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Author: McLuvin, Funky & Uncle Rico

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We’re just a couple of guys who hate lies, damned lies, and statistics. ...also conspiracy theories, the native tongue of the world's greatest propagandists: politicians and historians. If you value reason and common sense, join us in following the truth wherever it leads, even if it means unlearning...everything. Support this podcast:
31 Episodes
In this episode McLuvin gets sentimental on Rico, reminiscing 1992 and how conservatives reacted to the election of Bill Clinton.  As Donald Trump continues to make makes in economics, foreign policy and certainly in his personal life, McLuvin comments on what happens when you look back at history from a factual standpoint and forget about rhetoric you inherited from your closest authorities.  The boys argue that despite Clintons moral failings, he put the country on a great economic track and made several moves in foreign policy that brought peace to America, something the present world climate desperately lacks.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys welcome guest DJ Zouain to a heated conversation on the National Die In's latest proposition: a die in day at Walt Disney World.  McLuvin' fiercely argues against the idea, for the sake of the children who go to have a magical experience and escape from the world while Zouain and Rico defend the right of protestors to protest anywhere.  This is one of the boys' more passionate episodes for sure.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys address the ongoing topic of protesting both the National Anthem, but also White House visits by championship sports teams.  The boys expose the story of the horrific beating of citizen Robert Johnson by the Arizona Mesa Police Department and how police brutality, albeit a rarity, is a reality that cannot be ignored.  The boys close by arguing over recipes for guacamole, with Rico as usual playing his Latin ethnic card of convenience to argue that McLuvin' has no basis to claim an Irish origin for guac.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys shoot the breeze about who cooks a better steak, with Uncle Rico, as usual, telling tales to one up McLuvin'. The boys then move on to the meat of the show with a discussion on the phenomenon known as "fake news." The boys call foul on any and all purveyors of fabricated lies, but also offer their criteria for determining whether a story or source is credible. The boys shout out to Dr. James Loewen as well, as McLuvin' has fallen head over heels in love with his book "Lies My Teacher Told Me," a book exposing the history that our school experiences never taught us.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys discuss the business of apocalypse food, taking their cues from Jim Bakker, who also teaches them a new word. The boys shift gears as they discuss the antics of televangelist Jesse Duplantis, who claimed to hear a word from God telling him to "bleed him" for a private jet. Mockery abounds as the boys discuss the extravagance and arrogance of tv's favorite preachers, including one with many mansions, Mr. Mike Murdock. The boys come around in the end though, recognizing the money to be made in this niche, and officially launch their own brand of religious money making.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys talk about the reprehensible pardon of admitted felon and right wight conservative propagandist Dinesh D’Souza.  Citing multiple character concerns and D’Souza in his own words the boys argue that the only possible explanation for Trump’s pardon, aside from appeasing his base, is to retain the services of the documentary filmmaker for future publicity ventures.  Additionally the boys address the racist tweets of Rosanne Barr and the hypocritical response of those who chose to politicize what was a humanitarian, not political issue.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys expose several instances of racism and white privilege and talk about how while the present era may carry with it the continuation of deep seated prejudices, technology is no longer allowing these to live in the shadows.  The conversation includes a couple of face palms by the boys at the actions of Aaron Schlossberg and the deuce flinging white Starbucks customer lady.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys address the tragic shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, that claimed the lives of 8 students and 2 teachers, and wounded 13 others.  As the NRA continues to double down on it's anti-gun control stance, the boys ask the question: "what will it take?" for people to wake up and find even the smallest amount of empathy for fellow human beings who are literally being slaughtered.  The boys reminisce on some of the mass shootings in recent history and lambast the more ridiculous reactions to them as they fight to keep the conversation of a better humanity in the forefront of the public mind.--- Support this podcast:
The boys dedicate this episode to the #FBR Follow Back Resistance movement on social media by giving some shout outs to supporters and allowing their comments and questions to direct the show.  The boys bring a reality check to the recent Jerusalem embassy dedication and call out Robert Jeffress, a Dallas clergyman, for showmanship and a heavy promotion of the otherwise immoral Donald Trump.  The boys give their take on why the FBR movement is and what it must continue to be in order to make America great for everyone.--- Support this podcast:
In this episode the boys dedicate nearly the entire show to talking about millennial conservative commentator and show host Tomi Lahren, who has McLuvin' convinced her heart has simply withered.  The boys consider several of her rants and comments and compare those with opposing rhetoric only to find Tomi often uneducated and more importantly unaware of history, including her own.  As usual since McLuvin' spends his time watching Gilmore Girls re-runs rather than skimming FOX News or CNN, Rico has to bring him up to speed on Tomi's latest exploits and those in opposition, such as Trevor Noah and Hasan Piker.--- Support this podcast:
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