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I absolutely love reading. There is so much to learn when you pick up a book. My guest today, Christine Mapondera is an author and publisher who is bringing the stories of Africa and African diaspora to life through her children's books. Recognizing a need for children (and adults) to learn about Africa, Christine took things into her own hands and started creating stories and inviting us all into Makanaka's world. What started as publishing children's books has now grown into a publishing company, Global Kidz House, and now a magazine.  In this episode, Christine shares with us: how her life experience and immigrant perspective inspired her to write children's books how she is elevating and celebrating the diversity of Africa and the African diaspora through children’s books how mindset plays a role in everything that we do About Christine Christine Mapondera-Talley is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. She is the of Global Kidz House where she publishes children's books and soon a magazine all centered around around elevating and celebrating Africa and the African diaspora. She is also co-founder of KidLit Nation, a non-profit organization providing education and opportunities for children’s writers and illustrators of color including webinars, mentorships, scholarship opportunities, and more. Connect with Christine Coupon code- MTAM15- 15% off purchase through December 31. 2021 Mentioned in this Episode Get Relief Factor- Three Week QuickStart for only $19.95 today  Dubsado- the Customer Relations Management (CRM) System you need in your business right now. Use my code "lawann" to get 20% off your first year or month. Sign up for Dubsado for free today! Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3. 
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I couldn't let the month end without talking about motherhood and mental health. Today, I am taking it back to season 2 where my guest Dominique Battle and I discussed the impact of trauma on the mental health of mothers.  Trauma and mental health are issues that impact everyone, including mothers. Unfortunately, we don't tend to our mental health as we do our physical health when in reality it is just as important. My guest today is Dominique Battle a Mental Health Therapist and Life Transformation Strategist. She is helping individuals and couples work through their trauma so they can live their best lives. What we learn in this episode: The defining moment that led Dominique to this career path The impact of trauma on your mental state The benefits of therapy How to cope with the hard times in life You can connect with Dominique on her website: Connect with LaWann:   Do you want to support our show? Please make a donation or shop our merch. All donations are greatly appreciated and we love our listeners' support. Make a donation today to receive a shout-out on one of our episodes. Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3. 
“I’ll be the “bad guy” and I’m okay with that.” I found myself repeating this multiple times in this past week-and-a-half. Sometimes motherhood requires us to make tough decisions. Choices that our family and kids may not always like. We have to learn to trust ourselves, our instincts and be okay with the tough choices we make on behalf of our kids. In today's storytime, I discuss how an ordinary basketball program turned into a teaching and learning moment for my family. This incident brought to life the majority of the May episodes I've aired so far. I found myself recalling the information, tips, and takeaways from my guests and applying them in the situation I was facing. Let me tell you, the information in episodes 89-93 came in clutch for me this past week. This episode is a little different than my normally scheduled content. However, I had to share the lessons learned, the wisdom gained, and overall the mportance of trusting myself as a mother no matter what.  Listen to hear how a basketball program set the stage for some great teaching, learning, and life-defining moments in my household.  Referenced in this episode: From Unconscious to Conscious Parenting: Why You Must Put Your Oxygen Mask On First w/ Katherine Winter- Sellery | Ep. 93 Why Forgiveness is a Powerful Path to Healing and Self-Awareness | Ep. 92 Dear Single Mommy: Heal. Forgive. You Are Meant For More w/ Audrey Renee | Ep. 91 Blinded by the “D”: How to Break Patterns and Behaviors that No Longer Serve You w/ Dahnni McLean | Ep. 90 Parenting: What You Put In is What You Get Out w/ Sherita Thompson | Ep. 89  Get your copy of my best-selling book. Rising Above Statistics: How To Overcome Obstacles & Achieve Success Against All Odds  Get your systems in order with Dubsado (for CRM). Get 20% off your first month or year when you use code: lawann Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3.  CashApp- $LaWannMoses    
Joining me today is Katherine Winter-Sellery CEO and Founder of Conscious Parenting Revolution. Katherine brought her years of experience helping parents to her interview today. Combining our expertise, I love how we have an in-depth conversation on the issues that lie below the surface of parenting, human behaviors, and dynamics. In this episode, Katherine shares: the role self-care and compassion play in parenting the relationship between behavior and the tragic expressions of unmet needs in children and adults  how obedience and compliance as children impacts our ability to say "no" as adults the prescription that will help you shift the dynamics within your home and relationships Mentioned in this episode: Get your free e-book on 7 Strategies to Keep Your Relationship with Your Kids From Hitting the Boiling Point  Surviving & Transcending Unconscious Parenting TEDx Talk The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller BRUUSH electric toothbrush About Katherine Katherine Sellery, CEO and Founder of Conscious Parenting Revolution, helps individuals minimize misunderstandings and melt-downs in order to communicate with more collaboration, cooperation, and consideration. The creator of the Guidance Approach to Parenting, a program that applies conflict resolution skills to communicating more effectively with children, Katherine has positively influenced relationships for generations and brought about healing and reconciliation in families that were suffering from disconnection. For over 20 years, she has taught and coached thousands of parents, educators, social workers, and medical professionals in half a dozen countries through her popular workshops, coaching programs, TEDx talks, and her upcoming book. Katherine is also a trained mediator, attended Law School, has certifications in different trauma models, teaches a breathing meditation modality with the Art of Living Foundation, and ran her own commodities-trading business in Hong Kong for 30 years.  Katherine is a 3x TEDx Speaker and has released a FREE e-book “7 Strategies to Keep Your Relationship With Your Kids from Hitting the Boiling Point.” For her expertise she has been featured on Atlanta & Co,  Fox31 Denver, 4CBS Denver, CBS8 San Diego and has been a guest on over 20 podcasts. Connect with Katherine Instagram: Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3.   
What happens when you are brave enough to look yourself in the mirror and stop running from your past? I'll tell you. You find tremendous freedom, peace, and healing.  In today's episode, we are talking all about the power and freedom in forgiveness. Today I share: the steps you should take in order to start the process of forgiveness and healing how you have to deal with "you" before you can deal with anyone else strategies to help you start forgiving yourself and those around you.  Mentioned in this Episode: Blinded by the “D”: How to Break Patterns and Behaviors that No Longer Serve You w/ Dahnni McLean | Ep. 90 Dear Single Mommy: Heal. Forgive. You Are Meant For More w/ Audrey Renee | Ep. 91 Book LaWann to speak, host or facilitate your next in-person or virtual event Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3.  More Than a Mother podcast is honored to be featured in the Top 60 Black Mom podcasts to Follow on Feedspot. Check out the listing here:  
Joining me today is Audrey Renee of Dear Single Mommy. Audrey Renee is a writer, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and life coach. Audrey used to be homeless and live in a transitional home where God called her to start ministering to the hearts of mothers. It was there she found forgiveness and healing through blogging and letter writing. God then placed a few things upon her heart and Audrey turned her pain into purpose and started a community for single moms to come together and encourage each other. Soon after getting on her feet, God brought Audrey to a place where she was able to save $10,000 and leave her job during the pandemic. Audrey is committed to being an example to moms everywhere and redefining what it means to be a single mom.  What I love about Audrey is how open she is. During our conversation, she poured from her heart. Not only did she share her experience and all she has going on but she truly left inspiring words that minister to all moms/women listening. In this episode, Audrey shares: The encounter that changed her life for the good The evolution of Dear Single Mommy How healing and forgiveness are vital to elevate to your next level How you can't allow people and systems to keep you stuck What to do when God is calling you to "more" Mentioned in this episode: PODGO- Sign up for PODGO now. Be sure to type "More Than A Mother" in the "How Did You Hear About PODGO?" section of the application Get your copy of LaWann's book: Rising Above Statistics: How to Overcome Obstacles & Achieve Success Against All Odds Connect with Audrey Renee: Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3.  More Than a Mother podcast is honored to be featured in the Top 60 Black Mom podcasts to Follow on Feedspot. Check out the listing here:  
Today in the guest chair is Dahnni McLean, author of "Blinded By the D". Fun Fact: Dahnni and I have been friends for years. We have supported each other through our business and life journeys. In fact, Dahnni is the first (and maybe the only person to call me WannMo) which inspired by business entity name and various ventures that fall under that umbrella. Fast forward to the present, Dahnni is not only a friend, but also a client who I had the honor of coaching through my Power of One Coaching program. In the 30 days, we spent together, I watched Dahnni grow, build her confidence and get her book finished and published. I think I enjoyed the journey as much as she did and now she is here to talk to all of us about being blinded by the D. In today's episode, Dahnni keeps it real as only she can. She shares: her "awakening" moment and the heart-wrenching choices she was faced with how important it is to lead by and be an example to your children the power of certain "D's" in our lives why a "cookie cleanse" is an important part of the healing process the connection between fear, decisions, and commitments Mentioned in this episode: Blinded By the D Book LaWann to speak or host your next in-person or live event Mom Guilt Survival Tips e-Guide About Dahnni:  Dahnni McLean is an eccentric lover of God!  A mama of two beautiful brilliant creative children Harlan& Heaven. Dahnni is the author of Blinded by the “D”,  an educator, and unorthodox preacher of Gods word that speaks through the life she lives. A life that is completely imperfect with  all kinds of mess ups,mistakes,bad decisions, gracious triumphs ,loads of rebuilding, and RESETTING!  She is also the Scout Leader of “The Cookie Cleanse” who consistently challenges herself to NEVER QUIT and continue to press towards the mark of a higher calling in God.  Connect with Dahnni: Instagram: Dahnnii McLean Facebook: Dahnnii McLean Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3.  More Than a Mother podcast is honored to be featured in the Top 60 Black Mom podcasts to Follow on Feedspot. Check out the listing here:    
In this IG live replay, Sherita and I sat down to talk about the importance of the “what” that we pour into our children. How “do as I say, not as I do” is not always the best way to live. We dove deep into: the importance of what we pour into our children spiritually, educationally, and as related to life skills how it is okay to apologize to your children. how our children mirror the things we do how we must lead by example Connect with Sherita: Get a copy of her book "They Changed Me: The Transforming Power of Unconditional Love" at Amazon   SkinStore is offering my listeners 20% of your next purchase by using the code POD that's code P-O-D for 20% off your next purchase at Exclusions apply.   Celebrate Mother's Day early at the "Mother's Day Eve: Live Pump & Dump Show" featuring Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee of Band of Mothers. Livestream by Stellar Tickets on Apple TV, ROKU, Fire TV & more, Saturday May 8th at 9pm EDT. Get your tickets now: Connect with LaWann: Buy Me a Coffee: Show your support and help me keep the show going for as little as $3.    More Than a Mother podcast is honored to be featured in the Top 60 Black Mom podcasts to Follow on Feedspot. Check out the listing here:
Today joining me in the guest chair are Shayna and Tracey of the Band of Mothers podcast and the Pump and Dump Live show. Shayna and Tracey have been friends since 8th grade. They created the Band of Mother's brand to help uplift other women and remind moms they are awesome. Shayna and Tracey's mission is to spread humor and generosity from mom to mom because we're all just doing the best we can.  What I love about Shayna & Tracey is how they got their startup after an experience in a Chili's restaurant. I also love how they incorporate humor into every day topics that all moms encounter and may struggle with. They found a creative way to provide an outlet, not only for themselves but for other moms as well, to get together and laugh about mom struggles and successes. Today they share: The particular experience that inspired the start of the Pump and Dump Live show The importance of facing yourself in the mirror and dealing with your issues How body positivity and a positive mindset can inspire our children The current shift on social media and in life towards more transparent living Connect with Shayna & Tracey   Enjoy 25% off your first purchase at the BOM Market when you use code "MTAM25"-   Celebrate Mother's Day early at the "Mother's Day Eve: Live Pump & Dump Show" featuring Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee of Band of Mothers. Livestream by Stellar Tickets on Apple TV, ROKU, Fire TV & more, Saturday May 8th at 9pm EDT. Get your tickets now:   More Than a Mother podcast is honored to be featured in the Top 60 Black Mom podcasts to Follow on Feedspot. Check out the listing here:
Moms are getting real and setting their own rules. Gone are the days of sacrificing everything for the sake of your family. These days moms are showing the world we can have our own definition of all. Moms are peeling back the layers and flipping the script on this thing called motherhood. We are transparent in our journey and uplifting and empowering others moms along the way.  Take a listen to this episode to find out why the shift is so important and how beneficial the role of womanhood and motherhood are in life today.  Stay connected:   Celebrate Mother's Day early at the "Mother's Day Eve: Live Pump & Dump Show" featuring Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee of Band of Mothers. Livestream by Stellar Tickets on Apple TV, ROKU, Fire TV & more. Get your tickets now: Get your Baxter Blue Glasses: Support the show and Buy Me a Coffee.  
If I can be honest, I am tired. As a Black mother in America, I am exhausted. This episode takes a deep dive into my thoughts as a Black woman and mother in this country.  From the killing of Black people at the hands of law enforcement to the Black maternal health crisis to new Voter Suppression laws, it's hard to be Black right now. The unbearable grief and trauma of Black mothers are at an all-time high, leaving many asking the question, "Why?" In this episode, I share my honest and transparent thoughts and views on the experience of Black mothers and how necessary reform is on all levels.    Referenced in this episode: Episode 31: Why Black People Need White Allies to Show Up & Speak Up Episode 32: Unlocking the Power of Diversity Through Strong and Effective Allyship Support the Show and buy me a coffee! Become a part of my community of supporters (for as little as $3) and help me continue to bring you dynamic content week after week! Your support helps me to continue creating great content and reach more and more moms just like you. Consider donating to the cause today! It is greatly appreciated!
Season 5 is back with more impactful solo episodes and amazing guests. This season we are going all the way up. The diversity among the guests this season is phenomenal. From moms with young kids to those with older kids, even empty nesters. I can't wait for you to hear all the advice these moms have to offer as they share their stories with you and offer tips to help you on your journey to achieving your dreams and goals.    Season 5 is here! Let's do this!
ICYMI: It's a Wrap

ICYMI: It's a Wrap


The first quarter of 2021 is behind us and it has been a busy time. Hear important updates on the More Than a Mother podcast and what to expect in the future.    Connect with me: Instagram Facebook Buy Me a Coffee
In this episode rewind, I am joined by Aria Leighty, Founder & CEO of MOB (Mom Owned Businesses) Nation.  Aria shares her struggles with imposter syndrome and how she started MOB when she didn't even feel prepared to be a leader. She also shares her thoughts on motherhood, the martyr complex, and the power of vulnerability and transparency in business and life. Aria shares: How to stop imposter syndrome in its tracks How to own your power and lead by example Why being a mom martyr is not a badge of honor All about the MOB Nation community Aria is the Founder and CEO of The MOB Nation, a thought leader, trailblazer, and business mentor. For almost a decade, Aria has combined her diverse experience, creative ideas, a wide range of connections, and unique perspective to help women on the edge of change up-level in their businesses and lives. Aria helps you get out of your own way, sparkle up your mindset, step into your power, and live your dream life. Working with Aria as a business mentor blends consulting, coaching, and cheerleading not found anywhere else. Connect with Aria: (Original air date: 9.16.20) Stay Connected: Join my community and get my top 5 tips to help you better manage your time, delivered to your inbox today! Learn to master your time now! Connect with my online: Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Support the show and buy me a coffee:
In today's episode rewind, Toni-Ann from Real Happy Mom Blog & Podcast, is dishing out practical tips and advice to help you live your best life as not only a mother but a woman also. If you are stuck and want to get back to the person you were before you became a mom or before life got in the way then check out what Toni-Ann has to say about remembering who you are, loving the life you live, and getting things in order so you can be free from overwhelm & guilt. In this episode, Toni-Ann shares: How you can make room in your life for your dreams and goals The importance of routines and schedules in reducing overwhelm Why it is important to automate, delegate and eliminate things in your life The important role priorities, boundaries, and preparation play in your daily life Toni-Ann is a full-time dentist, a reservist in the Navy, and a blogger and podcaster at Real Happy Mom. She is a wife and a boy mom that understands the struggle of juggling work and home. When she is not working, she enjoys watching WWE and watching stand-up comedy. Connect with Toni-Ann Instagram: Facebook: Website: Twitter:   Support the show and buy me a coffee:    
Have you ever taken the time to sit in the quiet and reflect on all that is happening around you? Sometimes you just have to take a break and sit with your thoughts.  Sitting in stillness and finding peace in the midst of chaos is a must. When the world is moving fast around you and all hell is breaking loose, it is up to you to do what you can to preserve your peace and protect your energy.  In this episode, I am sharing what I am doing to maintain peace in such a crazy time and ways you too can achieve some peace. From imposter syndrome to the comparison trap to busy, hustle culture, so many things can have you messed up and trying to live up to someone else's standards.  Listen now to find out why it is okay to be at peace and be still. 
The working mom and business owner life is hard! Managing your family, work and your dreams is not for the faint at heart. It can be exhausting, discouraging, and sometimes lonely. However, the reward is often worth the sacrifice. When you get into a rhythm and find a way to feel fulfilled and content not only as a mother but a woman also; that is a phenomenal feeling. However, you can't build your dream off of someone else's blueprint. You have to find what works for you in life and go for it. In this episode rewind, I sat down with Ingrid Read, Founder/CEO of Working MomKind to discuss life as a working mom as well as the reasons she started the Working MomKind community, not only for herself but moms just like her. Ingrid and I discussed the importance of documenting the motherhood experience, how empowering moms needs to be an everyday activity as well as what it takes to thrive as a working mom. Ingrid shares: The ever-evolving role of mothers The importance of finding a community to support you as a mother How to navigate the many roles in your life The importance of finding your own lane and doing what works for you Connect with Ingrid: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Connect with LaWann Facebook: Instagram: Website: Sign up for my weekly communications and get my top 5 productivity tips to help you master your time and reduce overwhelm during this season Are you struggling with balancing what is on your plate? Are you overwhelmed by all life has thrown at you? Did you know that I offer consulting services to help you gain clarity and get hold on your life? Book your clarity session with me now!    
There is this belief that in order to be productive, you have to constantly be in the act of doing something. That is completely false. Rest is productive and sometimes the most productive thing taking the time to rest is the most productive thing you can do in a day. In this episode, I share: How to handle the expectation of "normal" in an abnormal time The power in the pause How resting contributes to your productivity Why productivity does not always mean doing Moms, we are living in a unique time. Stop expecting normalcy and start living in the moment and doing what you need to make it through this time.    Connect with me: Instagram Facebook Website   Buy Me a Coffee- Help support the show and keep the greatness coming for as little as $3.
In this episode rewind, I sat down with Purpose Empowerment Coach, Philicia Wallace to discuss her own struggles with self-doubt and fear. Philicia shares how during her own walk, God dropped the vision for Slaying Self Doubt into her spirit way before she was ready. Being obedient to God's voice, Philicia pivoted and made the necessary adjustments to bring the vision God gave her to life.  In this episode, Philicia shares: how to recognize fear and slay doubt how self-awareness is key how God's plans can come in and shake things up how to know when to let go of relationships that don't serve you anymore Philicia Wallace is a Purpose Empowerment Coach, Mentor, and Founder of Slaying Self Doubt. Through her professional endeavors, she seeks to help women identify and conquer troubling doubts and insecurities. Her relatable coaching and mentoring style has created a space of security and comfort for her audiences, allowing women to freely be themselves to begin a beautiful transition. Her words and wisdom will empower and produce self-love, help others embrace who they're becoming, and encourage them to step into their purpose. Connect with Philicia: Website Instagram Slaying Self Doubt podcast Get Philicia's FREE How to to Slay Self Doubt Guide- 5 Ways to Slay Guide   Ready to identify your fears, limiting beliefs and slay your doubt. Check out Philicia's Identifying Your Fears™ Group Coaching program   Are you ready to get started on your dreams and goals? I have opened up my laser-focused, Power of One 30-day Coaching program for a limited time only. Previous clients have published books, started podcasts, and gained clarity on their dreams and goals. DM me on social media (@lawannmosees) or email me to get started today.
Self-care is an empowering experience, but what exactly does empowering yourself through self-care means? In today's episode, I get real and transparent about what it means to empower yourself through self-care.  When many of people think of self-care, they think of bubble baths and facials, but in this episode, I go deeper and dive into the internal process of self-care and what it truly means to take care of yourself. I share: why empowerment starts with you the difference between the external and internal self-care process the steps you must do to empower yourself through self-care why you say the "F" word to some things in order to move forward Listen to this episode now to hear why it is important to empower and encourage yourself in order to keep moving forward and make progress in life.   ** Please excuse the background noise. This is one of the episodes I recorded while on the go. I do this often when I have a message pop into my head and I have to get it out right then in there. You can't always wait for the perfect set-up because sometimes you will miss the message you are meant to give. **
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