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Moderate Party is a political podcast for Moderates, Centrists, and Independents. Each week, Hillari Lombard will be joined by conservatives, liberals, politicians, journalists, activists, educators, and any one else with a good idea on how to improve our Country. She will take an honest look at the week’s news and have inspiring conversations with top political thinkers — all while trying to add some energy to the Moderate Movement
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Arizona has undeniably stepped into the national political spotlight in recent years, from contentious debates over abortion bans to its pivotal role in both the 2020 election and the upcoming 2024 battle. In today's episode, Hillari sits down with Representative Laura Terech to gain insight into the Arizona political landscape and delve into her remarkable journey from kindergarten teacher to influential political figure in the state. They also discuss why, after a very successful term in the Arizona Legislature, she's made the difficult decision not to seek re-election.Recorded live at the New Deal Leaders Idea Summit, this episode explores the challenges and triumphs of navigating Arizona's divided political landscape as a moderate voice in an increasingly divided country. From personal struggles to professional victories, Terech's story of transformation and empowerment is full of insights and inspiration for Moderates everywhere. Links Mentioned in this Episode:Sources that helped inform this episode:NewDEAL LeadersArizona For Abortion AccessCivic Engagement Beyond Voting - Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, an Indivisible group, is a grassroots nonpartisan organization that works to empower Arizona’s citizens to exercise their voices at the local level. Guest: Rep. Laura TerechRepresentative Laura Terech (Legislative District 4 - Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix) is a proud product of Arizona public schools, including both the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. After earning her master’s degree in education, she taught kindergarten and 2nd grade in a Title I school district. She is the ranking Democrat on the House Municipal Oversight & Election committee and also sits on House Education. Representative Terech also had the honor of serving as the House member on Governor Hobbs’ Bipartisan Elections Task Force. Rep Terech has been instrumental in securing a water supply for communities in Arizona such as the Rio Verde Foothills and negotiating a fix for the election recount law.Outside of the Legislature, Terech serves as the Training Director for the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization Civic Engagement Beyond Voting.Connect with Rep. Terech: Facebook | Instagram | X/Twitter | Website
Hillari talks with Debbie Cox Bultan, CEO of the NewDeal Leaders, about the current state of the democratic party heading into 2024.Check out Debbie's podcast
On this week's episode of Moderate Party, Hillari Lombard is joined by Heath Mayo, the innovative leader behind Principles First, a grassroots initiative reshaping the conservative landscape.In this thought-provoking discussion, Heath and Hillari delve into the complex terrain of conservatism, dissecting the role of principles in today's polarized political sphere. From navigating the legacy of Donald Trump to charting a course for a more principled Republican Party, Heath shares his vision for a conservatism rooted in timeless values and integrity.But the conversation doesn't stop there. We explore the pressing need for transformative change within our political systems, discussing how a principles-first approach can pave the way for meaningful reform. And don't miss our deep dive into the upcoming Principles First Summit, where visionaries gather to ignite a new era of principled politics.Join us as we navigate the murky waters of modern conservatism, guided by the wisdom and courage of voices like Heath Mayo. Here are some things we mentioned in this episode:Follow Principles First on X/TwitterThe 2024 Summit: Conserving America’s Liberal Tradition Principles First Website
In this eye-opening episode, we tackle the deep-seated issues plaguing our food system, exposing the cracks in regulatory oversight and policy implementation. From the FDA's staggering incompetence and sluggish response times to the far-reaching consequences of poor food policies, we delve into the heart of the matter. Join us as we unpack the investigative reporting of Helena Bottemiller Evich, shining a spotlight on the intricate web of failures that compromise food safety and public health. Get ready for a thought-provoking discussion that'll leave you questioning the very foundation of our food regulatory framework.Checkout Helena's Newsletter FoodFixSeven Former FDA Commissioners: The FDA Should Be An Independent Federal AgencyWhy President Obama and Congress turned their backs on food safety - POLITICOOPERATIONAL EVALUATION OF THE FDA HUMAN FOODS PROGRAMHow the FDA’s food division fails to regulate health and safety hazardsFor the nation’s health, break up the Food and Drug Administration - Washington Post Editorial Board
Join host Hillari Lombard as we continue our exploration of the Israel-Palestine conflict on "Moderate Party." In our latest episode, we delve deep into the complexities of the peace process and the individuals that shaped it. This episode is not just an analysis of history but a reflection on the choices made by those in power and the far-reaching impacts on the region today. It's a long ride, so buckle up, put your headphones in, and embark on this thought-provoking journey with us.Sources that helped inform this episode:Israel and the Palestinians: From the Two-State Solution to Five Failed “States”Netanyahu’s right-wing Israeli government is beyond extreme - VoxGrowing Israeli settler violence and army raids in the West Bank raise tensions : NPRArafat's Billions - CBS NewsIs Yasser Arafat a Credible Partner for Peace? | BrookingsArafat and the Second Intifada | Council on Foreign RelationsArafat didn't negotiate - he just kept saying no | Benny Morris | The GuardianLost in the Woods: A Camp David RetrospectiveHow the peace process killed the two-state solution | BrookingsA Threshold Crossed - Human Rights Watch
On this week's episode of the Moderate Party Podcast, we're taking a deep dive into the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Join us for a nuanced exploration of nationalism, the UN partition map, the Nakba, and the transformative War of 1967.Embark on a journey through the early 20th century, where the clash of identities and geopolitical forces laid the groundwork for the ongoing struggle. We'll dissect the intricacies of the UN partition map and its lasting implications on the region's dynamics.Sources that helped inform this episode:Al Nakba: the history of Palestine since 1799 - Palestine RemixFact Sheet: Jewish Refugees from Arab CountriesUN Partition Plan MapMcMahon-Husain correspondence – Report of Arab-UK committeeMap from the Sykes-Picout Agreement - Referred to in the episode as Britain and France's vision board for the middle east.
In today’s episode of Moderate Party, Hillari reflects on Hamas’s attack on Israel and the implications around the world. We’ll explore the nature of Hamas as an organization, the role of Iran, and what comes next. Full Show Notes and Links
How does the Party of Lincoln become the Party of Trump? In Part Two of our series examining the history of American Political Parties, Hillari takes a look at the Republican Party. Today's episode examines the height of Republican power, the era of the moderate Republicans, and the rise of American Conservatism within the party. This episode is an honest and fair look at the ideological origins of the modern GOP. Show Notes: How hot was Warren Harding? Send us an email!
Drug shortages reached a five-year peak at the end of 2022, impacting almost 300 pharmaceutical products including basic treatments such as IV saline and antibiotics. That’s a 30% increase between 2021 and 2022. Hospitals are running out of the drugs necessary to do surgery, treat cancer, and stop blood hemorrhages. Things are getting worse. Drug […]
In the first episode of the new year, and our new season, Hillari sits down with Rob Sand. In addition to being a moderate, and serving as the Iowa State Auditor, Rob is one of the few elected officials working to combat polarization in a big way. He’s a bridge builder, a problem solver and […]
When it comes to government and politics — it is easy to be cynical. The phrase “politicians are corrupt” gets tossed around so casually that it’s become cliche. The American people’s cynicism toward it’s government shows up in polls all the time. According to a Pew Research poll, 6/10 Americans aren’t happy with how democracy […]
Hillari Lombard is joined by Debbie Cox Bultan to discuss the success of moderate candidates in the midterm elections. They chat about why issues like faith and patriotism belong to one party over the other, the role abortion played in the election results, Biden, and lessons both parties should be learning. Episode links: Learn more […]
A Tale of Two Parties is a mini-series from Moderate Party that examines the history behind our political parties and the psychology behind our ideology. In the first episode, Origin Story, Hillari Lombard dives into the origins of our two major political parties and what they represented in the beginning. She dives into the era of the radical republicans, racist democrats, and drags William McKinley and John Quincy Adams along the way. Checkout the show notes
In a special homecoming episode, Hillari sits down with John Ralston to talk all things Nevada. In this wide-ranging conversation, they discuss a potential red wave, democratic popularity, the effect of Dobbs, and the Nevada Midterms. Check out the Nevada Independent Follow Jon on twitter Email Moderate Party
Hillari chats with Debbie Cox Bultan about the future of the democratic party, the difference between moderate and progressive democrats, and Debbie makes the case for why we should be excited about the future. Check out Debbie’s Podcast – An Honorable Profession Learn more about the NewDEAL Leaders Email the show
Why does it feel like every city in America is in a housing crisis? How did rent get so high? Is homeownership an unrealistic life goal? There is no way around it — America is in a housing crisis. This week, Hillari Lombard sits down with Arica Young, the Associate Director of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Terwilliger Center for Housing, to find out how we got here and most importantly how we get out. Shownotes & transcripts are available online at Submit a question for No Stupid Questions
What makes a moderate?

What makes a moderate?


In this week’s uniquely ranty episode, Hillari Lombard talks about the fallout from our Dobbs episode, dives into this positive, and productive, moment in American Politics, and rounds out the episode with an exploration of questions surrounding her identity as a moderate. Along the way is a conversation about political ideology and moderate political beliefs. […]
In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s recent controversial rulings, a lot of attention has been placed on State Legislatures all across the country. Congress is too divided to pass laws that meet the moment and the Supreme Court is exercising raw judicial power the role of the statehouse is becoming more consequential than ever. Justice Alito said topics like abortion should be sent back to the states; but when the statehouses are incubating extremism – who are we sending it back to? Hillari Lombard sits down with David Pepper, the author of Laboratories for Autocracy, to discuss the corruption and extremism plaguing state legislatures all across the country. They discuss the risk state legislatures pose to democracy and most importantly what we can all do to stop it. Buy David’s Book – Laboratories of Autocracy Follow David on Twitter



Moderate Party Podcast is coming back one week earlier than expected for a bonus episode about the Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v Wade and end a half century of abortion rights in america.
Hillari Lombard sits down with Arjun Moorthy, CEO of the Factual, for a conversation about the Media and our weird relationship with it. Along the way, they discuss personal identity vs political action, trust, bias, and more! If you have thoughts about this episode or ideas for an upcoming episode, let us know by emailing […]
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I'm disappointed that thoughtful, civil discussion is smudged by crass, uncivil, ugly language. A moderate cause that values respectful, reasonable discourse and solutions should also lead with their words. You can hit a higher road.

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