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MURDER IN AMERICA is a true crime podcast that takes a state-by-state look at the most infamous homicides across the United States of America. Co-hosted by Courtney Shannon & Colin Browen (of "The Paranormal Files"), the two delve deep into the darkest tales of murder from each and every state, featuring two stories from a different state every week. Their passion for true crime, along with Colin's career in investigating paranormal activity gives the two a fresh outlook on these crimes, and allows them to gain the deepest perspectives possible when analyzing the grisly details of these horrific acts. Sometimes, you can't help but wonder... the dead don't talk... or DO they? Welcome, to Murder in America. --- New episodes are posted every Saturday.-- If you LIKE what we do, HELP us quit our day jobs and gain access to BONUS PODCASTS by becoming a Patron!: -- FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: -- FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: -- FOLLOW COLIN'S PARANORMAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL (523,000 Subscribers Already... This Is How We Started!): -- FOLLOW COURTNEY ON INSTAGRAM!: - FOLLOW COLIN ON INSTAGRAM!:
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How well do you really know the people in your life? Are your family members who they say they are? What about your best friends? What if they’re hiding dark secrets? In today’s story, we are going to take you through a case that reads like a murder mystery novel, with a shocking twist ending... this is the story of Laura Law, and Mike Tlusty, and you’re listening to MURDER IN AMERICA. Go to and use code state14 for up to 14 free meals plus free shipping! This episode was brought to you by HelloFresh. If you love our podcast and want to hear more episodes, help us out by signing up for HelloFresh!
Jeffrey. Dahmer. One of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Everybody knows his name. But do YOU know his true story? Join us as we dive deep into the cannibalism, the darkness and the bloody truth behind one of America's deadliest citizens. This, is Pt. 2 of the Jeffrey Dahmer story. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA. We used portions of interviews with Jeffrey Dahmer conducted by Nancy Glass and Stone Phillips in this episode. This podcast episode is sponsored by BetterHelp!! Our listeners get 10% off their first month at If you love our show, go try it out so we can get more ads and produce MORE episodes of the show!!
Jeffrey. Dahmer. One of the most notorious names in true crime. You may THINK that you know the true story of "The Milwaukee Cannibal", but, do you REALLY? Do you know about the jogger that he almost killed? How about the fact that Jeffrey brought flasks of alcohol to class in middle school? This podcast is DARK. GRUESOME. And VERY thorough. This is Pt. 1, of the unbelievable story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA. (Episode Notes: We used audio from the interview between Stone Phillips & Jeffrey Dahmer, and his parents Lionel and Joyce. We also use audio from an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer conducted by Nancy Glass) This podcast episode is sponsored by BetterHelp!! Our listeners get 10% off their first month at If you love our show, go try it out so we can get more ads and produce MORE episodes of the show!!
8 victims. One bloody axe. And one haunted house. In 1912, 8 people lost their life in one night when a phantom killer entered the Moore household in Villisca, Iowa, and slaughtered everybody inside. This killer left some strange evidence at the scene, and the creepiest part of all? They were NEVER caught. This, is the FULL STORY, of the Villisca axe murders. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In 1973, four teenagers were shot and killed in a random burst of violence in the middle of the woods while they were camping. And the thought of those killings would go on to haunt an entire city to the present day. Gitchie Manitou State Preserve was already a burial grounds for indigenous tribes, and then there were the murders. Colin (the co-host of the podcast) has investigated this location many times over the years, and in this special episode of the podcast, we not only dive deep into the disturbing murders that took place in 1973, but also the paranormal activity that haunts the ruins of Gitchie Manitou. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
From 1979-1981, a killer terrorized Atlanta, Georgia, murdering innocent children. A suspect was eventually apprehended, charged and sentenced, but many believe that the real killer (or killers) got away with murder and may still be out somewhere in the city, waiting to strike again. This, is the tragic tale of the Atlanta Child Murders. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In 1982 outside of Trion, Georgia, a couple was brutally murdered in their mansion in the woods after a robbery gone wrong. And when the full story of the crime emerged, detailing the occult objects found in the home, the sex parties held on the property and the supposed demons haunting the surrounding forest, the attention of the entire United States was focused on the house, nicknamed, lovingly, by its owners, "CORPSEWOOD MANOR". In the years after the murders, the house has become abandoned, and now sits in the woods, surrounded by ghost stories, waiting for the next brave adventurer to come pay it a visit... this, is the tragic tale of the murders of Joe Odom and Dr. Charles Scudder, at Corpsewood Manor. And you're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In 2014, a crime in rural Michigan shocked the nation. Not only was a young child murdered... but he was killed by another kid. This is the story of Jamarion Lawhorn, and the murder of Connor Verkerke. Trust me, you want to stick around until the end on this episode. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
In 1985, two hunters mysteriously disappeared from a small town in rural Michigan. There was no trace left of the two, and their disappearances sparked a manhunt and investigation that would last for decades… and when authorities finally found out the truth about what happened to those two hunters, the small town of Mio, Michigan, would be changed forever. And trust me, in this story, THERE WILL BE BLOOD. You’re listening, to Murder in America. 
On April 20th, 1999, two disgruntled students from Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado went on a murder spree which ended the lives of students, a teacher, and the shooters themselves. In this episode we retell the story of the crime minute-by-minute, and provide some background on who these killers were and why they may have chosen to carry out their scholarly bloodbath.
In 2018, the United States was rocked by a brutal crime that shocked and horrified the population when Chris Watts, your average NASCAR-loving super dad snapped and slaughtered his entire family in one night. This case is interesting because every part of it was captured in videos, audio recordings and photos. And there is a spooky twist at the end of this one. This is one shocking tale, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
April is child abuse prevention month, so today, we want to tell you a story about a little boy named Dennis Jurgens, who lived in Minnesota. He was born in 1961 and his child abuse story not only opened the eyes of the people in Minnesota, but of people all around the world. Abuse happens everywhere, to people of all ages, and we hope that this story will bring awareness to this overwhelming issue, an issue that continues to deeply haunt society today. And before we start this episode, we want to add an extreme warning. What we are about to discuss is horrific, and may not be suitable for all audiences. This story contains extremely disturbing details of physical abuse to a child, so listener discretion is strongly advised.  Welcome, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
This murder was the inspiration for the movie "FARGO". Our story takes place in St. Paul, Minnesota, in a neighborhood called Highland Park. It’s March of 1963, and the homes within this neighborhood are filled with members of the upper-middle class. It was a neighborhood that a lot of people would aspire to raise a family in. One where no one would suspect danger or foul play. This was the case for the home at 1720 Hillcrest Avenue, where the Thompson family lived. It was a lavish property with an almost regal feel to it. And the Thompson family, surely, had no idea, that what would happen in their home would go on to become one of the biggest murder cases in Minnesota history. You’re listening to Murder in America. 
In the year 2000, an unbelievably brutal and shocking series of crimes rocked the city of Wichita, Kansas. What began as simple robberies quickly began to devolve into carjackings, then acts of violence, followed by, ultimately, a terrifying home invasion, hours of torture, and series of executions in a snowy field. There have been shows and podcasts made about The Wichita Horror, but usually people skimp out on the details of just what happened inside of that home in Wichita on that cold, December’s night. But we aren’t. We are going to tell you the FULL story, and I have to tell you guys, to everyone listening online, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE WITH CAUTION. We are going to discuss some vile, disgusting, absolutely reprehensible things in this podcast, and this is NOT for the faint of heart. Trigger warnings include abuse, sexual violence, and obviously, murder. This is the disturbing, true story of THE WICHITA HORROR. And you’re listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA…
In a small town in Kansas, 4 members of a family are annihilated in their home overnight, sending shockwaves throughout the community, and inadvertently launching true crime entertainment along the way. These are the murders that inspired Truman Capote's infamous true crime novel "IN COLD BLOOD"... listen here to the story, of the CLUTTER FAMILY MURDERS.
In 2006, a brutal, gruesome crime spree rocked the small town of Newry, Maine. An unhinged man slaughtered 4 people and 3 dogs over Labor Day weekend, burning and dismembering bodies and leaving a trail of death along the way. And it all started at an innocent, yet slightly creepy looking bed & breakfast on the edge of town, named the Black Bear Bed And Breakfast. This is the story of Christian Nielsen, and his descent into madness. You're listening, to MURDER IN AMERICA.
How can someone just... vanish? And later on end up DEAD? Find out on todqy's episode of "Murder In America".
What does family mean to you? Is your family your whole world? Or are they just people that you’re forced to hangout with because of blood ties? In the case of Nehemiah Griego, each member of his immediate family was nothing more than a target at a shooting range. This story goes to show that you can’t trust ANYONE- not even your own son. As usual, this episode contains extremely graphic  depictions of  violence, and listener discretion is advised. Welcome to MURDER IN AMERICA. Hosted by Colin Browen & Courtney Shannon.
What you’re about to hear, is extremely disturbing. Listener discretion for this episode is HEAVILY advised.  This is the depraved, sick story of David Parker Ray, the Toy Box Killer, a man who tortured and murdered an estimated 60 women in his "toy box" torture chamber throughout various decades. And once you hear David's audiotape... you can NEVER get it out of your mind. Once again, listener discretion, is HEAVILY advised.  You’re listening, to Murder in America.
Sometimes, life imitates art. And in 2006, a crime rocked a small town in Idaho that seemed to be drawn straight from the script of a horror movie. The story of the death of Cassie Jo Stoddart will shock you. It will anger you. And above all, it will terrify you. Get ready to “Scream”... you’re listening, to Murder in America. If you've ever sat and wondered, "has anyone ever killed someone based on a death in a horror movie?", your question has now been answered. This is episode 6 of "Murder In America", a new True Crime podcast that takes a look at all things murder, co-hosted by Colin Browen & Courtney Shannon.
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