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If you are wondering if college is an option for your child on the spectrum, this interview is for you. Alex Morris-Wood is the Associate Vice President of Transitions & The Student Experience at Beacon College in Florida. Alex helps neurodiverse students to prepare for college and works to create systemic change to increase college retention for students who learn differently.Find out what barriers to higher education exist for students who learn differently and what we can do to break down these barriers.Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
It is very frustrating and overwhelming when your child's needs are not met at school. Your kid is being bullied and you feel like you’re doing the teacher’s job at home all night long.There is a huge gap between teachers, parents, and professionals when it comes to supporting our kids that have disabilities. Parents are overwhelmed and looking for resources to help their kids get the support they need so they can be happy, productive citizens.  And teachers are NOT getting trained or educated on how to support kids on the spectrum. In this episode, I share with you tips and strategies on how to approach your child's teacher to get the support your child needs. Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
There are seasons in our lives when the level of chaos is exceptionally great and our exhaustion seemingly endless. I want to assure you that these times don't last forever and share with you some tips to stay calm in spite of the chaos that's present in your life.Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
When you have young kids, daily life can be chaotic. And even more so when you have a young child on the spectrum. I remember feeling so overwhelmed when I had an infant son and a 5-year-old Joseph to care for, even though I kept a stoic face and seemed like I had it together. I stopped pretending to have it all together since then but have learned some tools to stay calm and cultivate joy in my daily life. I share some tips on how to stay calm amidst all the autism parenting chaos in this episode. Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
Joseph and I get together for this special 100th episode of the Mother's Guide Through Autism Podcast! We share reflection and insight and we also talk about self-soothing methods and employment for people on the spectrum. Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
For this week's podcast episode, I talk with Becca Hopson about how to tap into your inner urge to create the life you're thirsting for.Becca Hopson is a feminist wellness coach. She helps to empower women to create change and take action to create the life they are thirsting for.We talk about some of the struggles many moms face to create the change they desire in their life and the resistance to doing the work needed. Becca offers some tools to overcome resistance and challenges so you can create the life you desire. You can learn more about Becca and download your copy of Inner Wisdom by going to my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
When you get the autism diagnosis of your child, it's easy to get stressed out and let life be a checklist of endless to-dos. When I got my son's diagnosis, my life became exactly that: a checklist of all the therapies, looking for resources 24/7, and advocating for my son.I was a ball of stress much of the time and having fun or being kind to myself was not on my list of to-dos. But I discovered that being kind to myself was a must if I wanted to be a kinder and more present parent.I share my small acts of kindness practice that will change your life for the better. Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
When you have a child with special needs, it's easy to focus on the difficulty and challenges of daily life. I have found that the daily practice of gratitude made my life happier and deepened my joy in spite of the challenges I faced as a mother raising a child with autism. Practicing gratitude will open up more possibilities for you and I'm sure that it will deepen your joy, too. I share my daily gratitude practice step by step in this episode. Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
No parent plans to have a child with special needs when they're starting a family. So when they get their child's autism diagnosis, there is quite a bit of adjustment they have to make in their expectations. Making adjustments to their expectations is also true as the kids get older. We have our plans for them and they have their own. I share my story of letting go of my plans for my son Joseph as he was becoming independent. Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
The moment you have a child, advocating begins. But even more so with a child on the spectrum.It can be very frustrating navigating the school system, healthcare, or any public places when you are dealing with people who might not be well-versed in autism. I want to tell you why we should always advocate with kindness even when it's hard and how we can approach difficult situations with kindness and get better results. Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me: https://www.mothersguidethroughautism.coom
When you have a child on the spectrum, fear can come up pretty strongly. It certainly did for me.The fearful thought I often had was, "Joseph would have a bleak future without me," which led me to believe that I could never die. Fear is part of the human experience but if you constantly fear the worst-case scenarios for your child, you would be weighed down to the point of exhaustion. I'll show you how to crush your fear in this episode.Enjoy!Purchase my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism: up to get news and updates from me:
If you are currently struggling with the autism diagnosis of your child and their future, please take a breath and give yourself grace. It is okay not to be okay with your child being diagnosed with autism.Ironically, when I allowed myself to be okay with not being okay with my son’s diagnosis is when I found acceptance of the life I had. I was no longer TRYING to be okay or searching for a cure for my own aching heart.Learn how you can be where you are AND find more joy and peace on this autism parenting journey in this episode.Enjoy!Sign up to get news and updates from me:
When I went through my life tsunamis including my son's autism diagnosis,  I didn't know how to work through my grief. And although I had moments of grief, I pretty much used all my energy to avoid it. Many of my clients have a hard time with it too because let's face it, it's difficult to feel painful feelings. While it's difficult, doing the inner work and working through grief is an important step toward healing and living a joyful life. I share my thoughts on how you can gently and kindly grieve in this episode.Sign up to get news and updates from me:
Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first is #3 on my top 10 list of essential advice on the autism parenting journey. This journey begins with you, and the practice of nurturing yourself will not only benefit you but also your child on the spectrum because you will have more resilience to meet the daily challenges.I share my practice of self-nurturing in this episode. Sign up to get news and updates from me:
We mothers are good at giving and helping others but not so good at asking for help. You might be struggling to ask for help or might not even realize that you need help on the autism parenting journey but I want to tell you that getting help is crucial to living with more joy and resilience while you help your child on the spectrum. Find out why you should get support ASAP and how you can do so in this episode. Enjoy!Sign up to get news and updates from me:
This is truly the number 1 advice I give to mothers I coach on the autism parenting journey. We all need to hear from someone who has been in our shoes that can offer us hope, especially when we are deep in fear and pain from the autism diagnosis of our kids. Enjoy!Credit:Welcome To Hollandby Emily Perl KingsleyCopyright©1987 by Emily Perl Kingsley. All rights reserved. Recited by permission of the author.Sign up to get news and updates from me:
In my 30 years of the autism parenting journey, I've learned a lot. And so, I decided to share my top 10 list of advice for the autism parenting journey. I will be sharing each piece of advice for the next 10 weeks and this episode is an introduction to the list. I also recite the Mother Guide's Prayer from my book A Mother's Guide Through Autism to give you strength on your autism parenting journey. Enjoy!Sign up to get news and updates from me:
I use my Sundays as my personal growth and discovery day. I use this time to fill myself up with inspiration before the work week begins. I encourage you to develop your own self-discovery practice so that you can begin to experience more peace and create more joy in your life on your autism parenting journey. I believe this practice is essential because we mother guides often get lost in the caretaking of our kids that we start to forget ourselves—we lose ourselves in the process. The self-discovery practice can bring you back home to yourself where peace and healing reside in the heart. I share my 5 Small Steps to Begin Your Self-Discovery Practice in this episode.Enjoy!Sign up to get news and updates from me: https://www.mothersguidethroughautism.comCheck out more episodes of the Mother's Guide Through Autism Podcast on Apple Podcast here:
In this episode of Mother's Guide Through Autism, I talk to Dawn Barclay, an award-winning author who has spent a 30+ year career working in the travel industry, about traveling strategies for kids on the spectrum. Dawn wrote her upcoming book Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible, and the Neurodiverse because she understood how difficult it was for parents to travel with kids, especially kids with special needs, and there was no guidebook to help them with it. She says that in one study done by IBCCES, where 1,000 special needs parents were interviewed, they found that 87% of them didn't travel and of those, 93% would’ve if they knew where to go and what to do.Dawn believes that children deserve to be global citizens and they deserve to see a world outside of their own, and she wants to open up the world for people by giving them the tips and strategies offered in her book. She shares the number one reason parents with special needs kids don't travel and what they can do to make their trips possible and successful.Enjoy this episode!Dawn's websites:  http://www.travelingdifferent.comFacebook: up to get news and updates from me:
For this week's episode, I'm sharing the interview I did recently for the Autism Detectives Radio Show with Patricia Lemer where I talk about the deep grief mothers of autistic kids go through that they need to process in order to move forward lighter and happier. We talk about my newly released book A Mother's Guide Through Autism which my son Joseph and I co-authored and what the intention of this book is.  We also talk a lot about healing the mother's heart and I share my personal journey of how I went from not processing my grief and getting sick in the process to healing my heart by incorporating practices like self-compassion. Enjoy this episode!You can listen to the original recording at: can find Patricia Lemer at: up to get news and updates from me:
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Heidi Volltrauer

The perspective of a Mother, and her grown son with Autism is very interesting. I highly recommend this podcast for better understanding, and appreciation for Mother's and their children with Autism.

Aug 1st
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