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Mogul Mom's Playbook with Shaunie and Stella
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Mogul Mom's Playbook with Shaunie and Stella

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Shaunie O'Neal and Stella Bulochnikov know what it means to be a superwoman - juggling kids, career, parenting, and relationships. They know it's not easy, and that's why they, along with their celebrity friends, offer moral support, helpful tips, encouragement, advice, and lots of laughs! They got your back! So take a fresh page from the Mogul Mom's Playbook every Tuesday with Shaunie and Stella!

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10 Episodes
MM Ep10 - Shawn King

MM Ep10 - Shawn King


Does broadcast legend Larry King really have a favorite child? Shawn's outing her famous hubby as she talks about parenting, poopy diapers, and baby fever! Get a peek inside the King household, and help Shawn choose a hip grandma name!
Do parents really admit to having favorite kids? Shaunie & Stella candidly tackle that question, and then share their opinions on whether career-oriented moms really can have it all! Their frank discussion just might surprise you!
MM Ep08 - Sharenting

MM Ep08 - Sharenting


The Mogul Mom's discuss the pros & cons of "sharenting," and whether they themselves may be guilty of "oversharing" about their own kids on social media! When is "enough" enough? And how can you avoid falling into the "sharenting" trap?
MM Ep07 - Dr. Sophy

MM Ep07 - Dr. Sophy


Dr. Charles Sophy joins the Mogul Moms to offer up plenty of real-life advice and help for all those trying to juggle parenting, career, and personal relationships. He has some easy steps to ensure everything gets enough attention - including mom herself!
Shaunie's flying nearly solo with special guest Teresa Caldwell, Bow Wow's mogul mom! Hear how Teresa navigates her son's business world, gets deals done, and still manages to find her center! Plus, Stella checks in from her world travels - it's business and pleasure... or is it?
It's Spring Break and that means our two fav mogul moms, Shaunie & Stella, are bringing their kids to work! Stella's oldest, Mishka, and Shaunie's son, Shaquir, join the podcast! They're putting their moms to the test and you'll hear how they fair! It's the fine art of balancing career and parenting taking place before your very ears!
Mogul Mom Mel B and her hubby, Stephen Belafonte join the conversation! Hear how they juggle 4 kids and careers, the story of how they first met, and what "me time" means for Mel B!
Mogul Mom Christina Milian sits down to talk starvation diets, Victoria Beckham, being mommy to a 5-year old girl, what she learned from her own mother about parenting, mommy guilt, and being topless on Vibe magazine.
Shaunie & Stella have plenty to say about Kylie Jenner & Tyga! But is Stella twinning Kris Jenner, and can Shaunie get her off the Jenner trip? Plus, Shekinah from "Tiny & Shekinan's Weave Trip" weighs in too! It's a no-holds barred conversation, therapy, and comedy session!
Shaunie and Stella welcome the star of both VH1's "T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle," and "Tiny and Shekinah's Weave Trip," Tiny Tameka Harris! Hear the ladies discuss family, parenting, and Tiny's new gray eyes!
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