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#KeithHampton, the attorney that represented #GregKelley in his exoneration case, has agreed to look at the #GuyHeinzeJr. trial and appeals case. Keith Hampton and the Mouth of the South Podcast team discuss the Guy Heinze Jr. trial and the game plan going forward. ...Social Networks... Facebook Twitter Instagram ...Where To Listen... Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Google Podcasts (Google Play) Spotify Amazon Music (Alexa) iHeart Radio  
Williamson County Sheriff #RobertChody joins the Mouth of the South Podcast crew this week. Sheriff Chody shares thoughts on his indictment brought by Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick regarding the death of #JavierAmbler II during #LivePD television show recorded footage. The MOTS teams shares their opinion of the past and current elected officials of Williamson County and Sheriff Chody's case.
Deric Haddad, co-author of "They Must Be Monsters: A Modern-Day Witch Hunt", joins The Mouth of the South Podcast to discuss his book and the infamous McMartin Preschool Trial. This 35 year old trial is recorded as the longest and most expensive trial in US history. It’s a tale of horror, rage, superstition, and faith; a shameful moment in American history that’s been erroneously ignored by historians. A great injustice that should’ve never taken place. Find Deric's Book on Amazon ...Social Networks... Facebook Twitter Instagram
Guy Heinze Jr. | Episode 2

Guy Heinze Jr. | Episode 2


Stay tuned as we continue following up on the Guy Hienze Jr. murder case trial and conviction. Seems like there's something new around every corner of this story. What is the role of a juror and why is it so important!?! Donate to Guy Heinze Jr. Legal Defense: GoFundMe SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW YouTube Channel Facebook Twitter Instagram
Guy Heinze Jr. | Episode 1

Guy Heinze Jr. | Episode 1


The "Mouth of the South" Podcast team explores the case against Guy Heinze Jr. for the August 2009 slaying of his immediate family. Two major problems immediately arise that the team intends to investigate. How does one man bludgeon 8 people to death without anyone escaping or leaving any physical evidence tying Guy Heinze Jr. to the murders? The gross incompetence of the investigators when handling crucial evidence? Donate to Guy Heinze Jr. Legal Defense: GoFundMe Subscribe and Share! Website: YouTube: "Mouth of the South" Podcast Facebook: @MOTSpodcast Twitter: @brydon_jake Instagram: @jakebrydon
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