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Mo Rocca has always loved obituaries. In season 1 of Mobituaries he introduces listeners to the people who have long intrigued him—from the 20th century’s greatest entertainer … to the Civil Rights pioneer who is completely forgotten … to sitcom characters gone all too soon. Even if you know the names, you’ve never understood why they matter…until now. And if you enjoy these episodes, look for more stories of great lives worth reliving when Mobituaries returns for season 2 in fall 2019.
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Mobituaries LIVE!

Mobituaries LIVE!


In a Mobits first, Mo takes the show on the road! Mo shares his love of obituaries; investigates why we confuse certain dead celebrities; and interviews former New York Times obituary writer Margalit Fox about what it's like to write about the dead for a living. This episode was recorded in Asbury Park, NJ and Fairfield, CT.
Fred Armisen joins Mo to pay tribute to legendary bandleader and TV host, Lawrence Welk. Welk was another victim of television's Rural Purge of the early 1970s, when his long running musical variety show was canceled by ABC after his audience was deemed too old. But Welk did not go quietly. He defied the critics, bringing his show back to life on his own terms - and reaching an even wider audience.
In December of 1993, Laura Branigan called into Ernie Manouse's Chicago-based radio show and sang O Holy Night a capella. Technically the recording isn't perfect, but Laura's pitch is. And her spirit shines through. We thank Ernie, now an award-winning host with Houston Public Media, for allowing us to play it for you here. And we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.
Between 1854 and 1929, 250,000 orphans - at peril in the dangerous, overcrowded streets of New York - were placed on trains and sent west to live with new families. A desperate solution to a desperate problem, some of the stories turned out well and some far from well. The bond between the riders lives on in their descendants, many of whom continue to search for answers about their ancestry. Mo talks to the daughter of a rider, plumbs the CBS News archives for voices of the riders themselves, and tracks down the last survivor.
The St. Louis Blues hockey team had the worst record in the NHL in January 2019, before deciding to adopt the 1982 hit song Gloria as their anthem. They ended up winning the Stanley Cup. But many of their fans didn't even know that the woman who sang that song had died back in 2004. Mo talks to Laura Branigan's brother, her high school best friend, songwriter Diane Warren (who wrote her first hit song for Branigan) and attends a reunion of fans to tell the poignant story of an undersung pop star whose voice lives on.
In the early 1970's, CBS axed its slate of hit country-themed sitcoms. The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, and Petticoat Junction were just three of the shows that bought the farm. Mo talks to Linda Henning (star of Petticoat Junction), author Sara Eskridge and TV critic Alan Sepinwall about the sitcom slaughter.
During the 1870s, more than a dozen African American men, many of whom had been born into slavery, were elected to the U.S. Congress. These political pioneers symbolized the sky high hopes of millions of former slaves during the years right after the Civil War. It was a period that ended all too quickly. But it happened. Mo talks to Professor Henry Louis Gates, Reconstruction historian Eric Foner, and a descendant of one of the legendary lawmakers.
Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, the pamphlet that inspired the American Revolution. So why did only six people show up at his funeral? Mo finds out why this essential Founding Father has never gotten his due - and, with the help of a Tony nominated Broadway songwriting team and The Daily Show's Lewis Black, stages a rollicking memorial service for Paine on the spot where he dropped dead.
Marlene Dietrich Goes To War

Marlene Dietrich Goes To War


Marlene Dietrich cemented her status as a Hollywood legend with a series of iconic performances that flouted traditional women's roles and ignited the screen. But it's her passionate support for the United States, her adopted homeland, and the troops fighting in World War II that led Hitler to label her a traitor to the "Fatherland." When she could have enjoyed the indulgences of fame, she risked everything. This special episode comes from the audiobook edition of MOBITUARIES. You can learn more here:
America has a long tradition of unruly presidential brothers, none more famous than Billy Carter. He became so well-known for his antics, there was even a brand of beer named for him. Mo speaks to President Jimmy Carter and Billy's widow and six children about the surprisingly complicated man behind the caricature.
CBS Sunday Morning correspondent and humorist Mo Rocca returns with more stories about the people and things that have long fascinated him and, yes, they’re all still dead. From the unruly presidential brother with his own beer to a 1980’s pop song that brought glory to a 2019 sports team, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect from the new season of Mobituaries.
The legendary rivalry between college football powerhouses Auburn and University of Alabama turned ugly with the 2011 poisoning of two beloved oak trees on Auburn's campus. Mo explores the history behind the rivalry and the line between fandom and fanaticism.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Many of us have seen pictures of the original "Siamese Twins" Chang and Eng. But their story is so much more than a medical case study. Mo travels to Mount Airy, North Carolina - the inspiration for Andy Griffith's Mayberry and the real life home of the conjoined twins - to join the many descendants of Chang and Eng for their annual family reunion.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Mo welcomes his friend Michael Ian Black – comedian, author, podcaster, and, as it turns out, Neanderthal (we’ll explain). Mo talks to Michael and the world’s leading researchers about why our extinct human cousins Neanderthals have gotten such a bad rap for so many many years, and how we’re learning more about how close we really were. Oh, Mo also talks to the guy who played Cha-ka on the 70s kids show Land of the Lost.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
From the age of three Sammy Davis, Jr. did it all better than anyone else - singing, dancing, acting, even gun spinning. Mo talks to friends and family about what drove him to keep performing, even after the car crash that nearly killed him. Featuring Carol Burnett, Chita Rivera, Kim Novak, Dionne Warwick and more.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
There were other stars as big as Audrey Hepburn, some even bigger. (Ahem, Katharine Hepburn?) So why is it that more than 25 years after her death her image still captivates us and her name trends regularly on social media? Mo explores why the attachment to Audrey is still so personal for so many people.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
The Forgotten Forerunners

The Forgotten Forerunners


Mo tells the stories of three remarkable people who changed history - but whose names you've probably never heard. They are the pioneers before the pioneers. Before Rosa Parks, there was Elizabeth Jennings. Before Jackie Robinson, there was Moses Fleetwood Walker. And then there's Lois Weber, the woman who ruled Hollywood 100 years ago.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Characters on sitcoms aren't supposed to die. So when they do, it's never less than weird. Mo examines some of the most infamous sitcom deaths and disappearances with Henry Winkler, Sandy Duncan and Alan Sepinwall.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
For one brief shining moment in the early 1960s, John F. Kennedy impersonator Vaughn Meader was on top of the world. He was the voice of the hit comedy album "The First Family" which broke sales records and even won the Grammy for Album of the Year. Meader's impression also stirred up controversy, forcing White House advisers to grapple with the impact of political mimicry. In this episode Mo Rocca explores the story of this once-famous comic whose career died the same day President Kennedy was assassinated. Warning: this episode contains language that might be deemed offensive for some listeners.Learn more about the Mobituaries book:
Join CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, humorist, and history buff Mo Rocca for an irreverent but deeply researched appreciation of the people (and things) of the past who have long intrigued him. This trailer previews a few of the subjects profiled in season 1.
Comments (226)

Arnold Kamis

Mo is a synthesis of Dave Barry and Lin Manuel Miranda!

Jan 18th

Diane Thompson

terrific! looking forward to more!

Jan 17th

Eric Batson

Great podcast! I , like so many, watched the show because of my grandparents. Years later I remember fondly and respect the musical talents and wholesome intentions of the show. Thanks for historical insight about the man behind it all.

Jan 16th

Sherrie Lucas

Great story! Thanks

Jan 15th

Geralyn MacVittie

This was my first Mobituary, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the very poignant presentation of one of my favorite singers. Great job, Mo and team!

Jan 12th
Reply (1)

Remy Van Neck

as always , Mo's podcasts are not only entertaining but educational as well

Jan 4th

June Smith

I just want to comet on all Mobituaries. I love this pod cast. I was turned onto it watching Jane Polly on Sunday Mornings. All the episodes are extremely interesting, I got the book for 🎅🤶👼 and can't wait to dive into it. Thanks Mom Rocca

Jan 3rd

Paul Jeffers

Like many, never new. Thank you.

Dec 31st

Arnold Kamis

Get the book. It is amazing. You really hear Mo's voice.

Dec 30th

Ursa Minor

Part of the "throw away people" in the long line of English/American classism. In the cracks of forgotten, rewritten, ignored History, is this stark ugly reality mentioned in the fine book "White Trash". It's an excellent, heartbreaking account that adds so much perspective to our history.

Dec 29th

Adam Stryker

Sitter Another great episode of Mobitiaries. In fact, it's getting better and better. Thank you for all for your hard work. Bittersweetly, as you visit my old haunts it reminds me of how much I miss the New York area and the well-informed, intelligent thinkers and writers that live there.

Dec 27th

Felicia DeLappi

I've always loved Laura Branigan. You are such a good soul, Moe. God must be so pleased with you. 💕

Dec 26th

Monnie Moores

Amazingly Wonderful life story.To you, Laura....💜💜💜

Dec 23rd

Renee Garcia

I thought this was fascinating. Good work

Dec 22nd

Gary Weber

I can hardly wait for the next Mobituaries to be released. Fascinating. Keep them coming. Gary Weber

Dec 22nd

Laura Pichardo


Dec 20th

Jess Hutchins

I live in St. Louis and my family loves hockey. Great to hear Laura's story and I'll never get sick of Gloria!

Dec 20th
Reply (3)

Carol Shapiro

It is poignant, funny, interesting, intelligent quirky.and FABULOUS! Dont make us wait so long between episodes. Need more!

Dec 19th
Reply (1)

Denise Stong

I shared this story with my sister. We were deeply touched. Thanks for a wonderful story.

Dec 18th
Reply (1)

Jim Larkin

I’ve been waiting for this episode since I started listening because I go in order. This did not disappoint. Well done, Mo.

Dec 14th
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