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In this episode, Anthony is joined by the co-founder and CEO of Terra Quantum AG, Markus Pflitsch, to discuss his passion for quantum physics and the future of quantum computing. Markus explains the mechanics behind quantum technologies, and they explore the applications of quantum technology to strengthen cybersecurity, solve the energy crisis, and tackle global warming. Next, Anthony joins entrepreneur, streamer, and pitcher for the New York Mets, Trevor May. Together, they talk about what it takes to play in Major League Baseball and how to balance being a professional athlete and a media entrepreneur. Anthony dives into his long-standing relationship with the New York Mets organization and shares their analysis of current players and the team's direction in the upcoming postseason.Anthony then joined former United States Naval Officer, politician, and founder of the George Washington Initiative, Phil Ehr, to discuss his journey transitioning as a military veteran running for Northwest Florida’s seat in Congress in 2020. Phil walks through his experience of running for office as a Democrat in one of the reddest districts in the country, which inspired him to launch the George Washington Initiative. Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter at: Created & produced by Podcast Partners: 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Politico reporter, Kyle Cheney, to discuss the recent FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. They explore the possibilities around Trump’s motives for taking classified documents to his Florida home and what information those documents may hold. Anthony gives insight into the situation using his experiences with sensitive compartmented information facilities within the White House. Kyle also shares his predictions on the fate of Donald Trump and the Republican party. Next, Daniel Shakhani, co-founder of Salary Finance, joins Anthony to talk about the importance of financial wellness. Daniel analyzes the psychological effects of the current economic climate and cost of living crisis on employees and the dangers of financial stress. They then dive into Salary Finance’s initiative to promote financial wellness in the workplace and facilitate healthier employee-employer relationships. Anthony then joins Sudarshan “Suds” Sridharan, founder and CEO of Fion Technologies— an intelligence company that builds software that stops the spread of wildfires. Together, they talk through the recent increase of wildfires on the west coast and the philosophical reasons that not enough is being done to solve the growing problem. Suds then highlights how Fion Tech is equipped to assist firefighters in combatting wildfires, “situational awareness,” and touches on the company's future.
In this episode, Anthony talks with Isaac Saul, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tangle News, and Anna Popova, Vice President for Delivery at Globant and leader of Globant’s Be Kind Tech Fund.Beginning with Isaac, Anthony discusses the current level of polarization within political parties and mainstream media sources. Isaac dives into his own preference of being “politically incongruent” and the importance of nonpartisanship in the media to battle the country’s growing political division. Anthony then discusses Anna’s role as co-lead of Globant’s new Be Kind Tech Fund, diving into examples of the misuse of technology, the spread of misinformation, and online “fake news,” as well as chewing over the philosophical debate that arises from the overuse of technology and the effect it can have on our mental and physical health.
In this episode, Anthony talks with the President and CFO of Northern Data, Christopher Yoshida, about his transition from traditional investment banking to the world of cryptocurrency and fintech. They discuss bitcoin skepticism, sustainable cryptocurrency mining, and the future of Northern Data.Next, Anthony is joined by entrepreneur and bestselling author, Trevor G. Blake, to talk about his books – “Secrets to a Successful Startup” and “Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life”. Trevor reveals the tips and tricks for turning startup ideas into reality and the power of discipline to succeed.Lastly, Jim Demetriades, CEO and Founder at Kairos Ventures, joins Anthony to explore philosophy and the importance of scientific innovation. Jim goes on to explain the vision behind his company, and how it has aided in scientific breakthroughs within the company’s sectors and startup investments.
In this episode, Anthony talks with the President and CEO of Fortune Media, Alan Murray, about his newest book ‘Tomorrow’s Capitalist: My Search for the Soul of Business.’ Alan shares his experiences from his time as a journalist interviewing business leaders and CEOs, describing what he calls a “major shift in corporate ideology”. Next, Anthony is joined by former Police Commissioner of New York City, Bill Bratton. Together they discuss Bill’s book ‘The Profession: A Memoir of Community, Race, and the Arc of Policing in America.’ Commissioner Bratton shares his thoughts on the influence of the ‘broken windows theory,’ highlighting his time in law enforcement more generally.Lastly, Bonnie Garmus joins Anthony to explore her bestselling book ‘Lessons in Chemistry.’ They discuss its key themes, characters and plot, highlighting the significance of the book being set in the ‘50s and ‘60s. They lastly touch on the book being turned into an Apple TV series produced by actress Brie Larson.
In this episode, Anthony talks with Scott Armstrong, former Editor-in-Chief of Arabian Business Magazine and mental health advocate launching the start-up consultancy, Mentl. They begin by discussing the human history of experiencing homelessness and the detrimental effects of this feeling on society. Scott then dives into his mission of mental health advocacy of fighting toxic work environments and promoting corporate leadership that supports mental wellbeing, as well as the wide range of benefits that come with it.Next, Oliver Bullough joins Anthony to discuss his latest book, ‘Butler to the World: How Britain Became the Servant of Tycoons, Tax Dodgers, Kleptocrats, and Criminals,’ which provides an insight into money laundering in the United Kingdom. Oliver takes Anthony through the history of kleptocracy from the British Empire to today, and explores the corruption of shell corporations in the United States.Finally, Luciana Berger, a former Labour Party Member of Parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom, joins Anthony only moments after Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister. Luciana shares her experiences in British politics before diving into the factors influencing Boris’ resignation. They discuss the government’s shortcomings, including scandals, parliamentary investigations, and rule-breaking, leading to over 50 MP’s quitting and forcing the Prime Minister to resign.Follow our guest on Twitter: @Scottiehack@OliverBullough@LucianaBerger Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter at: Created & produced by Podcast Partners: 
In this episode, Anthony talks with David Markley, Senior Director of Business Solutions at Algorand, and Anna Popova, Vice President for Delivery at Globant and leader of Globant’s Be Kind Tech Fund.First conversing with David, Anthony seeks to explore Algorand’s world’s first Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) blockchain that provides security, decentralization, and scalability in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Together, David and Anthony discuss whether other blockchain networks follow the lead of Algorand’s sustainable technology and carbon neutrality, and the recent news that FIFA named Algorand as an official blockchain partner before the World Cup competition taking place this November in Qatar.Anthony then discusses Anna Popova’s role as co-lead of Globant’s new Be Kind Tech Fund, diving into examples of the misuse of technology, the spread of misinformation, and online “fake news”, as well as chewing over the philosophical debate that arises from the overuse of technology and the effect it can have on our mental, and physical health. Follow our guest on Twitter: @DavidBMarkley Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast Partners: 
In this episode, Anthony talks with Ash Carter, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, who was nominated by President Obama for the role in December 2014, and author of the book ‘Inside the Five-Sided Box’. The conversation begins with Ash reflecting on when he started working in the Pentagon in 1993, more specifically his work on international relations with Russia, identifying the first warning signs of Putin’s aggression.Ash gives his take on whether the West was “too slow to understand the danger posed by Putin”; touching on whether the invasion of Ukraine was something that could have been avoided and whether recent NATO applications by Sweden and Finland will spark a response from Putin. Finally, Ash talks about his book, which gives the reader a bird’s-eye view of what is behind the walls of the Pentagon and how it’s run. They debate the importance of demystifying government agencies and whether transparency of its inner workings is vital to maintaining trust between people and their political institutions.
In this episode, Anthony talks with Rick Wilson, longtime Republican political strategist, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, and bestselling author. Rick gives his take on the January 6th select committee hearing and why, for him, this “changed the game.” They discuss the impact these hearings will have on Trump and his future within politics and on the American people by “telling the truth about what happened.” Finally, he shares how he would advise a candidate to break the cycle of betraying the working and middle class in the country.Anthony also chatted with Gabriel Nicholas, research fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology. Gabe delves into ‘shadowbanning’ - hiding bad behavior online without informing the person why. Gabe shares the importance of transparency within the rules that govern our online environments. He reflects on what started him out in this field, driven by a passion for the social ramifications of the internet. Follow our guests on Twitter:  Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Professor Niall Ferguson, renowned historian, author of sixteen books, and the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Together, they start by discussing Niall’s decision to become a historian, despite hailing from a family of physicists, and describing himself as a “wannabe Monty Python”. Niall shares his Cold War analogy for our current era. Starting during the Trump administration, and how the events that have happened in the US and China since then have magnified this realization with Ukraine as “the first hot war” of “Cold War II”.They then delve into Niall’s books, starting with the most recent, ‘Doom’, which covers how humans respond to catastrophes and how resilient we are to them. It explores how fascinated we are with disaster, why we struggle so much with it, and how we exaggerate the possibility the world will end.Finally, they discuss ‘The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World’, and how this now relates to advances in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Niall expresses why, to him, it’s not plausible to have a future based on traditional systems, transactions and technologies. They then touch on the global inflation we’re currently experiencing, and Niall gives his predictions about how this will continue to impact the economy.Follow our guest on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony talks with Ric Edelman, bestselling author and personal finance expert. Ric delves into his new book The Truth About Crypto which provides a straightforward, practical guide to all things crypto. They then move on to discuss why blockchain and digital assets are the “most profound innovation in global commerce since the internet”, note some of the “disappointing” statements that have been made by the likes of Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, and give their advice for dealing with the current bear market. Next, Liz Mathew, executive director at ConsenSys, joins Anthony to give us the latest developments from the leading Ethereum software company including details of their recent $450 million funding round with backers including Microsoft and SoftBank. Liz then takes Anthony through the ConsenSys product suite including their leading MetaMask wallet.Finally, Anthony is joined by Ferren Rajput, CEO and president of ONEflight International, to explain the company’s journey to date revolutionizing private jet travel, to provide a club-like experience that eliminates the empty leg problem. Ferren then provides a behind-the-scenes look at the aviation industry, and shares his predictions for the future. 
According to leading scientists, 30,000 species per year on average are being driven to extinction. That’s six per hour and 150 per day. Are we close to bringing them back?In this special episode, Anthony is joined by Ben Lamm, serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder and chief executive of Colossal Biosciences to discuss founding the world’s first-ever de-extinction company. Ben delves into working with his partner Harvard geneticist George Church, and their aim to combine the science of genetics with the business of discovery to bring back the woolly mammoth, and help the climate crisis in the process. They question the impact this will have on both the planet and economy as human beings are given the ability to “create a part of the past,” and reveal whether the dodo may even make a return.  Finally, they reflect on Ben’s career, and how he went from a Nintendo-playing teen to a successful serial entrepreneur. Starting five different companies, from a consumer gaming startup acquired by Zynga to a mobile software development firm acquired by Accenture. Follow our guest on Twitter: Follow us:  Subscribe on YouTube: // Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this special extended episode, Anthony joins Bill Browder, founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign and the best-selling author of Red Notice and Freezing Order. Together they discuss Bill’s career path, from being the largest foreign investor in Russia to a declared “threat to national security” for exposing corruption in Russian state-owned companies. They delve into the story behind his associate, tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who was imprisoned and eventually killed in detention in 2009 after attempting to expose a plot to extort $230 million worth of Russian tax money. Bill discusses the story of Magnitsky’s arrest, imprisonment, torture and death, and how he has made it his “exclusive mission” to get justice for Sergei and his family. His latest book, Freezing Order: A True Story of Russian Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath, follows the money all the way to the top of Russia's murderous kleptocracy. Bill provides a personal account of the threats he has faced over the last 15 years and gives an insight into Putin’s Russia, explaining why ​​even the most powerful regimes have weak points. Follow our guest on Twitter: Follow us:  Subscribe on YouTube: // Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony joins Natalie Salemink, founder and chief executive of Prismatic - the place to create, govern and manage DAOs on Algorand. Together they discuss how she first got into the crypto and Ethereum community which led to her discovering DAOs. Natalie then shares why Algorand is a suitable destination for DAOs being built - and why they position themselves as a “blockchain for good.” Next, Scott Smith, entrepreneur, author, and managing member of the C Squared Fund, talks with Anthony about his book ‘The Emerging Kingdom: An Economic Guidebook to Building a Nation That is a Better Place to Live,’ which delves into the relationship between money, the economy, and our personal wellbeing. Scott shares his ideas behind replacing income taxes with a payments tax, cutting the tax rate to 0.2%, and how he aims to get this idea out there to bring people together.Finally, Hernán Luis y Prado, CEO and founder of Workshops for Warriors, joins Anthony to discuss his background in the military - and when his light-bulb moment came to start the non-profit that trains veterans to place them into advanced manufacturing careers - recently graduating their 1,000th student! Hernán then reveals what needs to be done as a society to support veterans and welcome them back into the community.Follow our guests on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Bob Spitz, bestselling author and journalist. Together they discuss his recent book ‘Led Zeppelin: The Biography’, which reflects on the band’s artistic journey and delves into the good, the bad and the ugly of being the most popular rock band of their generation. Bob then shares the process behind writing his books, with a key goal to separate myth from fact, whilst bringing his expertise in the music business to each project. Next, Sara Just, senior executive producer of PBS NewsHour Productions and a senior vice president at WETA, talks with Anthony about having editorial independence at PBS and how this allows them to cover the stories that matter. Sara shares her predictions for what will shape the 2024 presidential agenda from a news media perspective – touching on issues with misinformation and maintaining credibility and trust.Finally, Todd M. Goldberg is co-founder and co-CEO of Crush Capital and Going Public–the only show where viewers can invest in companies as they watch. He joins Anthony to discuss how they are working to democratize private capital markets and make investing more accessible. Todd then reveals the behind-the-scenes plans for season two and how the show has helped empower the featured companies.Follow our guests on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Christian Angermayer, entrepreneur and founder of the Apeiron Investment Group, for our Crypto Bahamas special edition! They start by discussing Christian’s eureka moment in crypto, as he recalls his first bitcoin investment following a trip on psychedelic mushrooms. Christian then shares what initially piqued his interest in the psychedelic movement, with an ongoing focus on trying to make other people happy. He delves into how manifestation and seeing everything as an opportunity help him stay in a positive mindset.Finally, they discuss Christian’s work at Rejuveron, a company which aims to cure aging, giving humans the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives, with the underlying message to enjoy every moment and be optimistic!Follow our guest on Twitter: Follow us:  Subscribe on YouTube: // Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Nina Jankowicz bestselling author and internationally-recognized expert on disinformation and democratization. Together they discuss Nina’s brand-new book, How to Be a Woman Online: Surviving Abuse and Harassment, and How to Fight Back, which provides concise steps women can take to protect themselves in online spaces. Nina then moves on to share her assessment of the current situation in Russia, and their use of social media.  Next, Christopher Blattman, economist and professor of Global Conflict Studies at the University of Chicago talks with Anthony about his book Why We Fight: The Roots of War and the Paths to Peace, which lays out a framework to explain the root causes and remedies for war, showing that violence is not the norm and how the escalation can be interrupted. Christopher applies these factors to the recent war in Ukraine, the polarization in the United States, the Medellín cartel and more. Finally, Alexander Lipton, author and a global head of Quantitative Research & Development at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, joins Anthony to discuss what initially sparked his interest in Blockchain. They unpack Alexander’s new textbook with co-author Adrien Treccani, Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers: Mathematics, Technology and Economics, discussing all things distributed ledger technology (DLT), and its potential impact on society at large.Follow our guests on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by venture capital pioneer, Alan Patricof, to discuss his new book No Red Lights: Reflections on Life, 50 Years in Venture Capital, and Never Driving Alone. The book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the past fifty years of the industry, detailing Alan’s legendary life and career, from growing up on the Upper West Side in Manhattan to buying stock in Apple when its market valuation was only $60 million, and founding New York Magazine.Next, Philip Palumbo, founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Palumbo Wealth Management talks with Anthony about making the leap from being a financial advisor to starting his own company, and why people have to take the jump and “believe in themselves.” They then move on to discuss the impact of the war in Ukraine, Russian sanctions and high inflation on the markets, and why there’s a time and place to look sharp! Finally, Anthony speaks with Robin Wigglesworth, editor of FT Alphaville, about his new book Trillions: How a Band of Wall Street Renegades Invented the Index Fund and Changed Finance Forever. Robin discusses the past, present and future of index funds and the impact passive investing has had on markets around the world. He then offers his view on cryptocurrencies and predicts some of the long-term financial effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.Follow our guests on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Congressman Ro Khanna, representative for California's 17th District, the heart of Silicon Valley and home to some of the world's largest technology giants. Together, they discuss what significant tech legislation would look like; explain why the Internet Bill of Rights is so crucial; and explore how we can begin to lessen some of the bitterness within the country. They then delve into Ro’s latest book, Dignity in a Digital Age: Making Tech Work for All of Us, in which he makes a case for distributing tech jobs — and thus tech wealth across America. Next, Julia Davis, Russian media analyst and columnist for The Daily Beast, talks with Anthony about how pro-Russia propaganda has intensified since the start of the war in Ukraine; Julia shares her assessment of what’s happening on the ground in Russia; and whether cracks are forming. They then discuss the impact of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent video message and question how much Trump has helped Putin, as Russian propaganda has “served up a beneficial deck of cards for Trump.”  Finally, Anthony speaks with Andrew Roberts, British historian, award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster, about his recent book The Last King of America: The Misunderstood Reign of George III. The book paints a nuanced and detailed portrait of the man who created the conditions for America’s independence and explains why he has been unfairly represented. The conversation then switches to Andrew’s previous book, Leadership in War, and what lessons we can learn from those who made history.  Follow our guests on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube: // Follow us:  Sign up for our newsletter Created & produced by Podcast 
In this episode, Anthony is joined by Asha Rangappa, former FBI Special Agent and legal & national security analyst for CNN. Together, they discuss the Ukraine war and the impact this tragedy could have on our own security; question whether Russia could become a vassal state of China; and predict when Putin’s inner circle may turn on him. Asha then switches to discuss Judge Jackson’s confirmation and whether politics could ever go back to civility. Next, Paul Perrone, founder, and chief executive of Perrone Robotics, recalls creating the world’s first general-purpose robotics operating system for autonomous vehicles in 2006. Paul takes us through the technology behind autonomous vehicles; addresses some of the distrust people may have with autonomous vehicles, including whether they could ever be hacked; and predicts when we may see mass adoption of vehicular automation. Finally, Anthony speaks with Dr. Brian Klassen, clinical director of The Road Home Program, an organization with the mission of helping veterans, service members, and their families address the invisible wounds of war and military service. They are also joined by Jeanne Polydoris, a member of the program’s Leadership Committee, to discuss how they go about helping veterans with all barriers removed, and what more can we all be doing to raise awareness and provide support.
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