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We are a sex positive Podcast. It's time to come out of the shadows and embrace sex, pleasure, honesty, love, fun, and happiness! We are on a mission to end stigma and shame surrounding all types of consensual non-monogamy and to show you have options! Love is love!!
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In this episode of Monogam-ish Podcast, Justina and Kenji welcome Sante and Vera onto the show as they talk about their on-and-off relationship finally blossomed into an engagement, and Sante talks about his new Lifestyle App,  PlayLove, a truly lifestyle-friendly application to talk to other members in the lifestyle around the world.  Check out PlayLove now and also check out MenageLife
In this episode of Monogam-ish Podcast, Justina and Kenji are jointed by Daniel, a single male in the lifestyle, as he discusses his philosophy and rules for navigating the tumultuous seas of lifestyle.  Listen as he breaks down his rules to find success and peace of mind.  
On this triumphant episode of Monogam-ish Podcast.  Our hosts, Justina and Kenji welcome Dave and Ruth onto the show to talk about their journey into ethical non-monogamy, from their fateful voyage on a swingers cruise to starring in adult films.  Dave and Ruth prove that, even after two decades of marriage, you can still find ways to surprise each other. 
Kenji and Mike speak alone, without Jen and Justina and they talk about their personal experiences in the lifestyle.   Mike tells his journey as a single man as a swinger before meeting Jen. Kenji talks about his observations in the lifestyle. 
On this episode of Monogamish Podcast.  Jen and Justina speak to the super sexy, Liz on living the life of a highly desired unicorn.  Liz also talks about her upbringing from a country girl dodging tornados at her family farm, to unraveling the misconceptions people have about relationships.  This Episode was previously a Patreon Exclusive.  
In his episode of Monogam-ish.  Jen and Justina converse with Roger and Jessica about their success and failures while navigating the swinging lifestyle. From their trepidatious beginnings to keeping track of limited and discontinued stylish footwear.
In his episode of Monogam-ish.  Jen and Justina speak to Avelina and Eugene about their journey into polyamory, from their humble beginnings in California to their wild exploits in Colorado.
In this episode of Monogam-ish, Jen and Justina have an intimate discussion with Brianna about being a single lesbian in the lifestyle and her discovering her happiness by coming to terms with who she is.
Episode 15: A Curated Life

Episode 15: A Curated Life


Jen and Justina talk with Torrey Lisa, AKA, The Polyamorous Cougar, and her journey from a dutiful caretaker to a cougar with an insatiable appetite.
In this episode, Jen and Justina speak with Paul Thorns, owner and proprietor of the Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs.  They talk about starting a dungeon in a very conservative town, rules of engagement in the BDSM community, and how different Swinging and BDSM is.
In this episode of Monogam-ish, Jen and Justina talk with the founder of the Nontra Temple in Boulder, Amy about breaking free from the shame shackles of typical organized religion, and rediscovering her spirituality through her sexuality.
Monogam-ish's Producers, Trish and Gomez, join our hosts Jen and Justina to talk about being young in the lifestyle, creating art in the space, and exploring polyamory together.
On this episode of Monogam-ish, Jen and Justina speak to Jason and Julie and their journey from Widow and Widower to a liberated Stag and Vixen.
In this episode of Monogam-ish.  Chris and Audree joins Jen and Justina to talk about building their relationship, while navigating jealousy issues, and personal preferences.
In this very intimate episode of Monogam-ish, Kenji and Mike join their wives Jen and Justina for reflections on life before the lifestyle and how amazing the journey has been together.
In this Episode of Monogam-ish with Jen and Justina, Misty, Kimmy and Molly talk girls in lifestyle, getting ready for a party, personal preference, and orientations, and more.
AJ Hashman joins Monogam-ish to talk hosting parties, being a single man in the lifestyle, and bridging the gap between OG swingers and the younger generations entering the scene.
Jen brings her mother, Donna, on the show to discuss their history and Jen's journey into the lifestyle.
Peaches, Herb, and Minxy come on this episode of Monogam-ish to chat with Jen and Justina about their thruple situation and enjoying the polyamorous side of the lifestyle.
In this episode of Monogam-ish.  Jen and Justina are joined by Lenore and TJ to discuss meeting in the lifestyle and still taking things at their own pace.
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