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Author: Brian Preston and Bo Hanson

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Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, fee-only financial planners and wealth managers, go beyond common sense as they help you make smart financial decisions. Their professional credentials, sophisticated topics, and approachable style have attracted thousands fans and made them a personal finance phenomena.

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Make sure you maximize your tax dollars this year! Whether just starting out or reaching a new level of financial complexity, we have important tax planning tips you can take advantage of before the year ends. For more info, visit:
Financial freedom lets you do what you want, when you want, and how you want. FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) is the dream that you can take advantage of this sooner! So, how has 2020 affected the FIRE movement? We pull out the big guns and run some example Monte Carlo simulations in real time with software we use for our financial planning clients! For more information, visit:  
Owning a new car sounds great... but is it actually keeping you poor? Buying a car can be a treacherous process, threatening to knock your financial life way off course. This episode will walk you through everything you need to know! You'll be able to walk off the lot knowing you made an informed decision and got a good deal! For more information, visit:
Everyone wants to be wealthy, but wanting it and being ready for it are two very different things. After a combined 4 decades of experience, we've seen real life examples of what can go wrong if someone truly does not have the right mindset to handle significant wealth. Let's make sure you're 100% ready for the success that's coming your way! For more information, visit:
I think it's safe to say that 2020 is a year we would all like to leave behind. If we could travel back in time, there are lots of things we would have told our 2019 selves to do differently. Take that trip, go to that movie, invest in virtual meeting software! While we don't have a Delorean, and our flux capacitor isn't operating at full capacity, there are some decisions we know you can make today that your future self will thank you for! For more information, visit:
Golidlocks and the Three Bears is a great example of a smart investment strategy. How so? Many investors get caught up in doing too much or let fear cause them to do too little while a "Goldilocks investor" discovers the balance of "just right." In this episode, we break down the numbers. What happens to your dollars over time if you time the market just right, invest at the "worst" possible times, or take a methodical "goldilocks" approach? Then we'll teach you how to apply it! For more information, visit:
Are there clues, secrets, or hacks to financial success? Of course there are! That's what The Money Guy Show was built off of. Understanding these 3 key factors can change your trajectory and usher you into financial success.  For more information, visit:
YouTuber, real estate mogul, and 30-year-old millionaire Graham Stephan check all the boxes: flashy titles, fancy cars, and an edgy slogan. When observing an influencer like Graham, how can you tell if they're legit? In this episode, two fee-only financial advisors give an honest reaction and breakdown and Graham's money philosophy. Without spoiling too much, we think Graham is a guy to watch and he spurred some great conversations about what makes wealth building work! 
The biggest obstacle to your success is right between your ears. With the amount of information at our fingertips and media outlets vying for our attention, it's so easy to be swayed by questionable financial advice. Our goal is to help you know what's coming your way! We want you to have wisdom that helps you weather the barrage of ideas, opinions, and false information. This show tells you exactly what to watch out for and what to do instead! For more information, visit:
"Is the next recession around the corner?" Every four years, we get this question without fail - and this year is no exception! No matter your candidate or preferred party, it's easy to fall into worrying about the election's impact on our economy and your personal portfolio. Let's debunk some lies, examine history, and make sure your finances can weather the political storm! For more information, visit:
What actually happens if you let your finances get out of whack? We've been managing money for close to four decades combined. We're sharing the common mistakes we've seen, how you can avoid them, and breaking down how each one affects your financial plan. For more information, visit:  
Have you heard the BIG NEWS!? We’re excited to bring you our first-ever online course!   This online learning experience will walk you through every step of the Financial Order of Operations (“FOO”), and show you how to immediately apply these principles to your own life.   What’s the FOO? We like to think of it as the official instruction manual for money.   These tried-and-true steps make it easy for anyone to start building wealth using the money they have now.   Sing up here:   The course drops on October 1, 2020!
8 out of 10 millionaires reached millionaire status by age 49 inside their 401(k)! This investment tool is too powerful to overlook, but how exactly does it work? How can you be sure your 401(k) plan is a good one? And are you sure you're maximizing its full potential? In this episode, we break it all down, equipping you with everything you need to know to become one of those 8 out of 10 millionaires. For more information, visit:
It's great to be intentional about how you spend your money, but is it always the wisest choice? You can save money by cutting a corner or being cheap, but if it is going to impact you in the long-term... those savings are empty and could actually cost you.  This show walks you through the items you should think twice before hunting for a bargain! For more information, visit:
You want to know you're making the right decisions with your money, but no one is perfect. While we recognize you'll have your moments of error, we want to make sure you get the big items right! What are the 3 most significant financial areas that will make or break your financial life? This episode unpacks some fundamental financial strategies that will either set you up for success or completely ruin your financial life. For more information, visit:
Smart financial strategies are simple... but they're not always easy! Humans do not always act in a predictable or rational manner, even when the smart behavior is easy to grasp. The problem is, many of our financial decisions stem from subtle behavioral influences, preying on our emotions and keeping us from making rational decisions. If you can recognize these mental patterns, you can hack your financial life and make your best money decisions yet! This is a fun episode! We share a lot of hilarious personal stories, all tying back to some awesome financial concepts. For more information, visit:
Dave Ramsey is the best resources for getting out of debt. He has done incredible good for the financial world and millions of people across America. But there is one element of Dave's advice that deserves a closer look. How effective is Ramsey Solutions' investment advice? Let's do a deep dive on why it might not be as prudent as you think - and how to fix it! This was a highly requested episode! We hope it's helpful and inspiring. For more information, visit:
The Money Guy Show would not be successful without our move to Nashville, TN. It has provided us with business and financial opportunities, a great quality of life, educational opportunities for our families, and access to a host of creative people who have made the show what it is today. There are a myriad of good reasons we end up living where we do, but have you ever stopped to consider how a certain U.S. state or city can completely change your financial trajectory? In this episode, we're going to lay out some actionable data points and jump-start your research. Let's spark some curiosity about the financial pros and cons of your state, at your stage of life! For more information, visit:
We've heard it for years: STOP buying that morning latte and your financial problems will be solved! Producer Rebie joins us as we break down how to tell if your coffee purchases are affecting your financial life and what is REALLY derailing your finances. For more information, visit:
Telsa is revolutionizing the auto industry, but what does that mean for your finances? Get ready for some mind-blowing math about how this luxury vehicle may be coming for tried-and-true brands like BMW and Honda. For more information, visit:
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Austin Peek

This was the first podcast I ever listened to... It was back in 2005. Y'all the original OGs of Business Podcasts.

Jan 19th

Josh Barnett

The millionaire next door formula tells you what your net worth should be or cash on hand combined with retirement savings should be?

Aug 18th
Reply (1)

martha S


May 16th

Jonathan Rooney

What online money market account do you suggest? Currently considering capitol one 360 money market.

Dec 19th
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