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A place to educate, empower, connect, and laugh. Host Jessica Gershman, a certified yoga instructor, mindfulness practitioner and a busy mom of 4, invites you to explore your own inner journey and expand on the topics you need to know to become your own best self advocate - health, sex, parenting, marriage, friendship, and everything in between; plus weekly mindfulness tips to invite a little zen into your life. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Thursday so check back often for the latest. Follow us on Instagram@the_zen_mommy
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Hey there, Zen Mamas! We know you love your kiddos, but do you sometimes feel that you can’t remember who you were without them? In a society that focuses exclusively on new babies rather than on new moms, have you ever felt that, in the process of becoming a mom, you lost a piece of yourself? This week, we are talking to Marnie Madras, a business owner and mom of four. Marnie is the rare mom who LOVED being pregnant, and she’s on a mission to help other women feel the same. She shares with us her story of motherhood and how she learned that prioritizing herself is the only way to enjoy the process. She also shares her motivation in creating Rumbly, a subscription service delivering curated boxes to expecting moms. Listen in to be inspired! RumblyRumbly on InstagramSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, all you Zen Mamas! Have you gone through breakup after breakup and noticed that you seem to be dating different versions of the same person? Have you struggled to define your “type” or to articulate exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a relationship? Today, we’re speaking with Tal Yardeni, a relationship coach who teaches that the most important thing we can do to build a great relationship with someone else is to first learn to love and trust ourselves. Tal Yardeni on InstagramSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, Zen Mamas! You may have noticed that, as years go by, discussions of trauma are everywhere. Trauma is endemic in our culture, and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing we can do to avoid or overcome it. But this week, we’re joined by Dominiece Clifton, who has made it her life’s mission to heal her own trauma, and to assist others in their own trauma journeys. A registered yoga instructor and certified trauma-informed breathwork and meditation facilitator, Dominiece is the host of The School of Healing podcast and founder of  Move and Still, which focuses on trauma recovery and holistic stress management. Dominiece is here to remind us that there is always hope, and even trauma isn’t forever. School of Healing PodcastDominiece’s InstagramDominiece’s LinkedInNourish Wellness CollectiveSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
5 Minutes per day is all you need to increase the presence and joy in your life.  Come back to this short mediation as often as you like. For the video, check out my YouTube Channel the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey Mamas! Remember those days when you felt so young and free, and like age was just a state of mind? Well, if you find that the years are finally catching up with you, that you’re a bit achy in the morning, and that you just can’t get rid of that final five pounds, you’ll want to listen to today’s episode. Lori Zabka is a board-certified functional nutrition counselor and holistic health practitioner. She sees the body as a system in need of balance, and advises her clients on what to eat, how much to eat, and how to exercise to achieve optimal health and longevity. Lori Zabka on InstagramLori’s WebsiteSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Do you ever feel that your fear of failure is keeping you from going for what you really want? Have your kids reached an age where they’re independent, but you’re not sure what to do with your newfound freedom? This week, we’re chatting with blogger and author Lauren Thomas about her new cookbook “The Modern Hippie Table,” but we’re also digging deep and discussing those ever-present voices of self-doubt, a common phenomenon known as “Imposter Syndrome.” If you’ve ever wondered what you could accomplish with a bit more confidence, then this episode is for you! Modern Hippie Table Lauren Thomas WebsiteInstagramSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Get it together, mamas! Welcome back to another week of the Zen(ish) Mommy Podcast. It’s almost summer, which brings up lots of feelings in mamas everywhere. There’s the laid-back schedules, but also the fighting, the bickering, and the boredom. This week, we chat with Eirene Heidelberger, founder of Get It Together Mom (or GIT Mom), a nationally renown parent coaching and advice company that empowers moms to feel in control in this totally out-of-control experience we call parenting. GIT Mom is the only coaching company focusing on moms’ happiness, rather than their kids. Eirene is here to share her incredible story and help us through the summer, but more than that, she’s here to help us have a good time and enjoy being a mom. Get It Together Mom WebsiteGet It Together Mom InstagramGet It Together Mom BookSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
We all need a little more yoga right? Grab your mat, water, and towel and join me for this all-levels flow to open and warm up your morning body.  For the Video Version, check out my Youtube Channel Support the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey Mamas, thanks for tuning in to a brand new episode of the Zen(ish) Mommy Podcast! This is a space where you can show up authentically, have a laugh, educate yourself, and hear a little bit of yourself in each of the guests. Today, we have fellow podcast host and mental health advocate Christie Rocha joining us in conversation. Christie kicks off our discussion by sharing snippets of her own mental health journey, which she later realized has many parallels to the experience other women have navigating the world of motherhood and marriage. Next, you’ll hear about what she has gained through building a relationship with her therapist who provides a container for her to say things she can’t share with anyone else. We touch on taking a seasonal approach to life before Christie shares why it is so important for others to realize the power of asking for help, encouraging listeners to shed their preconceptions in order to benefit from therapy. Key Points From This Episode:An introduction to today’s guest, podcast host and mental health advocate, Christie Rocha.Christie’s automated email response which relieves the anxiety of not being able to respond immediately.The mental health journey with postpartum depression that led her to start her podcast.How a friend sharing her experience with a therapist led Christie to seek out therapy for herself.The common experience women have of reaching every milestone and feeling unfulfilled.Why the image of motherhood and marriage is so glamorized and how that affects women.The origins of Christie’s belief that therapy wasn’t for people like her.Why she currently believes that everyone can benefit from therapy today.The power of saying things out loud to her therapist that she would never share with anyone else.How sharing information with your therapist differs from sharing it with your loved ones.The introspection that happens when Christie relays information to her therapist.What Christie’s mental health journey looks like at the moment.How therapy has helped her to set boundaries to no longer be available to everyone all the time.Approaching our lives as seasons.Managing her PMDD by allowing the ebb and flow of her life.Why she believes healing is a lifelong journey.The biggest thing she wants listeners to know: asking for help is okay!Why she recommends that you pursue therapy if you have any interest in it.Reframing self-care to suit your life’s circumstances.The power of taking the moment to notice and validate yourself.“I believe that therapy can be for everyone. If you’re truly opposed to it, then it’s probably not going to work for you, and therefore, not an avenue you can explore. But I believe that everyone has something they can work on.” — [0:14:03]“I think we can heal from things, but in general there will always be something going on.” — [0:32:03]Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Sass SaysChristie Rocha on InstagramThe Zen MommyZen Mommy InstagramZen Mommy YoutubeZen Mommy FacebookSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
A great breath technique for pre and postnatal mommas or for anyone looking for a way to ground and de-stress.Check out the video version on my YouTube Channel for more the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
When our children enter their teenage years, it seems as if our sweet mama-loving babies are replaced with borderline psychotic monsters. Sometimes as parents, we turn into monsters ourselves as we try to navigate their developing brains. Joining us today on The Zen(ish) Mommy Podcast is the incredible parenting coach, Maureen Spielman, to talk us through parenting teens because all parents fall victim to erratic teenage behavior (even if you are convinced it won’t happen to you). In this episode, we discuss why we have to learn how to parent again during this time, how teenagers trigger us as parents, how to combat those triggers, why our children experience more anxiety than we did growing up, and the challenges social media has presented for teenagers today. Maureen also helps us differentiate between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ teenage behavior and even explains how we can create a safe space for our teenagers to explore their risk-taking side. We also discuss the importance of accepting our roles as our children’s guides rather than as their rulers before talking about how our emotional trauma is reflected in the way we raise our children. Teenagers' emotions and behavior are a direct reflection of something they desperately need and Maureen explains why we need to hold space for them, listen to them, and give them the opportunity to make choices. Finally, Maureen gives us some tools to connect with our teenagers during this difficult time. To hear all this and more, tune in now!Key Points From This Episode:The difficulties all parents go through as their children enter their teens. How teenagers trigger us and why we almost have to relearn parenting as they hit that age. Why the era of social media makes raising teenagers more challenging.The importance of remembering the stress and anxiety that our kids experience. Maureen explains ‘normal teenager behavior’ and how to handle it. How to identify concerning behavior in teenagers. How to balance allowing teens to explore their risk-taking side while protecting them from real danger in the world.The importance of listening to your teenagers, holding space for them, and giving them choices. How our own emotional trauma shows up in our parenting. What Maureen suggests parents do to combat their triggers when it comes to their teenagers. How we can connect with our teenagers. Why we should be our children’s guides rather than hierarchical dictators. The importance of acknowledging the needs our children are expressing through their emotions and behavior.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Maureen SpielmanMaureen Spielman on LinkedInMaureen Spielman on FacebookMaureen Spielman on InstagramThe Blessing of a B Minus: Raising Resilient TeenagersSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, mamas! Take a deep breath, summer is here. It’s time for lazy days, sleeping in, and the best parties of the year! This week, we’re chatting with Marley Majcher, CEO of The Party Goddess, event planner to the stars, and author of the book “But Are You Making Any Money?” Marley gives us tips and tricks for how to throw great parties (even on a budget!) and also shares a bit of that Hollywood insider gossip that we all love and crave. With a client list that includes Pierce Brosnan and Sofia Vergara, she’s got enough experience and ideas to keep you inspired for a lifetime.But Are You Making Any Money?The Party Goddess WebsiteThe Party Goddess InstagramThe Profit Goddess InstagramSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, mamas! Got a second? Join me for a short and sweet meditation to help us cultivate a greater sense of awareness and presence in our lives. This meditation can be done seated, lying down, or while walking. Come with me to create a moment of peace and presence. Support the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, Zen Mamas! So many of us spend time focusing on our romantic relationships and on being great parents. But what about our friendships? Do we even need them at our age? And if we do, where can we find new ones, and how do we keep those relationships healthy? This week, we’re chatting with moms Keri Setaro and Ashley Hearon-Smith, two “accidental besties” and co-hosts of the hit podcast “Momtourage.” Keri and Ashley met after answering a casting call looking for moms to co-host a podcast. Initially, they were only co-workers, but over time, the two have not just managed to develop a hilarious show, they’ve also built a great friendship. Listen in for the rest of their sweet, funny, and informative story. MomtourageMomtourage InstagramSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, Mamas! This week, we’re chatting with Purvi Lippincott of the Indy Yoga Movement, a non-profit that brings yoga and mindfulness programs to Central Indiana schools and organizations. Purvi is here to share with us the great work that Indy Yoga Movement does in helping to better equip kids to face the challenges of their lives, and she’s also here to lead us through a guided meditation. Get comfy and listen in! Indy Yoga MovementDonate to IYMSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
With prices rising and inflation soaring, even the thought of college tuition is enough to give any parent anxiety. This week on the Zen(ish) Mommy Podcast, we chat with Brad Baldridge, college funding specialist, financial expert, blogger, and host of the Taming the High Cost of College Podcast. With 20 years of experience, Brad has helped thousands of families plan and save for college. In this episode, he shares his smart and proven strategies for how to find the right school while avoiding student loan debt and maximizing financial aid and scholarships. Taming the High Cost of College PodcastBrad’s WebsiteSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, mamas! Today, we’re going to take a few minutes to just BREATHE. The Sigh Technique is a great way to give yourself a pause to reset, but also a useful tool to help us in moments of stress. This technique can be done anywhere, even while sitting in the car. So listen in and relax. Support the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey Mamas! This week, we’re talking about trauma and its long-term effects with expert Sarah Marikos, Executive Director of the ACE Resource Network. Sarah discusses with us a now-renown CDC and Kaiser Permanente study that explored the link between early childhood trauma, called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), and later health complications. In this study, experts found that the greater the number of ACES, the more likely a person would experience poor health and other complications, such as diabetes, heart disease, poor academic achievement, substance abuse, and more. However, Sarah’s mission is to help spread awareness about this research, as well as to share the tools and strategies to help mitigate the effects of trauma, for both adults and children. NumberStory.orgHelp My KidsHolidays are HardAija MayrockSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Hey there, mamas! Got a second? Join me for a short and sweet meditation to help us cultivate a greater sense of awareness and presence in our lives. This meditation can be done seated, lying down, or while walking. Come with me to create a moment of peace and presence. Support the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
Most moms have heard the myth of the “Supermom” – a mother who puts everyone else’s needs first and still manages to get a good night’s sleep and look flawless at yoga. And yet, post-Covid, “mom burnout” seems to be everywhere, forcing mothers to consider finally putting self-care before selflessness. This week on the Zen(ish) Mommy Podcast, we sit down with Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Perinatal Mental Health Counselor (PMH-C) Kate Kripke to discuss the concept of “reinventing Supermom,” which is also the topic of her latest book. Kate touches on the effects of chronic stress on parenting and how mothers can meet their own needs first in order to better parent their children. Listen in for Kate’s insights, plus her tools for how to break the stress cycle and come back to the present moment. Motherhood Uncut PodcastReinventing Supermom: Support, Encouragement and Strategies for New Mothers Who Feel LostKate Kripke InstagamKate’s WebsiteSupport the showThe Zen Mommy on Instagramthe Zen Mommy
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