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Just tune in, you might need to hear this
A new chapter, a beautiful place to be exploring- favorite episode I’ve recorded in a while :) 
29: Moments On My Mind

29: Moments On My Mind


A quick little episode because my brain is clustered- which is ok- love you.
We’re all just taking it one day at a time, give it what you can & remember to give yourself grace. You’re just human.
We’re always working towards what we don’t have, and I think it’s time for us all to focus on the more important things. Like the simple ones, love, laughter and finding contentment in the current moment.
Your favorite podcast guest is back and better than ever. Here’s what’s on Mere and I’s mind & the answers to a few questions you asked :) 
Here’s a few of the many lessons I’ve learned, it’s a process and we’re all going through the motions.
Is sugar really more addictive than cocaine? Does intermittent fasting work? Should I buy crypto? We’re all on 24-7 information overload, on our news feeds, in our inboxes, on TikTok… it’s hard to know what is real and what isn’t. Every week on CALL ME CURIOUS, Nikki Boyer (Dying for Sex, The Daily Smile) and friends like Mr. Malone are going to dive into all the things you’ve heard about, but don’t really know about. That’s right - No more nodding along at parties or running into the bathroom to Google, “Why do people get nipple rings?” We’ll learn and laugh as we explore life’s little mysteries, the internet’s hot topics, and burning gotta-know questions.  Listen to Call Me Curious:
24: Moments with Ana

24: Moments with Ana


Sometimes feel people like sunshine and laughter, Ana does, so we chatted & want you to listen
A new realization I’ve had about myself & how I’m processing it all.
Some more words of wisdom I was needing & maybe you are too.
21: Moments in Advice

21: Moments in Advice


Sometimes we all just need a few words of wisdom. 
20: Moments in Feeling

20: Moments in Feeling


Life is a wave, but there’s a lot of beauty embracing the lows instead of avoiding them.
It started out about motivated but ended up being about balance & acceptance- enjoy :)
18: Moments in Self Love

18: Moments in Self Love


Happy Valentine’s Day, to yourself :)  Give yourself extra lovin today.
Just trust the journey, let’s discuss
This episode is all over the place but let’s talk more about why we all should start loving ourselves a bit more.
Life doesn’t have to be so heavy, enjoy the little things. Sending you love from Hawaii.
14: Moments with Mere

14: Moments with Mere


Meet one of my favorite people in the whole world & listening to this you’ll quickly understand why.
One of the last episodes before I go back out to Hawaii. Here's where I’m at & here’s how we’re healing.
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OMG I ate all cookies last night too all that peanut butter and yes i really enjoyed this episode ♥️🥲🙌🏻

Feb 24th


You are soo inspiring for me 💕🌠

Jan 17th

Pharoah Hedin

I'm just like awesome

Nov 27th

Pharoah Hedin

yeah she slick finessing on her son ain't it me ... ha ha like pro sounding like Chanel ha ha mommy bad yet look how I know you.ha ha you just seen Shawn word listen with me nigga

Nov 27th
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Aynaz Yari

U r fab!! 💕

Nov 8th
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