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Words of wisdom and pieces of advice from a mom and a daughter just figuring out life one day at a time. Wouldn’t want to have any other guest on my 100th episode of The moments pod. Thanks for sticking around ❤️
This episode we dive into what I am currently dealing with and how it is affecting my life.
The lessons my parents have taught me that have made me exactly who I am. Lessons I think hold a lot of value in my life and hopefully can in yours too. Getting into detail on why it’s so important to stay humble, be aware of your friendships and how to keep chasing your dreams.
97: More about me

97: More about me


Some of the reasons I do the things I do and am am the way I am. My history with mental health, college, adhd and my family. Of course with a bunch of added word vomit 
Friendships are something we all want, crave and love; however, sometimes they can be really tricky. Here are some things I have learned about friendships.
Today we dive into going back to school. There are a lot of emotions and feelings that come with going back to school, both positive and negative... so let's chat about them :)
Today we dive into my notes app. Here are some quotes, phrases and sayings I love and truly try to live by.
Let’s chat about what is currently going on in my life. In the midst of chaos and craziness, I try to remind myself how important it is to slow down and stay present. 
I sad down with Dr. Leon again while we deep dove into all the things mental health related from anxious thoughts to life tips. I am forever inspired by Dr Leon and I’m sure you will be too- tune in :) 
I sad down with Dr. Leon again while we deep dove into all the things mental health related from anxious thoughts to life tips. I am forever inspired by Dr Leon and I’m sure you will be too- tune in :) 
Life gets lighter when we start small, and our goals, more attainable. One step at a time. Listen in if you’ve been searching for some motivation. This mantra pulled me out of a dark place and I think it might do the same for you <3
The way that you think effects everything about who you become, realizing that changes everything. You have the power to control your life. It always starts in your mind. Talk with me while we deep dive on how this pattern works 
So many of us are unaware of what’s even going on in our bodies and why we feel the things we feel. Take a deep dive into your super human cycle with me and understand yourself a little bit deeper. 
Having a boyfriend, finding peace in a busy summer and some other random things that cross my mind
86: Changes are good

86: Changes are good


Life changes, and sometimes that’s a lot to grasp. We’re always changing, evolving and growing- might as well soak it all in 
All the memories that we get to create in this lifetime are special. Open your eyes and soak in the memories that are around you. 
Your words, my thoughts and a beautiful reminder that we’re all very lucky to be alive
83: Advice session

83: Advice session


All your questions answered, to the best of my abilities- boys, routine, passions and purpose :) 
The things I’m going to be doing for the next month to clear up some clutter not only in my physical life but also in my mind. Too much of anything is bad, especially clutter. We got this :) 
You have the control, don’t let it all build up so heavy that you break. Take the baby steps, water your grass and this phase shall pass. Here’s the tips and tricks I have to stop myself from spiraling:) 
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OMG I ate all cookies last night too all that peanut butter and yes i really enjoyed this episode ♥️🥲🙌🏻

Feb 24th


You are soo inspiring for me 💕🌠

Jan 17th

Pharoah Hedin

I'm just like awesome

Nov 27th

Pharoah Hedin

yeah she slick finessing on her son ain't it me ... ha ha like pro sounding like Chanel ha ha mommy bad yet look how I know you.ha ha you just seen Shawn word listen with me nigga

Nov 27th
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Aynaz Yari

U r fab!! 💕

Nov 8th
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