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Ron, Steve, and John chat about recent stuff they've seen, from an MCU trailer to several movies and streaming shows.
It's time for more Marvel Schmarvel! This episode the guys dig into the Moon Knight finale on Disney+ before an in-depth chat about Doctor Strange in the Multiverses of Madness, now in theaters.
Ron, Steve, and John check in on their old buddy Netflix to see what's going on. They also cover a little recent news and talk about The Batman, which is now streaming for home use.
The whole gang has seen Ti West's sexually-charged slasher film, X, so further discussion is in order. Also, John watched the mind-bending and emotional Everything Everywhere All at Once. Just how bent is his mind? Find out in this lean and mean episode.
In the wake of Bruce Willis's retirement, the guys chat about some of their favorites amongst his many roles. Then they check in on episode two of Moon Knight, and finally they discuss the whole first season of Severance, with a little spoiler space for all the big reveals near the end.
Ron, Steve, and John do a recap of the least eventful awards ceremony ever and then share their thoughts about the latest MCU series to hit Disney+, Moon Knight.
The guys look back on another diverse SXSW Film Festival lineup and single out some personal favorites. Then they round up a few recent movies and shows they've enjoyed.
Ronald, Steve, and John each pick a few selections from this year's SXSW Film Festival, running in real life and online from March 11-20.
Ron, Steve, and John discuss the finale episode of Peacemaker's well-received first season. They also give brief thoughts on new streaming series Bel-Air and Severance, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s new feature film, Kimi.
Ron, Steve, and John chat about two rom-coms and a space opera. It's all in the title!
Ron, Steve, and John finally broach the topic that is on everyone's mind: Streaming service user interfaces. Then they use whatever energy they have left on discussions of Guillermo Del Toro's lavish noir thriller, Nightmare Alley, and Ridley Scott's proudly excessive House of Gucci.
Ron, Steve, and John have checked out a lot of new television and streaming series lately, and needed to vent! Included are discussions of The Afterparty (Apple TV+), Euphoria (HBO), We Need to Talk About Cosby (Showtime), and Pam & Tommy (Hulu). Content warning: The Cosby victims and their stories are referenced heavily during that segment.
BFF of the show Lauren Warehime returns to discuss the latest entry in the Scream franchise, but before that, Ronald and Steve catch up with John on The Eternals (and why it was such a miss with audiences overall), and the guys decide if they really want to taste James Gunn's new HBOMAX series, Peacemaker.
It's a top-of-the-year catchup from the guys, as they compare notes on a handful of recent releases, such as Adam McKay's divisive satire Don't Look Up, the finale of Dexter: New Blood, a Coen Brother's take on Macbeth (the famous play written by whatshisname), and other stuff!!!
Ron, Steve, and John have to check a few more items off of their holiday discussion lists, namely Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Matrix: Resurrections, HBO's Station Eleven, and the finale of Hawkeye's debut season. Were these projects naughty or nice? Let Schmovie sort it out!
The guys dig into Wes Anderson’s latest, The French Dispatch, and catch up on a strong episode of Hawkeye. Then they share a few thoughts on other recent releases like thought-provoking sci-fi drama Swan Song; Sandra Bullock’s Netflix drama, The Unforgivable; And Just Like That… (The Sex and the City revival); and HBO’s surprisingly heartwarming tale of pandemic survival, Station Eleven.
Ep. 324-Topic Pile-Up

Ep. 324-Topic Pile-Up


After a brief unplanned break, Ron, Steve, and John are back with so many subjects of conversation that they had to just jumble them together in a big ol' conversation stir-fry: New Dexter! New Pen15! New Ghostbusters! Hawkeye's TV show! The latest Edgar Wright movie, Last Night In Soho! It's a lot. And we've used up our allowance of exclamation points.   
What if Wonder Woman, Deadpool and The Tooth Fairy got involved in a globe-hopping, double-crossing artifact heist? It’s a question that Ron, Steve, and John can now answer, because they’ve seen Red Notice, a comedy adventure starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and The Rock. The guys also catch up on the eleventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and talk things out about The Shrink Next Door, Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell’s new anti-buddy dramedy/thriller, which is based on a true story.
It's hard not to overuse the term "jam-packed" about these recent episodes, but oh well! Maybe "wide-ranging" is a good substitute? Anyway, this week Ron, Steve, and John turn their attention to all the IMAX  content coming to Disney +, The Eternals (which John has seen), What We Do in the Shadows's bold third season, Shang-Chi (which Ron and Steve have finally seen), and Daniel Craig's final turn as James Bond, No Time to Die! Wow!
Ron, Steve, and John talk about the mixed-to-negative buzz around Marvel's newest effort, The Eternals, before moving on to a few recent releases they've actually seen, including the new emotional sci-fi road movie, Finch; Jim Cummings's latest dark comedy/thriller, The Beta Test; and the 7th Paranormal Activity flick, Next of Kin.
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