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Author: Alana Dawson & Amber Salhus

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The Mom Wants More Podcast is for women who have a dream in their heart and a passion they want to pursue, women who believe that motherhood is their most important calling but not their only calling.

Writers, Alana Dawson and Amber Salhus, discuss the tough topics that no one talks about when you set out to follow your dreams. Listeners will gain inspiration and encouragement from bi-weekly interviews with women who are uncovering and pursing their passion in the middle of their right now life. Women who have made their passion into successful businesses, side-hustles, or simply something they love to do.
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What's the #1 factor that dictates how you show up in the world? It might not be what you think... Guys, if there's one thing we're learning lately, it's the power of our mindset. The story we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves is a mighty thing. We can't always control our circumstances & we can't always control our feelings, but we CAN learn self control when it comes to our mindset and thought patterns. This relates to just about everything we do. Our work, our day-to-day habits, our goal-setting, and for SURE our mothering. It can be real easy to slip into negative thought patterns around our kids' behaviors, our lack of time or energy, our failures, you name it. Today we sat down with Kara Kae James, author of Mom Up, and founder of Thrive Moms, and she shared so many insightful tips for finding a more positive narrative around our motherhood journey! We also touched on mom-guilt, the importance of rest, knowing ourselves and what fills our cup, and wouldn't you guess- the enneagram. (Ya thought we weren't going to mention it for one whole episode, didn't ya? Sorrynotsorry!)
Why Mindset Matters

Why Mindset Matters


The story we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves is a powerful thing. Whether it applies to our health & fitness, our parenting, our creative pursuits, or any other area of our lives, the inner narrative playing out in our heads affects our actions so much more than we think. Why? Because our thoughts dictate our actions, our actions dictate our habits, and our habits dictate our daily life. Sometimes we operate from damaging mindsets without even realizing it. The good news? If you're stuck in a negative cycle of thinking, YOU DON'T HAVE TO STAY THERE! You can get off the ride and go in a new direction. The mind is like a muscle and the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand. This episode is full of simple, logical ways we can let go of harmful narratives and practice moving towards a healthier, more positive mindset SO that we can show up in the world in a way that feels right and rings true to our values.
Have you ever met someone who instantly made you grin from ear to ear? That pretty much sums up our conversation with Maghon Taylor! Her infectious joy and genuine excitement over her work is absolutely infectious. Maghon is an author, calligrapher, teacher, mama, wife, and solo-preneur, meaning, she runs her business entirely on her own in the middle of motherhood and her right-now life.  We chatted with Maghon about juggling that work/life balance, embracing our amateurism, and not only learning from our mistakes, but actually celebrating them. If you've ever felt defeated in your mothering, your creative pursuits, your day job, or holding them all together, today's episode is for you! Maghon Taylor is on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting. She is a joyful wife, fun mama, and owner of All She Wrote Notes. Since 2013, Maghon's cheerful collection of colorful gifts has spread smiles all across America with their encouraging words and uplifting messages. Maghon believes wholeheartedly that our talents are meant to be shared and she has taught nearly 7,000 students to reignite their creativity with her traveling hand-lettering workshops and her online classes. She is also the author of Happy Hand Lettering released August 2019 and has a second book in the works. An award winning artist and calligrapher, Maghon's work has been featured on many publications such as Southern Weddings, Inpired By This, The Wedding Chicks and Southern Bride and Groom.
The main heartbeat of this podcast is to encourage women (moms especially) to stop waiting for a convenient time that may never arrive and start actively uncovering & pursuing their creative passions in their right-now lives. We understand that in order to do that we must learn to be the boss of our own calendars. But that's easier said than done, right? Well don't worry sister, we've got you covered because today's episode is entirely devoted to simple & practical ways we can carve out time for our creative work and/or play. In this ep we break down 3 easy ways we can take ownership of the time that we DO have. You'll have to tune into the episode to hear the 3 main points, but spoiler alert, YOU get to decide how this looks in your own life! It's not a one-size-fits-all theory, but we do share lots of helpful tips and tricks for how this can break down logistically for you.
If you've listened to the this podcast for any length of time, then you've probably heard us mention the lovely Emily P. Freeman many times. We should probably just go ahead and give her a permanent line in our show notes right next to the topic of the enneagram. What can we say, we love what we love! And we truly love the work that Emily puts out into the world. She speaks, writes, and gently leads from the unique intersection of creativity & faith in a way speaks to us on a soul level. Having her on the podcast was a dream come true and we are so thrilled to share this episode with you! We spoke with Emily about: Carving out time for Rest (and giving ourselves grace if it doesn't go according to plan) Creating helpful boundaries between our work and home life Why pursuing our passions in the middle of motherhood matters so much (spoiler alert- it can actually LOWER our stress levels!) And OF COURSE, the enneagram! Okay, we'll stop here so you can go listen! And if you enjoy this episode, will you share it with a friend?
Today on the podcast we're welcoming y'all back to the podcast with a fresh new look, a slightly new sound (did ya like our new intro?), and an honest behind the scenes peak into what our summer break was like. As always we're including the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny. We love the work we do here. We are so passionate about it that we often say it feels more like play than actual work. But after producing 86 consecutive podcast episodes, we decided to hit that pause button and carve out some intentional down time this summer for real R-E-S-T. To just be with our families, get inspired, and recharge our batteries. Sounds lovely, right? True, it was, but can we be totally honest? We both struggled with it in unexpected ways. If there's one thing we're learning, it's that true rest might take a little practice, and that's okay. It's going to look and feel different for each of us, and that's okay too. Listen in and enjoy the kickoff to Season 2! Here we go!
Moms' Night Out Live Event

Moms' Night Out Live Event


We did it! We held our first ever LIVE podcast event and it was so much fun we are still on a high weeks later. Meeting some of you gals from our Mom Wants More community in real life, hugging your necks, and connecting in the moment, it filled our cup in ways we didn't even expect. It was a chance for all of us mamas to hit pause in the middle of that hectic back-to-school season, throw on some lip gloss, and meet up for a ladies night out. We recorded this live interview with Hanna McGee of 2cwomenconnect, all about how we can cultivate true connection and collaboration, not just in our work, but in our lives as well. We had signature Mom Wants More cocktails, delicious food & desserts, gorgeous flower arrangements- the whole night felt like a dream, but we can't let it pass without shouting out some of the talented and generous women who sponsored the night! @raisingourbarmade delicious drinks & bar-tended @flowerfarmboisecreated stunning arrangments for the tables @rachelphotostudiogenerously captured the whole evening for us @savorynsweetincmade the most gorgeous charcuterie table we've ever seen (not a board, a TABLE!) @heidissweetlifeprovided us with delicious and healthy desserts @coffeepaintrepeatprovided the most stunning venue (we're still swooning over this space. We want to live there now.) @syndicake208baked adorable cookies with our Mom Wants More design on them It was honestly one of our favorite moments to date on this podcasting journey and we can't wait to do it again! Hanna's 3 passions in life right now are creating a platform and the tools for women to connect, collaborate, encourage band empower one another.  She does this by hosting a monthly mixer called 2C Women Connect in the Boise area.  She believes by teaching women to be a little vulnerable in a safe place a whole new world opens up. Through promoting her 2C Women Connect community she found small businesses also needed to learn how to be on social media.  She now empowers business owners by giving them the the tools to grow their business on social media  through her coaching program. Hanna is a mom to 2 kids and has an active life involved in their activities and the local community, currently helping her husband on his camping for City Council. Enjoy the ep!
If you're a human person, odds are at some point life is going to throw you a curveball. Whether it's a loss, diagnosis, trauma, or even simply disappointment, today's conversation with Niki Hardy will give you practical tools to live well even when you feel like life's fallen apart. With witty candor and heaps of wisdom, Niki talks with us about the difference between surviving and thriving and HOW we can choose to be brave even when we don't feel afraid. Niki Hardy is a Brit in the USA, a rectal (yes, rectal) cancer survivor, pastor’s wife, tea drinker and teller of bad jokes. As a speaker and the author of Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart (Revell, Aug, 2019) she’s all about meeting us when life’s not fair and embracing the reality that with God, life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full. You can find more of Niki on social media at @niki.hardy and on her website when she’s not running trails with her Doodles or trying to figure out which remote actually works the TV. Download the first couple of chapters of Breathe Again FREE  
Ever wonder what the term "self-care" actually even means? It seems like such a buzzword lately, which is exactly why we want to unpack this concept together. If you're a mom, a creative entrepreneur, heck, if you're a HUMAN PERSON, learning how to care for your *whole* self in healthy ways isn't just beneficial, it's crucial. One of our favorite filters for self care is the question our dear friend, Melissa Blair once asked us, "How's your head? How's your heart? How's your butt?" I mean... if that doesn't cover it, we don't know what does! Of all the episodes we share, please do not miss this one, sister. It's so, so important and you may be pleasantly surprised by our refreshing definition of self care, because we strongly believe that it shouldn't feel like one more oppressive thing to "get right" or add to your to-do list. In this conversation we share simple and practical ways to: know yourself & explore your needs (what is life giving VS life draining for you) speak up & communicate your needs push back on guilt set boundaries check in with yourself (how do you FEEL? is your body telling you something?) differentiate between self-comfort VS self-care put yourself back ON the list (because let's all be real here- we can't always put ourselves at the top!) This episode was originally #80 but we are re-releasing it as a part of our Summer Series- we hope you enjoy!
ARE YOU STRUGGLING TO SETTLE INTO A NEW ROUTINE? If you're feeling flustered as you say goodbye to summer and dive back into that busy Fall schedule, don't worry, we've got you, boo. Grab a cup of coffee, slip on your coziest slippers, and settle in because today we're talking all about how to create a morning routine that works for YOU. We're diving into whya morning routine is so important, sharing some practical tips of how to structure a routine that actually works for you, and suggesting that it doesn't have to look a certain way or even remain the same as it used to. Life happens fast, y'all! Different seasons of motherhood, creative work, and even just the natural rhythms of the weather changing can all affect how we start our day, but having a morning routine to fall back on can help anchor our days and even our mood. And guess what? We've created a resource to help you create a morning routine that you love! Click here to Get Our Guide Design Your Morning Routine Links we mention in this episode: 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma This episode was originally #71 but we are re-releasing it as a part of our Summer Series- we hope you enjoy!
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