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Moments for Missions

Author: Dr. J.B. Godfrey

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Moments for Missions is a five-minute daily Monday through Friday radio program produced by Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI). It is provided free of charge to any radio station that will broadcast it without charge to BIMI. The programs typically share missions-related messages, missionary prayer needs, or interviews with BIMI missionaries.
1635 Episodes
Missionary Letter - Romania - Ukrainians
Missionary Letter - Soroti Orphan Assistance Project - Uganda
Missionary Letter - Canada - Tibetans
Missionary Letter - Emeritus - Ghana
Article - We Press on through Tears - Honduras
Missionary Letter - Ivory Coast
Missionary Letter - Honduras
Missionary Letter - Philippines
Missionary Letter - Ireland
Missionary Letter - Ivory Coast
Papua New Guinea Bible Project 3
Papua New Guinea Bible Project 2
Papua New Guinea Bible Project
Article - The Secret Place of Victory - Belize
Article - Work and Pray - Mexico
Missionary Letter - Deputation - Mexico 3
Missionary Letter - Deputation - Mexico 2
Missionary Letter - Deputation - Mexico
Article - We Cannot Because Jesus Can - Belize
Missionary Letter - Mexico
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