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Mountainview Church will pause and pray. We will continue filming, but we will pause all physical gatherings for the next two weeks, temporarily moving back to online and at-home gatherings. This will give our Elders more time to pray, discuss options with our Board, and carefully evaluate our next steps. We must seek the Spirit’s guidance and discernment at this moment. We strongly encourage you for the next two weeks, to connect with another household for Church-At-Home. Please contact that family with who you frequently share life, and have church together. Break bread together, and pray together for all levels of leadership, from our local church to territorial officials.
Introducing Elvanto

Introducing Elvanto


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Today, we’re talking about “How to Praise God?” When you hear the words “praising God," you might automatically envision people singing in a church service. But it can be so much more than that! If you want to learn how to praise God daily, if not hourly, you’re in the right place! But before we get there, we have something to praise God for! School has come to a close! And if you are a high school and college-university student who graduated this year, we praise God for you! You have journeyed through a very different, and at times, very difficult season to be a graduate. This Sunday, we thank God for you, and want to congratulate you! In our physical gatherings, we will be distributing a gift to our high school and college-university graduates. If you’re unable to attend one of our physical gatherings, please let us know, and we will get you your gift!
Happy Father’s Day to our dads and grandfathers, and to all the men out there who are playing a father-figure role in the lives of the next generation. We hope and pray that you’re having an amazing day! In light of Father’s Day, we’ll hear a special message on Psalm 78 from a new father, Elijah Istchenko. Elijah is currently in our Elder Mentorship program, leads our Prayer Ministry, and this Spring, he and his wife Elizabeth celebrated the birth of their first child! #FathersDay #Dad #Father #Grandfather #GodTheFather #God #Jesus #Gospel
Who has ultimate authority in your life? Who has ultimate control over your life? We all have authorities in our lives. We have authorities at work, in government, law enforcement, even in clubs and sports, and in the church…and many others depending on circumstances. They provide us with guidance, and correction, and even consequences when needed? Each of us chooses whether or not we will submit ourselves to these authorities. We chose whether or not we accept their authority…or we might choose rebellion! But who has ultimate authority? Who has been given ultimate authority? You might say, “No one has been given ultimate authority!” And it may feel like that. But that would be false. Don’t believe me? Well today, we’re going to prove it. Join Mountainview Church this Sunday as we study Psalm 110, and answer the question, "Who Has Authority?" #authority #GodsAuthority #Control #GodIsInControl #Gospel #Jesus
This Sunday: "The Invincible Love and Protection of God" Psalm 91, by Harrison Kwok
This Sunday: "Christlike Endurance" Psalm 22, by Simon Ayrton
Purpose in Lament What do we make of the mess?
It is hard to have confidence in anything these days, but in Psalm 27, we can see that David had confidence in God’s abilities, His heart, and His timing. We too can grow our confidence in God which will enhance our relationship with Him.
Have you ever looked up at the night sky and the stars, and wondered, “Where’d all this come from?” Perhaps, you’ve had an opportunity to look through a telescope, and asked yourself, “How did all these stars, planets, and galaxies get there? What or Who put them there? Why are they there?” Related to the universe and galaxies, I want you to know two important truths: First, they were placed there strategically so that you and I would ask these types of questions. Second, when we look up, and ask “How, what, who, and why?”; it leads us somewhere strategic and intentional, revealing a greater purpose for our entire existence as human beings. Today, we explore Psalm 19, an ancient song about the stars. We’ll look at poetic lyrics that provide answers to our big questions about our universe, and what it reveals. #Psalm #Psalm19 #Psalms #Stars #Sun #Creation #Astrology #Astronomy #Universe #Cosmos
Have you ever been wrongfully accused? Have you ever been mistreated for no reason? Perhaps you became the subject of a slanderous conversation, and you overheard false or hurtful things being said about you? Perhaps you lost relationships over it, and even friends rejected you? We start wondering, “Why is God letting this happen?” Why doesn’t He step in and rescue us? Why doesn’t He make things right? We pray, and pray, and pray, but there’s only silence. Today, we enter the third week of our Psalms series. We’ll look at the response of David, when he faced wrongful accusations and slander. He was asking the same question that perhaps, you have asked: “When Will God Help Me?" David’s response, written in Psalm 7, can sustain us and believe it or not, even help us grow during times of accusation, slander, and rejection. #Psalms​ #Psalm7​ #David​ #Accusations​ #Slander​ #Lies​ #Relationship
If you were to ask someone walking on the street, “Who is your king?”; how do you think they’d respond? They might reply quickly, “I don’t have a king!” What if you asked a clarifying question: “Who rules over you?” That question is almost offensive. The likely answer to that question would be, “No one rules me! I rule myself!” Which wouldn’t and shouldn’t be surprising to us. In our self-motivated, self-driven culture, we should expect a response like that. Today, as we continue our study of Psalms, we’ll be confronted with these tough questions of kingship in our lives. We’ll unpack a text that pushes against our culture and causes us to reflect on who’s leading us and who we’re following. And whether we like the question or not, who rules over us? Then we’re going to ask and answer the toughest question of all: “Who Is Our King?” #king #queen #royalty #kingjesus #jesus #Psalm2 #Psalms
Streams represent life. A stream can bring nourishment for new growth, but also sustainability during times of drought. This week, we begin a new series on the Book of Psalms; 150 chapters of Sacred Songs, Poems, and Prayers. We start at Psalm chapter 1. In the first few verses, the Psalmist paints a picture in the mind of the reader, of a tree that’s planted beside a stream, growing and thriving! The hook is that this poetic tree metaphor is about you or me. The obvious next question is, “If I’m the tree, who or what is the stream? What am I planted beside? What are my roots growing into? What brings me nourishment of new growth? What will sustain me in times of drought?” #Psalms #Psalm #Psalm1 #Bible #Sermon #BibleStudy #WordOfGod #GodsWord
If you're watching this, you're likely here for one of two reasons: You're either watching in celebration, or you're watching in skepticism. You're either here to revel in the truths that have spiritually set you free, or you're here with questions that could impact the rest of your life. For those who believe, you approach today with jubilation that He is risen! For those who doubt, you approach today with reservations, asking has He risen? And some of you might be in between these two experiences; either returning to the faith, or perhaps wanting to believe, waiting for that Spiritual awakening. Wherever you're at today, I am so glad that you're here. You belong here, with your joys and fears, questions, and inquiries; whether you're here to remember the story, or you're here to examine the evidence, you are welcome! Join us this Easter, as we explore the Scriptural account and the historical evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. #HeIsRisen​ #Apologetics​ #Resurrection​ #Jesus​ #JesusChrist​ #Gospel​ #Easter​ #EasterSunday​
Today, we focus on the Cross. Today, we remember what Jesus accomplished and why we consider it "Good Friday". #GoodFriday​ #Jesus​ #Cross​ #Crucifixion​ #Gospel​ #SundaysComing​
What makes a culture? What defines one culture versus another? How do cultures change? Or perhaps the better question is how does a culture resist change? Our Western culture is becoming defined as a “Cancel Culture”. But what we’re all finding out is that culture is complex, it’s powerful, and it is not easily altered or broken. That is, unless a culture can learn to act with grace and sacrifice. Today, in our final week with The Good Samaritan, we’ll look at the Cultural Cost of Loving Our Neighbour. That sometimes sacrifice is required of us, to go against an established culture, in order to help someone in need. #TheGoodSamaritan #GoodSamaritan #Luke #Culture #CancelCulture #Grace #Sacrifice #Gospel #Jesus
What’s in your past? What’s in your background, or maybe your family history? What are you ashamed of? Whatever it is, Jesus wants to redeem it, and redeem you; giving you a new heart, a new identity, and a new future! The Good Samaritan is a redemption story! In this episode, we’re looking at the Social (Societal) Cost of Loving Your Neighbour. #GoodSamaritan #Samaritan #Shame #Identity #Value #NewHeart #Jesus #Gospel
How much time and energy do you have these days? How much are you willing to give away? And who would receive that precious time and energy? Family or friends? Sports or clubs? Church community? Netflix? What if a total stranger needed your time and energy? How much would you be willing to sacrifice? What would the cost be? Would it be worth it? This week, in part 2 of The Good Samaritan, we consider the physical cost of our time and energy. #GoodSamaritan #TimeAndEnergy #Time #Energy #Jesus #Luke #Neighbour #Neighbor
The Good Samaritan is one of the most well-known parables of Jesus. The Good Samaritan has been painted into famous works of art by some of the greats, like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Hospitals, medical centres, and treatment facilities have been named after The Good Samaritan. We have have Good Samaritan laws and moral codes weaved throughout our culture. How can a character from a story, who doesn't have a name be so well-known? Why is he so famous? And for those of us who claim to follow Jesus, should we be paying more attention to him? Find out the answers to all these questions and more, as we begin a new series titled "The Good Samaritan: The Cost of Loving Your Neighbour". #TheGoodSamaritan #GoodSamaritan #Luke #Parable #Jesus #Gospel #ConsiderTheCost
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