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Mobituaries with Mo Rocca

Author: CBS News, Inc.

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Mo Rocca has always loved obituaries. In season 1 of Mobituaries he introduces listeners to the people who have long intrigued him—from the 20th century’s greatest entertainer … to the Civil Rights pioneer who is completely forgotten … to sitcom characters gone all too soon. Even if you know the names, you’ve never understood why they matter…until now. And if you enjoy these episodes, look for more stories of great lives worth reliving when Mobituaries returns for season 2 in fall 2019.
9 Episodes
The legendary rivalry between college football powerhouses Auburn and University of Alabama turned ugly with the 2011 poisoning of two beloved oak trees on Auburn's campus. Mo explores the history behind the rivalry and the line between fandom and fanaticism.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Many of us have seen pictures of the original "Siamese Twins" Chang and Eng. But their story is so much more than a medical case study. Mo travels to Mount Airy, North Carolina - the inspiration for Andy Griffith's Mayberry and the real life home of the conjoined twins - to join the many descendants of Chang and Eng for their annual family reunion.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Mo welcomes his friend Michael Ian Black – comedian, author, podcaster, and, as it turns out, Neanderthal (we’ll explain). Mo talks to Michael and the world’s leading researchers about why our extinct human cousins Neanderthals have gotten such a bad rap for so many many years, and how we’re learning more about how close we really were. Oh, Mo also talks to the guy who played Cha-ka on the 70s kids show Land of the Lost.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
From the age of three Sammy Davis, Jr. did it all better than anyone else - singing, dancing, acting, even gun spinning. Mo talks to friends and family about what drove him to keep performing, even after the car crash that nearly killed him. Featuring Carol Burnett, Chita Rivera, Kim Novak, Dionne Warwick and more.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
There were other stars as big as Audrey Hepburn, some even bigger. (Ahem, Katharine Hepburn?) So why is it that more than 25 years after her death her image still captivates us and her name trends regularly on social media? Mo explores why the attachment to Audrey is still so personal for so many people.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
The Forgotten Forerunners

The Forgotten Forerunners


Mo tells the stories of three remarkable people who changed history - but whose names you've probably never heard. They are the pioneers before the pioneers. Before Rosa Parks, there was Elizabeth Jennings. Before Jackie Robinson, there was Moses Fleetwood Walker. And then there's Lois Weber, the woman who ruled Hollywood 100 years ago.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Characters on sitcoms aren't supposed to die. So when they do, it's never less than weird. Mo examines some of the most infamous sitcom deaths and disappearances with Henry Winkler, Sandy Duncan and Alan Sepinwall.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
For one brief shining moment in the early 1960s, John F. Kennedy impersonator Vaughn Meader was on top of the world. He was the voice of the hit comedy album "The First Family" which broke sales records and even won the Grammy for Album of the Year. Meader's impression also stirred up controversy, forcing White House advisers to grapple with the impact of political mimicry. In this episode Mo Rocca explores the story of this once-famous comic whose career died the same day President Kennedy was assassinated. Warning: this episode contains language that might be deemed offensive for some listeners.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
 Join CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, humorist, and history buff Mo Rocca for an irreverent but deeply researched appreciation of the people (and things) of the past who have long intrigued him. This trailer previews a few of the subjects profiled in season 1.
Comments (131)

Dilorom Azamova

Mo, your way of storytelling is so amazing and inspiring! I love you podcast. please continue casting

Jun 25th

Christine Myers

well according to his Twitter. Mo will be back in the fall with season 2 of the podcast.

Jun 2nd

Julie McGrath

Mo!! Where are you? Everything okay?! Come back. 😕😏

May 31st

Chloe Watson


May 28th

Chloe Watson

When James Evans died on Good Times, it was horrible. This basically killed the show. Mo should have done a part 1 and 2 on this podcast. Love it!!!

May 28th

e Flores

I hope theres not a mobit on this program next... where did you go?

May 19th

Monique Hicks

I wasn't sure what to expect, yet somehow, this program far exceeded my expectations. Well done, sir.

Apr 26th

Shauna Washburn

So good!!!!

Apr 25th

Robin Gibson

mo, you rocca!!!! these are great, keep them coming!

Apr 20th

George Lou

The podcast about Chang and Eng elevated the siamese twins, and Mobituaries as an awesome podcast.

Apr 13th

Erin Aguilar

Mo come back. I got hooked, miss the podcast.

Apr 9th

Evan Clark

where did you go Mo? no new episodes in month 😢

Mar 31st


Evan Clark I've been looking every week..... I'm sad. This has been my favorite podcast lately

Apr 11th

Jay Benny

A really good podcast.

Mar 27th

Jay Benny

that was a great program. thank you.

Mar 27th

Christine Brean

we lost our home -- where I had planted an avocado tree and waited 5 years for the first yield. it was magnificent--hundreds of avocado every year for nearly 6 yrs. Then we lost the home. As I pass by the property now and see what lack of care the new owners give it I can't help but shed a tear. No fruit. No bed of leaves. No dampness to quell its thurst. After listening to this story I feel that maybe I'm not so crazy after all. I the not the only person who can love a simple tree

Mar 26th

Katie Larson-Morin

Really enjoy this podcast and can't wait for new episodes.

Mar 25th

Bernadette Alcala-Lansberry

I need MORE please!!!❤❤❤

Mar 22nd

Paige Nicholas

Thank you very much, for this episode. ❤️❤️❤️

Mar 21st

Julie A. Fischer

Mo, I am loving this podcast! Thank-you!!

Mar 16th

Stephen Daley

Great podcast. Very interesting and well presented. Vaughn Meader was such a sad soul.

Mar 14th
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