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Monsters Among Us Podcast is a call in show about the unexplained, cryptozoology and the paranormal. Witnesses of bigfoot, sasquatch, ufo's, ghosts and many more call in to share their experiences and encounters.
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Comments (179)


Listening to Michaela's story; she should take up voice acting, if she hasn't already! Her voice is great!

Sep 16th

Mark Mcculloh

until they found the picture of the man and girl I was thinking that they were seeing into another demension somehow, because the gil seemed to react like she saw him also and was frightened.. then yelled "daddy daddy" and ran into the closest.

Sep 11th

Eve Reyes

Hello! I also have a cousin that was telling us about something that started hitting on the sides of the house, all around the house like there was a bunch of people all hitting all at the same time. and they all ran out, and sat outside till her husband came home from work!

Sep 9th

Christine Walker

Absolutely love the Podcast, from UK

Sep 8th

Mark Mcculloh

I love the one where the peyote mauled the Chihuahua.

Aug 28th

Mark Mcculloh

this episode is awesome the story about the couple encountering the invisible people is amazing. You can research optical camouflage and see that it was being mentioned and developed 15 years ago, so was this some sort of military training op..or a secret base. I would have loved to been there, but I would have been just as frightened ..if not more so. great job Dereck.

Aug 12th

T C Kirk

I love listening to the round table. Verity is the spice of life

Aug 6th

Mark Mcculloh

a guy called in during season 3 I think and said he saw a light in the sky flashing as it went across the sky.. satellite, as the satellite moves through space it is also spinning and reflecting the sun light as it goes, therefore appearing to flash. I've seen it too and had the same reaction until I thought about it..I was disappointed when it wasn't a ufo.

Jul 24th

Yanwar Cakrasenjaya

12:40 sounds like a gator. Not sure if there are gators on the lake

Jul 22nd
Reply (1)


the "kids" were demons messing with people because one played with divination.

Jul 19th

Yasmine C

This was a really fun episode. It reminded me of X-Files. Be sure to stay to the very end, because there's a bonus story after the credits.

Jun 26th

Arianna Happy

love this podcast.

Jun 12th

Jo Lord

Hi your show!! Season 9 Episode 8 is not working for there a problem I can resolve? Thanks Jo

May 15th

Tammy D. Schmidt

At 1:11 is this referring to a djinn?

May 15th

Jade Lee Fletcher

Hello I'm listening from England, loving the podcast

May 7th

Chloe Jankowski

If Castbox had ratings I'd give Monsters Among Us five stars! I love this podcast. It's unique and I love hearing first hand accounts from people. I like that the host isn't judgemental towards any caller or writer and offers logical explanations while also being open to supernatural explanations, too. I also enjoy the fact that this show plays all kinds of experiences and that it's not only focused on one topic (ie only ghosts or only big foot). I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the subject, and it's perfect to listen to while driving or working.

May 5th

mostly dead

Singularly whiny and entitled host.

Apr 30th

T C Kirk

I love the round table i found it both interesting and entertaining keep up the awesome work

Apr 20th

Ryan Wilson

where's the episodes been? Can't have THAT much to do in lockdown.

Apr 16th

Jennifer Madewell

I'm listening via Castbox, there's no 5 star thing on Castbox. You just heart an episode or not. I feel wrongly accused and guilty even though I have no 5 star option.

Apr 15th
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