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Muratt Mat - Remixes & Podcast

Author: Muratt Mat

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Muratt Mat He was born in Bursa on 1987.He started his DJ music career at the Bursa`s biggest Media Group in 2004.He is currently producing his own music and mixing the best tunes in every language (mainly Turkish)for the National Radio Broadcasters of Turkey/Bursa DeepHouse, Nu-Disco, Progressive House music styleDJ Murat was is stage name betwen 2004 to 2009 and since 2009 to now it is Muratt MatIn Cyprus and England, Radio Play Guest DJ has been the music director of the biggest National, Local Radios in TurkeyHe has performed DJ performances in Turkey's most important Night Clubs and is still performing his first official work in 2008Elanor Music tag with the listener brought together. He has made arrangements with leading artists in Turkey many timesShared the scene together.
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