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A Charlotte Mason podcast helping you find freedom in her philosophy. Conversations around childhood, motherhood & education.
32 Episodes
Todays conversation is about poetry and fairy tales with Northern Irish poet and storyteller Meghan Bell. Meghan’s poetry and book are available on Amazon worldwide. You can follow her lyrical journey over on Instagram: Grab your ticket for the “Something To Grow By” podcast live webinar on January 9th here:
It was a absolute delight to interview Karen Glass, such a poignant voice into the Charlotte Mason community and she even brought a favourite poem along with her which you’ll hear at the end of the podcast. Please go across to and find out more about her books, research and desire to keep us all learning. Truly a kindred spirit. As ever you can find ALL the links to ALL my things (including Charlotte Mason Unboxed, Code: NOV20) over here:
I’m so honoured to share this lively conversation I had a few weeks ago with PNEU (Parents National Educational Union)graduate Dr. Susie Nyman. Susie is an incredible teacher and leader, expert and sought after voice in SEN and Multisensory Teaching and all round joyful human! Find her books here: Eastap, L. et al. (2018). Dyslexia Friendly Schools Good Practice Guide - 2nd Edition. British Dyslexia Association. Nyman, S. (2019). The Multi-sensory Teaching Toolkit. Chichester: Oaka Books: Nyman, S. (2020). How to become a Grade Riser. Chichester: Oaka Books:
Excited for you to listen in to my conversation with beautiful legend, Sally Clarkson. Sally is a podcaster, speaker, conference host, prolific author as well as a wife, mother and grandmother. She speaks with wisdom and grace into motherhood and education, and I’m honoured to call her friend. Check out Sally on Instagram here: and her most recent book “Awaking Wonder”; it’s a beautiful insight into her homeschooling journey. Find ALL the links to ALL my things here:
Pull up a chair, pour a cuppa and join Amber and I in a beautifully rich conversation about Charlotte Mason, educational freedom, diversity and hope for the future. Amber speaks, writes, and shares her observations on her blog on home education, culture, books, global travel, and more, and when asked about her path she likes to smile and say, “In my house, Charlotte Mason has an afro.” Find her incredible posts and resources here: - Find ALL the links to ALL my things here:
This week we’ve got Charlotte Mason gold alongside some classic homeschooling straight talk with the one and only Julie Bogart. Join us for a rich, funny and invigorating conversation to get your week started right! You can reach Julie here: . You can find ALL the links to ALL my things, including my newsletter here:
Today’s podcast is an enlivening conversation with the wise and wonderful Dr. Carroll Smith of the Charlotte Mason Institute. Dr. Carroll’s knowledge of Mason and his connections within the community go back to the early 80’s - so, so interesting! You can find out more about the institute here: You can find ALL the links to ALL my things here:
Today Eloise @mightymother_ and I deep dive into Charlotte Mason in the early years, encouragement for mothers, the atmosphere of the home and how she wrote a book in two weeks during the UK Covid-19 lock down! You can find out all about her content, courses and coaching here: || ALL my links to all my things are here:
In this weeks episode I get to interview my husband Dave Boden (aka Modern Mr. Mason) about his work in education and the principles of a growth mindset. We discuss Mason’s notion of education being a place of growth as well as the continuous place of growth for mothers. You can find out more about Dave’s work with Grace Foundation here: and here: || ALL the links to all my things including coaching and the Charlotte Mason Unboxed course can be found here:
Em Bowers is an inspiring enthusiast of the work of the PNEU; she’s part of the team leading the Charlotte Mason community in the UK whilst home educating her youngest two sons. You’ll find her on Instagram @simplesmallslow || You can find all the links to all my things here:
This week I introduce you to my long-time friend and theatre expert Serena McCarthy. Serena has read, studied, taught, directed and acted in Shakespeare productions since her teen years and takes some time today to share her experiences and helps guide us in reading, memorising and teaching Shakespeare to our children. You can find Serena occasionally blogging over at: and sharing on her Instagram @the_nature_of_light || You can find links to ALL my things: - Thanks for listening, Leah x
We’re wrapping up this season with an epic, fabulous conversation plus Q & A with mother, creative and Charlotte Mason enthusiast Richele Baburina about maths! Here are a few places you can find her. Shop for maths resources over at and brush drawing resources over on - - IG: @rbaburina || ALL the links to ALL my things are here: and don’t forget to use the code DEAL20 for 20% off the Charlotte Mason Unboxed course (limited numbers for a limited time). Enjoy - Leah
Hop on the imagination bus with my fabulous friend Elsie Iudicello and I as we explore how the Charlotte Mason philosophy expounds this important part of child development and education. Find Elsie over at @farmhouseschoolhouse on Instagram ( ) || ALL my links to all my things are here:
We take an alternate route down a Waldorf pedagogy today and talk with Rachel Kovac (@rachelstitchedtogether) about handicrafts. Rachel is so beautifully inspiring and practical - she truly brings this habit and rhythm to life through this conversation. Rachel has a course hosted by Wild + Free called “The Music of Mozart” which includes handicrafts, poetry, stories and much more - check it out here: Find her on Instagram here: || All the links to ALL my things here:
Today we take a step back into history with my friend Hilda (@harthandhome); veteran CM home educator, reader, history reenactor, nature explorer and curator of beauty! We discuss books, timelines and living history fun (costumes not included 😉). You can find Hilda over on Instagram sharing her wisdom and selling books - go check out her @promiselivinglibrary page 👌 ALL my links to all my things are here: || Enjoy the show!
A deep dive into the place of poetry in our lives and education with homeschool graduate Joy Clarkson (@joynessthebrave). Joy is the daughter of well known author, speaker and mentor to many, Sally Clarkson. Joy is a PHD student at St. Andrews, Scotland and is reading theology. Join us for a rich conversation to thrill the heart and equip your homeschool. || All the links to all my things:
Amy Hughes and I discuss how Charlotte Mason’s philosophy inspired not only her home educating but also her journey towards gentle parenting. You can find Amy on Instagram (@simplelittleamy) or over on her blog ( All my links to all the things are here:
Building on the foundation of nature study with fellow UK Charlotte Mason mama Diana Edwin (@solent_charlotte_mason_uk). With Diana’s engineering background and her passion for STEM subjects she guides us in books choices , journaling, narration and the gentle continuation of scientific study within the Charlotte Mason philosophy. All the links to all the things here: - please message Diana via Instagram for the book titles she recommends. Online conference I mention:
So excited to introduce you to my fabulous friend Greta (@maandpamodern) - we talk all things books...including the one she’s about to launch into the world! Find Greta’s resources here: and the links to all my things here:
A deep dive into the meaning of the “feast of education”. I’m joined by Kyle Campbell of @suddenjourneys (Instagram) who adds a beautiful sound bite speaking on the subject of grazing boards with my response on how they relate to our understanding and implementation of the feast of education. Poem read by Sienna Boden. All the links to all the things:
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