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Modern Day Sniper podcast is your go-to source of information on all things that surround what it means to live the lifestyle of a sniper, both in active service and the life beyond the uniform. Join us in our discussions on the art and science of long range surgical shooting, the mindset that surrounds and dictates our successes and failures, tips on training and readiness for yourself and your unit, equipment selection and gear reviews, life beyond service, backcountry adventures that fuel the soul, and meet other industry professionals who offer their perspective on what it means to put mindfulness behind the rifle.
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Caylen and Phil jump right into the mix of things opening the discussion on training, mission statements, definitions, what it means to be a volunteer, and debrief bits from the recent Advanced Law Enforcement course in south Florida last week. They discuss some upcoming events and releases such as the pre-release of the 2021 schedule and new online learning opportunities. They wrap the conversation speaking about what it means to be present, the generalities of ego, and non-attachment to outcomes. 
Caylen and Phil are in Rocky Mount, VA for their PR101 and Positional Clinic at Pigg River. They talk about the Pigg River Precision Facility and the true southern hospitality they've received since coming to Virginia. The Modern Day Sniper team talks about the current class and the different backgrounds the students come from. Phil talks about his experience as an "Assistant" instructor observing Caylen conduct his first few days of PR101 and the progression of the student and a lot more! Thanks for listening, and if you're in the area, don't forget to check out Pigg River Precision events for 2021! Keep your face on the gun.https://moderndaysniper.com    
While Caylen is in the mountains chasing deer and bear, Phil takes up the mic to talk about some current events. Phil briefly discusses his podcast with Frank on the Everyday Sniper Podcast and congratulates Allison Zane for her first 2-Day national level match. Phil then dives into his current Tikka budget build rifle set up and how it's configured and what gear/caliber/equipment he plans on running for his 2021 competition season!  SUMMIT LINK:  *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
Caylen and Phil are back on the podcast doing a recap conversation on the last couple weeks of activity at Modern Day Sniper. Saying that they’ve had a lot going on is an understatement, and the conversation starts off talking about a recap of the Modern Day Rifleman Virtual Summit and extending thanks to everyone involved. The guys cover some points on positional shooting from our last PR 101 course,  some of Phil’s learning points from their bear hunting trip last week and a discussion on long range hunting ethics. The guys wrap up the conversation by letting some of their upcoming plans out of the bag. SUMMIT LINK:  *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode we brought on special guests from the Army Sniper community, Christopher Roberts and Christopher Rance. Both Roberts and Rance have spent some time not only as Snipers but as instructors at the US Army Sniper School in Fort Benning, GA. At Modern Day Sniper, we want to ensure the term "Modern Day Sniper" doesn't just revolve around what "Caylen and Phil" are up to, but to ensure all of our audience understands that being a Modern Day Sniper is a mindset that we are always learning and always evolving to be as proficient as we can in how we employ our long range precision rifle system, regardless of application. Obviously, for military snipers, it's the development on how to be as proficient and lethal on the battlefield as we can be. For the longest time we've wanted our Army counter-parts to talk about their community and some of the differences of being employed as a Sniper in the Army versus as a Marine Scout Sniper. We've decided we wanted to make this a series, to ensure those that are listening are getting the full understanding of the Army side of the house, from their pipeline, to how their employed, their weapon systems and what are some curriculum differences between their program and the Marine Scout Sniper program. We hope you enjoy this series and please let us know if you have any questions about the Army Sniper program in the comments for the next podcast for us to answer.Don't forget to grab your free pass to the Modern Day Rifleman Virtual Summit. Those interviews will be live from Sept 28 thru Oct 2. But if you want all those interviews immediately and for a life time access, we recommend checking out upgrading to the All Access pass. Thanks for listening and keep your face on the gun! *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode, Caylen and Phil open up with some housekeeping items, such as our current In-Person class schedule from now until March 2021. On the books, we currently have classes in Yakima, Virginia, Texas, Florida and California! If you're interested in any of those please head to the Modern Day Sniper website to find out more information. They also talk about the Modern Day Rifleman Virtual Summit which consumed most of their time this summer. The summit will consist of 25 guest speakers (who are also subject matter experts to their specific niche), carefully chosen in the industry, to talk about and share what they're most passionate about. Caylen and Phil also talk about the recent dumpster fire that consumed the social media platforms of certain snipers and the unspoken rule of being a sniper and the burden of representing yourself as a professional, if choosing to use the "sniper" for fame or monetary gain. Thanks for listening and please visit the Modern Day Rifleman Virtual Summit to get your free ticket today! Keep your face on the gun! Modern Day Rifleman Virtual Summit Link: *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
Modern Day Sniper hosts live podcast with Jacob Bynum of Rifle's Only, Frank Galli of Sniper's Hide, David Baker from Just F'n Send it Podcast, Hagen Dobrautz of Australia who is the Match Director, and Tom Fuller of Armageddon Gear (who is competing in it). September 01, 2020 starts the 1 year countdown for the start of the 23 day match that will be hosted in 8 different locations. Tom Fuller gives us his perspective on how he plans on preparing for it and Jacob breaks down his intentions on WHO he had in mind when coming up with Assassin's Way. Frank gives insight on how competitors can use preparing for the match from a marketing standpoint and all the speakers discuss how the match is going to go back to the roots of the hallmark skills of a sniper, other than shooting. Thanks for listening to the Modern Day Sniper Podcast and keep your face on the gun!  *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
After a hiatus that lasted too long, Caylen and Phil are back at it with some big news; Phil is now an official member of the MDS team! The pair catch up on what they’ve been up to for the last month and a half which involved in-person classes, mentorship students, Phil’s budget Tikka build, Caylen’s American Rifle Company builds, an early fall bear hunt, and a local club match.“We really apologize for the delay guys! The podcast isn’t dead by any stretch, we just had some major changes and growth to address but we’re organized and back in the saddle with more of what you guys love coming fast n furious! We’ve got so much good stuff coming in the remainder of the year!” – Caylen W. American Rifle Company: Tikka Firearms: *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
Phil and Caylen are physically together for the first time to record a video podcast! On this episode they catch up on a few projects both are working on. Caylen talks about the new American Rifle Company actions he received, as well as some of the features of each action. Caylen shares the builds he plans on moving forward with each action. Phil talks about his “Tikka Budget Build” project he’s been wanting to work on for the longest time! Phil and Caylen talk about Modern Day Sniper’s Basic Law Enforcement Qualification and some of the challenges Phil faced when doing the qualification. Thanks for listening! Please share with a friend if you found value in this podcast! Modern Day Sniper Schoolhouse Rifle Safety Training: *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode Phil and Caylen discuss a forum comment that questioned the validity of the fundamentals of marksmanship and “machismo” military stereotypes in the current state of precision shooting. The conversation covers topics such as trigger weights, modern competition rifles, and how the gear race has directed the sport of precision rifle to be in it’s current form. Phil and Caylen debrief the Sniper’s Hide Cup from a couple weeks ago and discuss some mistakes and successes.  *NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
Caylen and Phil are back at it after a brief hiatus. This was an awesome episode of catch-up conversation and diving deep into some great topics. With the training season back into full swing, they talk about what it means to be a good student and the process of learning, which then rolls into what they define as a bad shooter, a good shooter, and what separates those from a phenomenal shooter. The pair discusses other topics such as what it means to develop a standard, and how those standards are missing the mark in places around the community. They round up the conversations discussing what “line of white” means regarding the aiming process, and the new release of the Modern Day Sniper Fundamentals of Marksmanship course at the Online Schoolhouse.*NEW* FUNDAMENTALS COURSE: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com 
After an unpleasant hiatus from our microphones (we sincerely apologize) we’re back at with an interview with Jacob Bynum, the creator of the future Assassin’s Way rifle match, entertaining questions from a Facebook Live question and answer session. Although things went well with the content and the questions, our technology skills need some work and you can expect a better experience next go-round. In the end, Jacob answered a lot of questions; hypothetical, by third-party, and live feed via our Facebook Live event. Thanks to everyone for listening, and please reach out to Jacob direct if you have any questions! Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
We had a great opportunity to get to know Ryan Cleckner in this episode. Caylen and Ryan explore Ryan’s path as a US Army Ranger sniper and how he progressed within that community. Ryan talks about how he got himself into the Army’s sniper program and how the lessons he learned as a young Ranger translate to his career today as a firearms attorney and his newly established online venture, Gun University. We enjoyed getting to know Ryan, and you can be sure to hear more from him in the future! Gun University: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
Brian the podcast editor here! Caylen and Phil are back! First part of the podcast they catch up on their lives and Phil has a some exciting news! Halfway in they start chatting about wind and shooting in the mountains. Near the end they get into the love for teaching, competition shooting and all highs & lows it comes with. Then they wrap it up with future topics and some updates. You don't want to miss this one!Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
With Phil getting the Gunwerks Long Range University training season started, we invited a great friend on the podcast, Mr. Len Waldron. Len is an accomplished outdoor writer, experienced rifle hunter, and the owner of a newly patented firearms lubricant, EDC CLP. During this podcast, Caylen and Len discuss the progression of the rifle hunter over the last decade, and how new rifles, optics, and most importantly bullet design and construction allow the modern rifle hunter to ethically and responsibly extend their effective range when pursuing game. They discuss some epic hunting trips and adventures of the past and how those experiences drive training to establish new baselines.EDC CLP Firearms Lubricant Waldron Pond Outdoors IG: Facebook: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode, we host a special guest; Mr. Cody Carroll. Cody is a long-time friend of ours, and truly a wealth of information pertaining to all things regarding military operations, from strategic planning to executing small-unit guerrilla tactics. A true professional soldier and a lethal sniper, Cody has one of the most diverse military backgrounds of anyone we’ve ever met. He’s also a self-proclaimed libo hound, which we can verify with steadfast assuredness. Enjoy the listen!Cody: Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode Caylen and Phil build on the previous; going a bit deeper into their philosophy on the mindset of the sniper and the shooter. This time they dig into what it means to be a volunteer, and all the responsibility that comes with being a member of a volunteer unit. The conversation moves into touching on ego, what it is, and the cop out of telling someone to put their ego aside without fully understanding it’s meaning and how it affects performance. Schoolhouse: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode Caylen and Phil discuss the release of the Modern Day Sniper online Schoolhouse, and dive into what it takes to be a sniper candidate, answering the question presented by lots of listeners. They discuss the mindset needed, the physical preparations, and the personality traits and ethos the organization is looking for. Schoolhouse: MDS:
Caylen and Phil invite some special guests to the show from Ridgeline Defense, Rudy Gonsior and Alex Hartmann. Rudy is a former US Marine, and a former US Army Green Beret who served on multiple tours overseas as an assaulter and a sniper, and Alex Hartmann is the president of Ridgeline Defense, a former US Marine, and a fellow Hunter of Gunmen who has also completed several deployments as a sniper. During this episode your hosts and guests discuss training philosophy and most importantly, what you should be looking for in a shooting instructor, how their curriculum is structured, and how important it is to vet that instructor. There’s lots of bits on mindset and training in this one, enjoy!Contact Rudy and Alex: MDS:https://moderndaysniper.com
In this episode, Caylen and Phil dive into the fundamentals as they discuss ways to keep your skills sharp while you’re stuck at home. The conversation covers a lot of the small details on what you should be looking for in your shooting position by elevating your level of awareness of what’s really going on with your body while you work to obtain a solid shooting position. Lots of tips in this one on the finer details of marksmanship. They also cover the upcoming release of the Modern Day Sniper Online Schoolhouse, and some other new items on the horizon.
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