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Podcasts focused on technology, lifestyle, business, sports and social media thorough the eyes and ears of our hosts. Modern Issues. Modern Discussions.
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Chevrolet and Shell have partnered to provide drivers to ability to pay for gas inside their vehicle via the infotainment center. With a modest rollout in three cities, look for the nationwide announcement soon. The state of California is moving forward with their own version of net neutrality in response to the FCC’s rollback of internet protections earlier this year. The Hubble Space Telescope celebrated 28 years in orbit this week. The telescope has amazed scientists, astronomers, and enthusiasts with its brilliant and stunning photographs of the depths of space. Google plans to introduce an app across its systems, Chat, to compete with and eventually end SMS messaging.
Facebook Messenger is a great way to communicate, and in this story Steve shares how the application brought together friends that haven’t spoken in 25 years. Apple Music continues its accelerated growth in the streaming service market, boasting a subscribing base of over 40 million, and becoming more and more competitive with Spotify. In Australia, a 57 year old victim’s Apple Watch data was used to solve her 2016 murder. ESPN has entered the digital content streaming business with ESPN+, which will offer a variety of sports content to users that do not have a traditional cable package. Finally, the end of passwords may be on the horizon with the introduction of WebAuthn, a global effort to bring simpler yet stronger web authentication to users.
Google has removed the ‘View Image’ function, safeguarding image rights and limiting image piracy, after after facing an antitrust lawsuit filed by Getty Images. The State of Oregon has signed a bill enacting their own form of net neutrality that prohibits state agencies from working with internet providers that choose to throttle websites, limit access, and treat traffic unequally. Dubai is running a test program for digital license plates that is being aimed at reduced emergency response time and quickening fee collection. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg sat in the hot seat during his Senate testimony this week and earned major points with his responses and genuine message.
The Facebook data mishandling is still at the top of the discussion list as we share our thoughts on the matter, how that fits into their business model, and why things will not change. A number of technology companies played pranks on April Fools’ Day, creating some fun and entertaining concepts on social media that had customers laughing. A UK-led experiment is tackling the problem of the millions of items of space junk floating in orbit causing several safety and hazard situations. And finally, we feature four exhibitor interviews from the CUE18 conference including discussions on adapting devices into powerful learning tools, flexible seating, creating engaging presentations, and classroom management software.
We are featuring CUE18 conference conversations with a technology coordinator, an IT coach, an institute director, and fellow podcasters. CUE (Computer Using Educators) recently celebrating 40 years of bringing technology resources and tools to educators, administrators, students, and attendees. In the four conversations from the halls of the event, we explore a wide range of topics - professional development, infrastructure decision making, teaching digital citizenship, serving as a resource, empowering educators, execution of technology in the classroom, providing equitable access to digital skills, and conference rejuvenation.
Data loss is very common and strikes at inopportune times, causing stress and anxiety. With that said, March 31 is World Backup Day so join the movement! Toys R Us, an iconic American toy store, is officially closing after 70 years of service after failing to adapt to digital commerce. Ford is making a major change in the way buyers may purchase their vehicles - online dealerships with locked-in pricing, real time inventories, and no awkward sales interactions. Apple has developed a ‘Families’ page to provide resources to families on data control, website access, and privacy.
We are talking all about protecting ourselves, our data, our privacy, and our privileges. Robocalls, spam messages, and fraud attempts are rising day-by-day. Find out how to prepare and protect yourself from these types of calls. 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for cyber-attacks, with an estimated 11 billion individual malware attacks anticipated. Learn what is coming and what can be done. California is introducing legislation - Right to Repair - mandating manufacturers to provide repair specifications on all devices sold. This would allow consumers to properly and accurately repair their devices without paying the high costs to stores and authorized dealers. And finally, states are taking the net neutrality battle to heart and signing bills to protect consumers from a future without internet protection and unequal access.
We are chatting about the future of the motorcycle industry, Amazon’s push into the security business, and people running into glass walls at Apple Park. Harley Davidson invested heavily in Alta Motors and are actively designing an electric model motorcycle to add to their inventory. This signals a small but significant change in the motorcycle industry. Amazon has purchased Ring, the internet-connected leader in security systems. The retail giant is hoping to utilize Ring and its home gadgetry to provide safe and secure delivery of their products. In some strange news, employees at Apple Park are continually running into glass walls and doors around the campus, causing 9-1-1 calls and visits from paramedic to control for head bleeding.
A group of former executives having formed a advocacy group to combat the growing teen smartphone and social media addiction issue. After the Parkland shooting, students are taking to social media to demand change regarding gun policy and organizing marches. Corporations are now denouncing and ending their relationship with the NRA as an act of corporate online social activism to a degree which we have never seen. Over 40 companies are pushing the latest in messaging technology - Rich Communication Service - that provide a richer experience overall. And finally, we take a look at Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application that is up for auction for $50,000.
First up, Intel’s impressive drone show during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony caught the attention of many by setting a new World Record with 1,218 drones flying simultaneously. In preparing for the Olympics many athletes, including the US ski team, utilized virtual reality technology to train and prepare for their events. Falcon Heavy launched last week to much fanfare and celebration, proving that space exploration and scientific discovery is still only in its infancy. To those affected by the Equifax security hack, more troubles may be on the horizon as we learned the breach is more significant than previously reported.
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