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Multinewmedia connects business and technology. We also explore the related
topics of marketing, design, development, and futurism. We're based out of central Florida, but have
a reach that spans all around the world.
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After a six month podfade, Chase Raz comes back as the Host of Multinewmedia to announce that this edition of the podcast is ending at the end of "Season 2018" with Episode 120. Even though we're into 2019, the remaining 10 episodes of Season 2018 will be released over time as a sort of going away or farewell tour for the Multinewmedia Podcast.
Garret Albritton joins Chase Raz for the second time in Multinewmedia history, but their focus isn't science fiction like their first time around. In this episode, Garret discusses how to utilize data in order to tell stories and better engage the recipients of your analysis of reports. He also cautions all of us to keep the human element under consideration while reviewing both objective and subjective human-generated data. If you're in business operations or analysis, you need to hear and share this episode with your colleagues.
Chase Raz takes Chris Ayers and all Multinewmedia listeners on a rather wild journey to contemplate whether technology has temporarily lost its "Oomph". From tech reporting to tech announcements, Chase posits that we're stuck in a slow evolutionary period that isn't delivering on expected revolutionary changes. The supposition is that the market is leaning heavily towards lesser evolutionary forces which will remain much more prevalent throught the remainder of this decade.
Chase Raz takes the Multinewmedia podcast mobile and talk about the top tools needed to be productive while away from the office. Whether vacationing over the summer or heading out to conferences, this episode will give you all of the tech suggestions you need to keep your business running smoothly.
Chris Ayers is somewhat of an enterprise e-commerce expert, and he joins Chase Raz to talk about the other end of the market. What solution should you pick if you're just starting your newest venture? Does Shopify or some other subscription service make sense for you or will Magento or a similar open source software package serve you better? Chase and Chris explore, compare, and rate each solution with Multinewmedia's CAPU Rating System in this episode.
Chris Ayers joins Chase Raz to talk about tracking users online. This episode explores what types of tracking exist, what can be done with tracking data, and how to get a start with tracking to help achieve your own business objectives.
Serverless computing (or serverless functions) absolutely involve the use of servers, just not your own. In this episode, Chase Raz and Chris Ayers deep dive into what serverless functions are and what some of the common business use cases are. After listening to this episode, you'll better understand who provides serveless computing resources, what you can do with serverless functions, and how to begin a conversation with your developer on deploying serverless functions for your business.
Podcasting is growing and there's a lot of news about podcasts becoming first class citizens in Google search and radio networks buying up podcast players. Should your business get in on the podcasting action? Will podcasts be something your customers want, or just a burden on your marketing department. Chase Raz interviews Mathew Passy, The Podcast Consultant, from PodToPod to help you determine whether podcasting is right for your busienss.
Office productivity suites are one of the staples of the computing world, but there are many competing solutions available for your business to consider. Chase Raz and Chris Ayers will review Microsoft Office and Office365, Google Docs and Gsuite, Apple iWork, and LibreOffice. The conversation will go well beyond the realm of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, and the suites will be reviewed in depth. Chase and Chris will then provide suggestions for a number of use cases and user personas and then debut a new technology ratings system, CAPU, to help business owners make a decisions on the merits of each suite for business use.
Chase Raz and Chris Ayers meet up to talk about collaboration and communication software, specifically Slack and Microsoft Teams. Frequently using both titles, Chase and Chris know that there are benefits and drawbacks to each application in certain business environemnts. If you're looking to minimize email, encourage team collaboration, ease file sharing burdens, or just add a new layer of chat into your businesses workflow, this episode will help you decide which collaboration tool is right for you.
In the centennial episode of Multinewmedia, Chase Ras and Chris Ayers reconfirm the purpose of Multinewmedia and recommit to you, our listener. This episode skips the normal celebrations and self-aggrandizing found in most milestone podcast episodes and instead opens the show up more than ever for listener feedback and interaction. This episode presents the European Union's GDPR as a Definition of the Day.
Chase Raz joins with two of his colleagues from Full Sail University, Robin Koman and Brian Smithers, to discuss augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality(MR). Robin is a video game developer and a Department Chair of Game Design at Full Sail and Brian is a recording enginner that leads the Full Sail Audio Production. Robin, Brian, and Chase completed a project for the University in 2017 identifying outreach possibilities for the technologies, but they reassemble to talk about where the VR industry is headed and what that means for businesses and consumers.
Chase Raz and Christopher Woodward love business technology, but some of the devices, concepts, and conventions that our offices hold on to our outdated and need to be cleaned out throughout the spring cleaning season. Have you sat down with your facilities and equipment managers to really determine what is needed? If not, you may want to listen to this top five list and come up with your own action items on how to purge unused or unproductive business technologies and business concepts.
Episode 97: Burnout

Episode 97: Burnout


Chase Raz is burned out, so to speak. Christopher Woodward joins Chase in this episode and they talk about their current, or recent, dealings with burnout. They'll discuss the causes, symptoms, and even a few cures for the dreaded exhaustion-causing malaise that is all too common in the modern professional world. Multinewmedia encourages you to understand that you're not the only person that experiences burnout and that friendly help is availalbe, such as this episode, and that professional help is available from qualified organizational clinicians.
Chase Raz goes solo to talk about how going it alone and doing everything yourself is a really bad idea that a lot of smart people attempt. We tend to fall into the trap created by control and professionalism, but there's an easy way to get a map to show you the direction out. Look at your value add and where your contrubitions are most important. There, you'll find the answer to the questions, "What do I do myself, and what do I hand off to others? And how?"
Chris Ayers and Chase Raz have a chat about the practical future. Visions of utopia or dystopia are nowhere to be found in this episode, just the realities about automation and how process and technological disruption impact virtually every field of business, industry, and even hobby. The episode asks each lister to consider what steps should be taken now to ensure success in 10 to 20 years, even if his or her job--or entire professional field--were to disappear.
Peter Mahoney is dubbed the NerdCMO. He's a former Chief Marketing Officer of a well known technology company and he's currently serving in the capacity as CEO of Plannuh after taking two years to found the company. Plannuh is a SaaS tool for marketing budgets that aims to track results versus targets. Peter joins Chase Raz to talk about Plannuh from the perspectives of functionality and development. They also talk about common startup issues, such as other people hating the name of your company.
Jay Andrews, a school psychologist and founder of the TechParental website and YouTube channel, visist Multinewmedia for the first time to open a dialog about parenting in the 21st century. Jay chats with Chase Raz about content creation, cyberbullying, tech devices for families, and the future skills children should be learning. Jay explains that he and Christopher Woodward went to school each other and how serendipitious it is that Chase found Jay independently of Christopher through social media.
Carl Pullein returns to Multinewmedia to talk about the second edition of his book, Your Digital Life, now available on Amazon's Kindle e-book store and Apple's iBookstore. Carl and Chase talk about the P.A.C.T. model for increasing and sustaining your peak productivity in the modern digital world. Whether you're a content creator or a business person who relies on technology for your productive work, Carl and his book offer a wealth of valuable information.
Information Security expert Duncan McAlynn joins Chase Raz to talk about the current state of malware and cloud threats. Contact Duncan on Twitter via username InfoSecWar.
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