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An educational podcast for musicians looking to grow their audience online and make a sustainable income. The host, Michael Walker provides artists with the tools necessary to create a lasting career in the music industry.

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Cheryl Engelhardt is an award winning artist, coach, and the founder of In The Key Of Success, a website of resources for musicians with amazing training on branding, email marketing, and getting out of your own way. In our interview, Cheryl shows us how powerful email marketing for musicians actually is, how to build your email list the right way, and how to engage and monetize your fanbase using email. Sign Up for Cheryl’s 5 Day Email Challenge here: Get access to Cheryl’s FREE “Mastering Email” workbook here: You can also sign up for Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here: To learn more about Modern Musician visit:
Keatly Haldeman is a songwriter, producer, and the CEO of Riptide Music Group. He's a titan in the sync licensing industry and has landed sync placements with Star Wars, The Avengers, Grey’s Anatomy, Apple, Pepsi, Nintendo, and many many more. Keatly shares from a wealth of experience on how to write and record music that will transcend the noise and pitch it in a way that will be irresistible to music supervisors. If you've ever wondered what it takes to get your music synced in TV, Film, and commercials then don't miss this one! Sign Up For The FREE Sync Mastery Workshop Here:
Chris Greenwood, known by his stage name Manafest, is an award-winning Canadian rapper and rock artist from Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He’s the founder of Fanbase University and coaches artists like you on how to grow and monetize a fanbase so you can make a living and an impact with your music. In this episode, Chris takes us on his artistic journey and lays out how to properly market your music online, grow your Spotify streams, make an income, and fully capitalize on your new releases. If you want coaching from Chris Greenwood visit: You can also sign up for Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here: To learn more about Modern Musician visit:
Bree Noble is an award-winning Musician, Music Business Mentor, and the host of the Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast. Bree helps artists and musicians confidently plan and execute the release of their music. In our interview, Bree breaks down the exact methods and strategies she has developed for generating the best results for a music launch. She’s created a comprehensive framework for musicians of all kinds to get the most out of every release and make a huge impact. Whether it’s a single, EP, or full album, she shares a ton of valuable information on how to create content, plan, and execute your next music release. We were excited to have Bree on this episode of the podcast! You don’t want to miss this one! Sign up for Bree’s FREE “Rock Your Next Release” workshop here: You can also sign up for Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here: To learn more about Modern Musician visit:
Tobias Rauscher is a “Modern Percussive Fingerstyle” guitar player from Germany and part of the modern acoustic guitar movement that is led by players like Andy McKee, Mike Dawes and Tommy Emmanuel. He is the founder of the Fingerstyle Academy and the TubeAccelerator Program where he helps musicians monetize and grow their fanbase using YouTube. In our interview, Tobias talks about why you absolutely must be on YouTube as an independent musician nowadays, the three biggest mistakes artists make, and why 95% of musicians fail on YouTube. Get access to Tobias’ FREE training here: Get Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here: Learn more about Modern Musician by visiting
Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Cyber PR, an artist development and marketing strategy firm serving musicians and music-related brands. They create long-term marketing plans called Total Tuneups, coach artists through the new music business, and handle social media posting and growth strategy. In our interview, Ariel shares how to save yourself thousands of dollars by learning how to tell your story and pitch yourself in a way that’s really compelling, and why it’s not necessary in this day and age to hire someone to get you PR. Get FREE access to Ariel's Musician's Publicity Masterclass here: Get Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here:
Rick Barker is the former Manager of Taylor Swift. He has over 25 years of experience in the Music Industry and co-wrote The $150,000 Music Degree. Rick is the host of The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast. and was Social Media Mentor for the American Idol Contestants. Rick oversees and manages social accounts with a reach of over 10 Million and speaks all over the world on the Power of Fan Engagement. In our interview, Rick shares some of the most exciting strategies he has discovered lately that will help you leverage social media platforms, engage with fans, and monetize your music. It was a great conversation and I hope you find a lot in it that you can use to demystify the process of growing your own fanbase. Get Rick Barker’s FREE Social Media Training here: Get Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here:
Kris Bradley is a full-time music producer, songwriter, session singer, cat mom, coffee lover, and founder of Produce Like A Boss. She has 10 years in the music industry under her belt, has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide, and has multiple songs cut by other artists along with multiple film/TV placements. In this episode, Kris lays out her blueprint for maximizing your home recording sessions and a system for getting the most out of your music even if you’re just getting starting. Get Access To Kris' FREE Training Here: Sign Up For Kris' Voice Memo 2 Demo Online Course Here: Get Michael's Walker's FREE Fanbase Growth Workshop Here:
Michael Elsner is the Founder of Master Music Licensing with over 2000 placements of original music in TV shows, film trailers, and commercials. He helps artists create a consistent income stream with their music by showing them how to successfully license their music to TV, films, commercials, video games, and other outlets. In this episode, Michael shares how to properly approach the business of sync licensing, and how it differs from the traditional music industry. Get Michael Elsner's FREE Master Music Licensing E-Book Here: Get Michael's Free Fanbase Growth Workshop Here:
Songwriting Mastery - Multi-platinum songwriter Andrea Stolpe shares how to use “Sensory Writing” to transform your songs & connect deeply with your listeners. Andrea Stolpe is a Los Angeles based songwriter, author, performing artist and educator. She has worked as a staff writer for EMI, Almo-Irving, and Universal Music Publishing, with songs recorded by such artists as Faith Hill, Julianne Hough, Daniel Lee Martin, Jimmy Wayne, and many more. In our interview, Andrea shows how it’s possible to improve your songwriting dramatically as long as you know where to focus your energy. Learn the Songwriting Tools That Change Everything (Free PDF Guide): Join Andrea for a 3 Day Online Songwriting Retreat Here: Get Michael's Free Fanbase Growth Workshop Here:
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