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What started as a college radio show has turned into a fun, new podcast! Jerica Bean and Laura Harmon meet up each episode to discuss women and non-binary alternative music artists and whatever else is on their mind. Support this podcast:
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You ready for a nasty little episode? We accidentally have a theme for this one! Listen as we talk about high school and college antics interlaced with some tunes by Childbirth, Daddy Issues, and Dua Lipa.  Other subjects discussed: Jerica's Brother's Fiancee's Last Name Will Be Greene-Bean, Laura Talking About South Park More, Jay Som ≠ Jay Sean, Balls in Soy Sauce, Silent Burps, EXPIRED VAGISIL Please leave a 5-star review and tell your friends! Like our Facebook and follow our Instagram for more fun stuff! Read our PATTERN interview here! Contact Us: --- Support this podcast:
“Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION is classified as an SSRI.” This pod, we have Welcome to Science! co-host and dear friend, Miranda Britton, to discuss queen of ____ (insert ANYTHING here), Carly Rae Jepsen. Plus the CRJ disciple brings a Reverse Pop Smear(?!??!?)! Other subjects discussed: Any Woman’s Horoscope Means She’s a B*tch, SHE HAS A MULLET QUOTE?, Taylor Swift’s Guard Does Not Let Her F*ck, Grimes’ Bonkers Workout Regimen, SLOW. BOIL., We’re the Hamburger Helper of Podcasts Note: The audio on this one is a slight travesty, deepest apologies. Trying to record three people on two mics plus Laura having a sinus infection did not a pleasant soundscape make. Like our Facebook and follow our Instagram for more fun stuff! Read our PATTERN interview here!  Contact Us: --- Support this podcast:



We're baaaaack! We know you're sooooo glad! And we’re here to tell you about the new elusive fashion craze, JÖRMÁ. In this episode, Jerica and Laura discuss HAIM, PVRIS, and birth control nightmares! Other subjects explored: Tevas ASMR, I Think The Haim Sisters Would Get Slimed, Justin Timberlake: The Insidious Man, Adult Baby Furniture, The Spirit of Orpah, Pop Goes Punk: This B*tch All Covers, Dobby’s Chandelier, Mirena: FUHGGED ABOUT IT! Like our Facebook and follow our Instagram for more fun stuff! Read our PATTERN interview here! Contact Us: --- Support this podcast:
MMM 05: Pop Smear Deluxe

MMM 05: Pop Smear Deluxe


BLESS THIS MESS and get out your speculums because we’re about to do a POP SMEAR. In this special episode of Music Minus Men, we cover recent singles by Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Big Thief, Lizzo (again), and King Princess. Buckle up, buttercups; you’ve got yourselves a weird one.  (CORRECTION: Cartoon Network and Boomerang are not part of Viacom, but Warner Brothers. It pays to fact check, people. Comedy Central and Paramount are under Viacom, however! Fun stuff.) Other subjects explored: Freddie Benson, Complain O’Clock, Inspector Vadget, Light Homer Simpson Cosplay, Music Minus Everything that’s Not Lana Del Rey, Viacom Rules Our Asses, For Twerking Purposes, Reports are In: That’s Gay, The Black Eyed Peas Changed Music Forever, Dad Bullying, Life is a Highway, IF YOU’RE GONNA GO CRAZY AND COUNT JONAS LA Like our Facebook and follow our Instagram for more fun stuff!  Contact Us: This podcast is supported by Anchor. --- Support this podcast:
🚨 SPECIAL GUEST ALERT 🚨 Our dear friend, Taylor Grantham, joins the pod this episode to tell us ALL. ABOUT. FIONA APPLE. She’s been hired on as our Fiona Apple Correspondent (unpaid). Get ready to learn about an ICON. Taylor had a lower quality mic, so deepest apologies for any audio blunders during the episode. Other subjects discussed: MOOM IN THE HOUSE!, Margaritaville, Shrimpy Little Kid Hands, Fiona Apple’s Voice is an Otter, Cloacaly, F*ck Dr. Seuss!, Sbleblemplifies, Midnight Sun, FREE FIONA, BDSM President, I’m Gonna Shake My Belly at You Please leave a 5-star review and tell your friends! ‘Like’ our Facebook: Contact Us:  --- Support this podcast:
Our third episode is finally here! In this episode, we discuss Priests, Girlpool, and Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like a Bird”. Format change! Funny business! Big goofy things! Other subjects explored: Sexy Music Goblin, Dated Excitement about New Releases, Kevin Jonas was the Least Threatening, Devil’s Advocate Boy, Dad Jokes Best Served Scalding, Cosmo from Fairly OddParents, Did We Say “Eat Me Out” in High School?, Blink-182 Intertextuality, Capitalistic Hypnosis of Nelly Furtado, CHICKEN SOUL ‘Like’ our Facebook: Contact Us: --- Support this podcast:
This episode, we end up talking in depth about the visual media that affected Laura from childhood! Plus Lizzo, Nao, Yaeji, and Mitski! Other subjects explored: MMM Tasty Podcast, Turning and Churning ‘Em Out, ELLE KING IS ROB SCHNEIDER’S DAUGHTER, A Full 23 Minutes of Lizzo Content, Objects We Respect are They, Lizzo’s Flute is a Lesbian because Obviously, Flutey-Flutey: The Year of the Flute, Papa Roach scary!!!, Saying Lit Way Too Many Times, Sport Butts, Rather Use a Man than the Robots!, Solange + Nelly Furtado + Chemical X = Ultimate Music Soup, Akon’s Mr. Lonely, iKarnye Correction: The Mitski interview is from The Line of Best Fit, not the Best Line of Fit. ‘Like’ our Facebook: (01/18/19) --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the first episode of Music Minus Men! This episode, we discuss Princess Nokia, KERA, Rough Trade, and Bat Fangs. Other subjects explored: Gay, Anime Dick, All of The Names this Podcast Could Have Had, Carole Pope: Saint of Sexuality, Sex Instrumentals, Seinfeld, The Town of Fleshwound, Media Suppression of the Bad Things Pete Davidson Might Have Said, Pop is Fun!!!!, Ariana Grande has Secret Powers Like our Facebook: (12/05/18) --- Support this podcast:
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