” Tanya’s life was at the lowest it had ever been, and nothing she did was working to alleviate the pain she experienced. Her relationship with herself was losing strength, as she became more dependent on external substances.But one day, Tanya realized she only had two options, to either end her suffering once and for all, or to do the complete opposite. Something in her mind thought if I’m willing to die, then I can choose to live on purpose. She understood that life didn’t happen to her, it happened to her. Instead of letting the situations that were outside of her control dictate her life, she decided to take the reins and rewrite her story.“I realized then, that if I wanted to create an extraordinary life, I first had to create an extraordinary self. I had to find the greatness within me to extend that greatness into everything I chose to do in this lifetime,” she says.Tanya began her journey by working to peel back the layers of herself that were no longer serving her and chaining her down from experiencing better things in her business, relationships, and life as a whole.One of the first steps she set out to change was her outlook on her health. She began to prioritize her self-care in a way she never had before. Meditation, exercise, healthy eating, quality sleep, and positive self-dialogue all became integral to her everyday life. She integrated and implemented positive habits that built the foundation for her to thrive in her business and day-to-day life as her best self. Tanya believes that to be successful, you have to take daily actionable steps to get there but also adopt a forward-movement mindset. “If you want to be extraordinary, you must see and feel as if you already are extraordinary, and then practice being that person today. 2:00 Cultivating a great mindset. 6:00 Entrepreneurship is like a sport, what is the meaning? 9:55 Do entrepreneurs plateau?11:54 Why do people please way too much?13:06 Why are many people not clear with confidence? 15:42 Astrology in business and how to use it to impact?17:58 What are the seasons when it comes to entrepreneurship, business, and lifestyle? 20:13 Social media is everyone an expert, do people plug and play the slogans in their own way?24:16 How can more women learn from Tanya Oliver and the energy, and deep spiritual connections? → CONNECT WITH TANYA OLIVER ←INSTAGRAM: ACCOUNTABILITY CALENDAR: SCHEDULE A STRATEGY CALL: AcZssZ0tRMPE1rLIvJ727VzuXUtQW7dckJCGTKQIW2uyH0oSfwTSLC6eowh5lucC2bhh15Ng6hG9FV5-GET MASSIVE 💩 SHIZNIT DONE PRODUCTIVITY:
As a member of The Agency Toronto, Veronica Harris is not new to the real estate world. Her passion for real estate stems from growing up with a family full of agents and deep interior design and construction involvement. Veronica's goal is always to make sure that her clients are happy.She works hard to get the job done while building and maintaining strong relationships. Veronica developed lifelong customer service skills with many years of experience in the hospitality and retail industry, thinking on her feet and understanding people's wants. Before Covid-19, Veronica was a reporter and writer for a Sports Media Company where she was fortunate enough to cover the Toronto Raptors and the NBA.What excites Veronica the most about real estate is the industry's ever-changing flow and seeing how thrilled her clients get when they get the keys to their new homes. Veronica loves that she gets the opportunity to make her clients happy, successfully find their, forever homes and continuously make them feel at ease. You can find Veronica spending time outdoors and staying active in her free time, especially on the water and in the many parks that Toronto has to offer. In the winter, you can find her cheering on the Toronto Raptors 2:21 What are the 2 biggest mistakes realtors make currently? 4:50 Why Real Estate over other industries? 13:41 What does it mean for athletes to focus on their craft? 16:21 WNBA pre-season game Toronto, how important is this for the city of Toronto? 24:47 We talk about the NBA playoffs and the Sacramento Kings making it past the Golden State Warriors. → CONNECT WITH VERONICA HARRIS ←INSTAGRAM: LINKTREE:
Hi, I am Elizabeth most call me Liz and as a Confidence Coach using holistic approach Yoga, Meditation, and Community Development was how I solved first myself and others. Flipping the script of the stories of my life into a positive change, and charged my mindset! Taking a step back and working through a lot of past trauma allowed me the ability to create a new life for myself. Doing this in-depth work, I located my authentic self and VOICE, allowing me to build my confidence while breaking free of the mental imprisonment taking hold between my left and right ear. Over the course of 10 years is the length I fully took to break free of that victim mindset and transition into a victor mentality. That is when the seed for my VOICE Confidence Coaching Program was established.2:05 Why is imposter syndrome a thing, and how can we not sit inside of it? 8:54 How does Liz lead, inspire and build her community of women to become better? 10:42 How does one's self-worth impact their overall well-being and mental health? 11:37 How does Liz help her community with books and reading, the books she would recommend? 16:33 Creating the best strategic approach for a client, plus goal setting? 23:50 Do friendships change with evolution in business or development? 30:42 When will Liz start her podcast, and does she step up to the challenge? 36:40 Let’s talk Chat GPT to discuss the impact on how it works, its advantages, and disadvantages? 42:56 What’s wrong with social skills with some people? → CONNECT WITH ELIZABETH COREY ←INSTAGRAM:
The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It is a simple and effective method that helps individuals improve their productivity and focus by breaking down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes long, separated by short breaks.To use the Pomodoro Technique, one needs a timer and a task list. The technique involves working on a task for 25 minutes, without any distractions or interruptions, followed by a five-minute break. After completing four such intervals, one can take a longer break of around 20-30 minutes.The Pomodoro Technique can be particularly helpful for both men and women because it helps to overcome procrastination and distractions, which are common challenges for many people. Breaking down work into manageable intervals reduces the overwhelming feeling that often comes with large or complex tasks. Additionally, taking regular breaks helps to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and improve overall well-being.→ CONNECT WITH ELIZABETH COREY ← INSTAGRAM:
Pop Stunna is a Hip-Hop artist based in Austin, TX. His persona centers around staying cool in the process of chasing your dreams in life. He has been building a following around delivering high-energy raps and melodies on distinctive beats. His topic mainly covers stuff going on in pop culture as he sees it. The name Pop Stunna was coined from this persona; someone that knows what's popping and can do/create stunning cool stuff with it. The name Pop Stunna was coined from Pop Stunna’s personality. The Pop came from his uncle Phill nature of always advising his friends with life tips and Stunna from his exquisite style and taste in fashion, cars, etc. Pop Stunna thought the name was cool and adopted it as his pro-stage name. An American-Nigerian. Pop was born in Nigeria, moved to the United States as a teenager, and immediately took up Hip-Hop culture. He started rapping first for fun and did not really take it seriously until college. Pop Stunna is well-traveled. He has visited over 40 countries, and he also prides himself as one of the most educated rappers as he holds a master’s degree. Pop Stunna has a very unique style to his music. He mixes high-energy bars on trap beats with catchy hooks. According to Pop Stunna, some of his biggest musical influences are Jay Z, Kanye West, Future, J Cole, Nina Simone, and Nas. Pop Stunna has worked with multiple top artists in the industry, most notably his collaboration with FamousDex in the song Monsta. 22: The talk about relationships and emotions.2:44 Pop talks about traveling to Costa Rica.6:22 Support systems, networking and peer-to-peer friendships, social media, and the naysayers. 23:07 Who does Pop Stunna want to work with within the feature?34:14 Does Joel Embiid MVP? And some basketball talk. 46:24 Being 1% better than Pop point of view? → CONNECT WITH POP STUNNA ← INSTAGRAM: YOUTH: STUNNA: STUNNA YOUTUBE:
Content creators play a crucial role in today's digital world, where the demand for quality content is always on the rise. To be successful, content creators need to focus on building a strong platform that allows them to connect with their audience and establish their brand identity.This involves creating authentic, informative, and engaging content that can attract a loyal following. Building a platform also means creating a network of contacts within the industry, collaborating with other creators, and engaging with the community. However, it is important for content creators to avoid getting caught up in self-promotion and chasing likes and views.Instead, they should focus on creating valuable content that resonates with their audience and consistently delivering it through a variety of channels. This will help them build a strong foundation that can sustain their career over the long term.→ CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ←INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: https://www.mitchellreportunleashedpodcast.comHOO.BE:
Kashif Khan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The DNA Company, where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. He is also the host of the UNPILLED podcast. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada in an immigrant household, Kashif developed an industrious entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Prior to his tenure at the DNA Company, Kashif advised a number of high-growth start-ups in a variety of industries. As Kashif dove into the field of functional genomics as the CEO of The DNA Company, it was revealed that his neural wiring was actually genetically designed to be entrepreneurial. However, his genes also revealed a particular sensitivity to pollutants. Now seeing his health from a new lens Kashif dove further and started to see the genetic pathways that led to his own family’s challenges, and the opportunities to reverse chronic disease. His measure of success is not in dollars earned, but in lives improved. Promo Code: for 15% off to order your DNA LAB TEST and 360 Report→ CONNECT WITH KASHIF KHAN ← INSTAGRAM: THE DNA WAY PRE-ORDER:
Dating can be a complex and emotionally charged experience for both men and women. From navigating the complexities of attraction and compatibility to dealing with the ups and downs of the dating process, there are many factors that can contribute to feelings of confusion, frustration, and even delusion.While it's certainly true that men and women can have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating, it's important to recognize that these delusions can stem from a variety of sources. For example, cultural stereotypes and societal pressures can play a role in shaping our ideas about what a successful relationship should look like, leading us to hold onto unrealistic expectations about love and romance. → CONNECT WITH JUSTINE LEWIS ← Instagram: MERCH: ARE YOU OKAY!? PODCAST:
Kute Blackson is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher. He is the author of the national bestselling book You.Are.The.One. and The Magic of Surrender. He is widely considered the next-generation leader in the field of personal development and has been featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, and Dr. Drew, as well, Inc magazine calls him ‘The Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go To For Advice’.Kute Blackson offers a fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness for a whole new generation. Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute’s multi-cultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father has spanned four different continents. His unique lineage lay the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual’s true gifts and greatness.For over 20 years, Kute Blackson has been inspiring audiences around the world. From the first time he spoke in front of 3000 people at age 8, to speaking in over 300 venues by age 18, to helping organizations develop authentic leadership and achieve extraordinary performance over the last decade. His electrifying presentations, not only offer real-world practical ideas and soul-stirring wisdom but also ignite the heart and inspire courageous action.He recently received the 2019 Walden Award in the New Thought Wisdom category Unity Organization honors once a year to recognize socially conscious leaders who are making the world a better place. One of the previous year’s winners in this same category was Oprah Winfrey. His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.→ CONNECT WITH KUTE BLACKSON ←INSTAGRAM: MAGIC OF SURRENDER:
Dating apps seem to be a horror story in the current culture.Today I address in a 44:09 solo to apply pressure and drop a few gems on the podcast.Dating is like a full-time job these days.I break down in the timestamps a few ways what is happening. 1:00 How do men and women need to stand out online? 4:20 Misrepresentation of who you are in the dating realm?19:59 Unreliability in texting?33:10 Being superficial when it comes to your lifestyle in dating?35:50 Why overwhelming options is happening in dating?
Maggi Thorne is an American Ninja Warrior 7X competitor who was the 2nd Mom up the warped wall and first to beat the salmon ladder, NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge 2X championship competitor, and a previous Mrs. International 2014. In 2013 she placed 2nd at The Worlds Toughest Mudder running 75 miles and completing 330 obstacles in 24 hours and served as a Global Ambassador for feedONE traveling the world in an effort to further feedONE's mission of giving others the gift of a nutritious meal. She created a BOW patch with the Girl Scouts to inspire female entrepreneurship, empowerment, and community engagement, which thousands of scouts have earned. 1:45 How can we learn to face our fears head-on, and what are the benefits of doing so? 6:06 What was the process like for Ninja Warrior and how did it change and impact your life? 12:25 What are the differences between being fearless and reckless, and how can we strike a balance between these qualities? 15:22 How women can be more resilient as women? 17:03 How do men become more resilient as a man? 19:50 Why do more single parents need more opportunities in the working world? → CONNECT WITH MAGGI THORNE ←INSTAGRAM:
NotsoErudite stops by the show to talk about everything in the modern dating world. Kyla gives it to us raw and real when it comes to this show. This podcast will discuss the red flags to look out for in modern dating and how to avoid them. We'll examine the common ways that both men and women disqualify themselves from potential partners, and we'll provide you with the tools and insights you need to make the most of your dating experiences.So if you're tired of swiping left and right without finding the connection you're looking for if you're tired of feeling like you're always settling or being settled for, and if you're ready to learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of modern dating, then this is the podcast for you. What is modern dating like today?How do women disqualify themselves from dating?Why do men not bring the transition of the masculine frame?Who are the best role models in the world for young men?How do we feel about talking points?Where is the world going currently right now?→ CONNECT WITH NOTSOERUDITE ←INSTAGRAM: TOK:
Mike Pullam was a successful Business Executive working in Supply Chain and Matt Stirling was already a successful health entrepreneur working in the Direct Marketing space. Both Pullam and Stirling came from strong athletic backgrounds with Stirling spending much of his early career in fitness and nutrition. Shortly after meeting, a friendship quickly developed between them, which later evolved into a business partnership.The two were convinced that health-conscious consumers would start to demand alternatives to high-sugar, high-caffeine, and artificial mass-marketed energy drinks, in search of a product that better aligned with their lifestyles. They were equally convinced that consumers were looking for more functionality beyond that of simple caffeine found in popular energy drinks. They believed that when someone required more energy in their day, their bodies needed more than just a short-term caffeine fix followed by a crash.Through countless hours of brainstorming and collaboration during the early stages of the pandemic, they created their vision for EXPONENT and personally funded all aspects of the startup to allow their vision to come to life. The vision was simple: They believed customers should not have to settle for less with their energy drink. Visionaries and overachievers have never settled for less, so why should they have to settle for an inferior energy drink?1. How did the dynamic duo start between Matt & Mark 2. The vision of the Exponent energy drink 3. What is entrepreneurship mean for Matt & Mike The 3 Flavours or Exponents 4. What is the first step of entrepreneurship? 5. What gives Matt & Mark the momentum to keep going? → CONNECT WITH EXPONENT ENERGY ←INSTAGRAM: STORE: WEBSITE:
Lun Wulf is an American-born Neo Soul/R&B Pop artist, Songwriter and Musician. She is well-regarded for her rich sound and unique approach to modern Neo Soul and R&B Pop.She is no stranger to the stage and she has worked as a professional performer for over a year. Lun Wulf brings a strong presence with her musical performances with the ability to tug at your heartstrings with her songs. With her self-produced music videos. She has been acquiring fans from around the world.Unleashing the howl of the wolf 🐺 @LunWulf drops their highly anticipated album, bringing a fresh and wild take on music. Get ready to experience the raw energy and emotion in every track.
**Trigger Warning Episode**Sana is a relationship repair expert that helps successful entrepreneurs transform struggling marriages into thriving partnerships so they can live a life filled with peace, joy, love & freedom. Sana quit her corporate job, began her entrepreneur journey in 2018, and found her marriage struggling as her career took off. After learning about relationship dynamics and power struggles, Sana & her husband chose to live in two different apartments in NYC to heal their past & reconnect as new & improved versions of themselves. They now live together again in LA and have reignited their love for each other & their passion for their careers. Sana now helps her clients break cycles of disconnection and learn healthy love. The dynamics of love and relationship stages?How do we get better in relationships?How Western Society is making relationships jaded?How to stay consistent in the early stages of dating?→ CONNECT WITH SANA AKHAND ←INSTAGRAM: TOK:
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