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Chicks on The Right Podcast w Mock & Daisy

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The Chicks On The Right are bringing a lot of common sense, no bull sense. Mock and Daisy’s UNIQUE take on the world, from the dinner table to the swamp.
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Political views, Propaganda, and Social Movements are difficult enough for adults to grasp - and yet your children in grade school are taught more and more about them everyday. And the worst part is they're only teaching one side! After experiencing this issue first hand with their own children and receiving endless mail from fans that have the same concern, Mock and Daisy are here to shed some light on the flaws in our education system. If you're tired of feeling like too many teachers have an agenda or that your kid is ostracized for having a different point of few than the group think don't worry Mock and Daisy will tackle that to.
Mock and Daisy are interested in what President Trump is really like when he's out of the spotlight and they know you are too. Luckily in an exclusive interview this week with former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that's exactly what they got. Bringing up points from her new book "Speaking for Myself" The Chicks break down pieces from Sanders life. All of which include getting hit on by Kim Jong-Un, attending the Olympics with Melania Trump, and even the day her professional relationship with President Trump began to grow.
We're all trying our best to understand politics, watch the news and stay informed through social media and yet, it still feels like we know nothing sometimes because it has become so hard to tell the truth from the lies! But don't worry Mock and Daisy help clear things up this week as they sit down and talk with special guest Richard Grenell. In their discussion with Grenell The Chicks' talk about foreign policy, the upcoming election, criminals in Washington, dogs, and even get told a never before heard story about Trump. And considering Grenell has held titles such as American Diplomat, Political Advisor, and Director of National Intelligence for Trump's 2020 cabinet, he seems like just the man to set the records straight!
Mock and Daisy are tired of feeling like they can't trust anything in the media and they know you are too! While they don't consider themselves journalist they have done their research and are here to help combat the recent narratives the media has strung along. It's time news outlets stop misleading the public, stop only telling half the story instead of the whole, and stop treating breaking news like op-ed pieces. Now let's get to the facts!
Mock and Daisy have some common sense advice for the trolls attacking them on the internet - Find a new hobby! The world is already crazy enough as it is right now it doesn't need people on Wikipedia fighting over .whether the Chicks accomplishments are notable or not. It's time people start spreading more positivity instead of spending there free time attacking people from behind a screen.For the rest of the story at this post:
The world is being taken over by woke people who find a way to be offended by anything and everything and Mock and Daisy are tired of it. From Sixteen Candles to Forest Gump the Chicks talk about how crazy it is that we can't watch our favorite movies anymore without them being censored or deleted completely! They want to know, why is it so hard to let people make their own judgement calls?
It's time to break down the "WAP". The Chicks talk about the viral song by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion that has grabbed the attention of millions for all the wrong reasons. From objectifying women, making Kylie Jenner the new face of racism, and just straight up being raunchy this "song" makes us lose faith in the future of our culture. If the lyrics aren't enough for you just go watch the music video, it's the icing on the cake!
Mock and Daisy try to get to the bottom of why being a "social media influencer" has become an idolized career path for so much of our youth- is it a desire for fame? A lack of face to face interaction? Or could it be the hundreds of thousands of dollars teenagers have been making per TikTok post? They talk about all of the above and discuss the future repercussions for our country if people don't get out of their screens and realize that not everyone can become a social media star and the few that do will end up corrupt!
Looters? No, unpaying shoppers! Mock and Daisy talk about all the words you can't say anymore and how dumb it is. It's time all the Gretchen's in the world stop getting offended on behalf of other people and we take back the English language.
Mock and Daisy talk about the latest things going on in Hollywood - actors not acting. Many celebrities are so worried about political correctness and cancel culture that some refuse to accept casting roles that don't fit their personal identity. But then are they even acting? Hollywood better watch out because this could have repercussions for the entire industry!
Mock and Daisy have some common sense advice for people giving into the rage mobs and cancel culture - Just Don't. It's time you speak your mind! To many public figures have apologized and stepped down from roles for things they shouldn't be sorry for and that's why the goal post keeps moving. We all want to voice our opinion without the fear of losing our job or having it resurface a decade later - so let's stop getting offended on behalf of other people and just have a conversation!
Mock and Daisy return this week with special guest host Dinesh D'Souza. Dinesh is well known for his work as an author, filmmaker, and voice in the Republican party. Together they discuss and break down how political agendas are playing a role in the crisis our country is facing. It's time to make divided America united again!
The Chicks are out this week, but here's 6 minutes of them goofing around. We hope they give you a laugh and set you up for a good Fourth of July weekend! See you next week to talk about all the things!
Mock and Daisy team up with guest host Zuby this week to talk about the "cancel culture" movement, racism, and how he became a political public figure. Connecting with us all the way from Britain, Zuby gives a refreshing take on what it means to be a proud, innovative, and outspoken conservative.
Have you recently felt overwhelmed with all the current events in the media? Well, don't worry because Mock and Daisy are here with special guest David J. Harris Jr to make sense of all these things! The Chicks know it's hard enough to understand what's going on your life let alone the country so they're here this week to break down BLM, The Presidential race, and how to be a proud conservative with a man who puts himself in the heart of the storm.
Mock and Daisy are back this week and their so over being grouped and titled over any little thing they do. They touch on issues like why conservative women feel they can't be sexual, how people judge you on the brands you use, and how the media is spinning #BLM.
Mock and Daisy are so grateful for all their dedicated listeners, especially during these crazy times. We celebrate some of the positives that have come from 2020 by looking back at the fan favorites from the beginning of the year!
Have you ever heard a term, phrase, or word that just drives you crazy. Well, you're not alone. Mock and Daisy have done their research and are here to discuss all the new semantics of 2020 that they just can't get behind.
Have you ever heard of a dead name? Well, Mock and Daisy hadn't either until the passing of transgender women Aimee Stephens led to a court case that seemed so far fetched it couldn't be real. After hearing that the case had begun to go viral Mock and Daisy decided to set the records straight of what a dead name is and why it's enabling people to just make themselves victims.
We've all seen commercials for Hulu's new show "Miss America" - but who would have guessed the mini series is based on the true story? With the show claiming to be about the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) led by conservative women Phyllis Schlafly, Mock and Daisy decided to dig deeper into the characters portrayed in the series. And after sitting down with Phyllis Schlafly daughter Anne, they found out some things they think you all should hear.
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Erika Bader

I'm originally from Arkansas and I told everyone I know about this podcast with Sarah Sanders. I, among them, got really excited to know she's considering running. She will get several votes and while lot of love. I cannot believe she is as down to earth as I thought she was. You 2 rock out with your "bag o D's" out and I am telling the world to listen and watch everything you do. I actually bought your book for me and for a birthday present to the right side of my brain best friend. We absolutely love your shows and cannot wait to hear more..... 💜💜💜 E.

Sep 16th

Patti McDaniel

Love this podcast!!

Jun 20th

Jessica Devine

You guys are so much fun! Love listening to you every day and your podcast is spot on! chicksfortrump

Nov 23rd

Jessica Devine

Great one again! Love your podcast. You are spot on

Aug 28th
Reply (1)


"you had enough cojones" lol

Aug 21st
Reply (1)

Jessica Devine

I am a Biracial Conservative. Does the left think I'm a white supremacist???🙄

Aug 17th


I just discovered both their podcasts. I must say it's one of the most entertaining I've listened to. So funny

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

Jessica Devine

Love you girls! You're my favorite!

Aug 10th

Barry Kaufman

yay for the podcast!!!

Aug 9th

Danny Hernandez

I really look forward to your you tube stuff but 15 or 20 minutes isn't long enough. I'm really looking forward to listening on my long commutes !!

Aug 9th
Reply (1)

Miriam Weaver

Thanks, y'all! Your comments and congrats mean the world to us!

Aug 8th
Reply (1)

Barry Kaufman


Aug 6th
Reply (1)

Stephen Zalen

I wonder if Rob will be part of this? He adds to their radio show.

Jul 31st
Reply (2)

Travis Gibson

Love it so far can't wait for more

Jul 30th
Reply (1)


Awesome! Congratulations on your new podcast!

Jul 30th
Reply (1)
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