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Author: MusicalSplaining

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A podcast to unite people who love and hate musicals
5 Episodes
05: The Phantom of the Opera

05: The Phantom of the Opera


Lindsay and Kaveh are joined by guest host Angelina Meehan in their descent into the basement to explore the classic tale of a 50-year-old virgin/musical genius/entrepreneur who grooms a young opera singer before kidnapping her repeatedly and then murdering several people. Is Lindsay and Angelina's enthusiasm as contagious as they think it is? (It isn't).
04: Beetlejuice

04: Beetlejuice


Our Broadway adventure continues with audience favorite Beetlejuice (or BJ as Lindsay likes to call it). Sorta based on the movie of the same name, the story follows a dead couple who try to haunt the new inhabitants of their former home. Could this be the episode where... Lindsay and Kaveh agree on something? Boy, I hope you're ready for a show about death! 
03: Hadestown

03: Hadestown


Lindsay and Kaveh trek to New York to review the Tony-winning Hadestown, the tale of a beautiful singing idiot who travels to the Underworld to get his girlfriend back but accidentally starts a labor union instead. Lindsay 'splains about Greek myths and Kaveh yells about his bejeweled apron. 
02: Frozen

02: Frozen


Very special guest and self-proclaimed "Frozenhead" Jenny Nicholson joins Lindsay and Kaveh to discuss the incredibly mediocre stage version of Disney's "Frozen." Kaveh does not know how to pronounce "Anna," and no one knows how to pronounce "Kaveh."
01: Cats

01: Cats


The inaugural episode in which Lindsay and Kaveh review the original stage musical Cats, as well as the 2019 Tom Hooper abomination. Lindsay says "cats" a lot and Kaveh gets angry. Good content!
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Spencer Firefly Pommier

this is perfect

Apr 3rd
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Amy Park

i am so goshdarn excited

Feb 18th
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