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Where extraordinary educators talk about how and what they learn from sharing their own mistakes. Hosted by Jon Harper
120 Episodes
Keeping control of the classroom is essential.  Join us as Paul shares how he learned firsthand that communication is superior to control in his classroom. Follow on Twitter: @Harper70bd @PaulONeill1972 @bamradionetwork Paul O'Neill is an educational game-changer from New Jersey who uses the power of inquiry and reflection to shatter the status quo.
Sharing your story helps your students connect with you; however, our guest held back and as a result, damaged the relationship with a student. In this episode, we find how sharing your personal story can help students know that you care. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @basil_marin  @bamradionetwork Basil Marin, Ed.S., is an Assistant Principal at Churchland High School with Portsmouth Public Schools in Portsmouth, Virginia. Marin believes wholeheartedly that he was placed on this earth to help at-risk youth who have the mentality that they will never amount to anything. He also believes all students are capable of learning and all students have the right to an equitable education.
So I tweeted, 'There are a lot of people who have never been a classroom teacher telling teachers what to do." I expected a lot of agreement. I was surprised by the response. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @kylehamstra @bamradionetwork Kyle Hamstra teachs fifth grade math and science at Davis Drive Elementary for fourteen years. crafting learning experiences as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) specialist. He is a 2016 ASCD Emerging Leader, a member of the Wake Science Core Leadership Team, and a member of the North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network.
I brought so many assumptions about teaching into my classroom and one day I saw how one of those assumptions hurt one of my students. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @Catlin_Tucker @bamradionetwork Catlin Tucker is a Google Certified Innovator, bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker. Catlin is currently working as an education consultant and blended learning coach while pursuing her doctorate at Pepperdine University. er, Keynote Speaker & Bestselling Author and author of several books. including Power Up Blended Learning: A Professional Learning Infrastructure to Support Sustainable Change.
I was so focused on my lesson and my agenda that I failed to heed a student's need for help. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @baldRoberts @bamradionetwork Mike Roberts has taught middle school English for the past twenty years. In that time, he has received numerous awards for his outstanding teaching, including being named the 2014 Utah English Teacher of the Year. Mike's most recent book is titled Chasing Greatness: 26.2 Ways Teaching is Like Running a Marathon.
I was ignorant and I assumed that dads didn't want to come to school to support their kid's education. Then I met Jason. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @Joe Smith @bamradionetwork In 2009 Linebacker Dad (Joe Smith) was awarded Father of The Year, recognized by an agency in Sacramento, CA and the state of California. Youth Development and Parent Involvement, which is LineBackerDAD’s gift. LineBackerDAD creates positive opportunities in schools, school districts and communities. LineBackerDAD, a K-12 education “Swiss Army Knife.” Follow the movement…
I learned the hard way that my job extended beyond providing support for students. I eventually realized that I'm part of a team. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @froehlichm @bamradionetwork Hans Appel has worked as a counselor in the Richland School District for the past 18 years and at Enterprise Middle School since it opened. In 2018, EMS was awarded the ASCD Whole Child Award for the State of Washington and the Global “Class Act Award” for creating a culture of excellence through kindness, service, and empathy. Recently, Hans launched his own blog about School Culture and this fall rolled out a student-led leadership podcast called Award Winning Culture: Hosted by Wildcat Nation.
When a new student changed the social dynamic in my class, took the easy way out. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @froehlichmandy @bamradionetwork Mandy Froehlich is the Director of Innovation and Technology in Ripon, WI. She also consults, presents and keynotes nationally on teacher engagement, edtech, leadership, and climate & culture. She is the author of The Fire Within and Divergent EDU, a national speaker, co-host of Teachers' Aid.
I thought I was ready for my first presentation. I expected to do well, but I didn't. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @TaraMartinEDU @bamradionetwork Tara Martin is an enthusiastic educator, speaker, and author of Be REAL: Educate From the Heart. Her ambition is to lead a culture of innovative change and to motivate others to become the best they can be, all while staying REAL--Relatable Exposing Vulnerability Always Approachable, and Learning Through Life.
I was so excited about what I had just learned and couldn't wait to share the ideas with my peers and staff. However, I discovered that there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @Jennifer_Hogan @bamradionetwork Jennifer Hogan has been a high school teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal, and not always in that order. She is currently an assistant principal at Hoover High School, the largest, most diverse high school in Alabama. Jennifer relentlessly advocates for students, believes that we all have to fail our way to success, and knows that every child needs at least one adult that he or she can depend on.
I was inflexible, detached, and demanded compliance from my students until crushed a student's vision for her future. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @bbray27 @bamradionetwork Barbara Bray is a Creative Learning Strategist at Rethinking Learning and is founder/owner of My eCoach that are both divisions of her company, Computer Strategies, LLC. Barbara is a writer, coach, change agent, risk-taker, instructional designer, connector, and believer in magical things happening in learning. She is past co-founder of Personalize Learning, LLC and is the co-author of both books, Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning.
I was feeling deep dissonance, but I wasn't acknowledging that I needed to make a change. I eventually hit a tipping point. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @sarahsajohnson @bamradionetwork Sarah Johnson is passionate about leadership and helping educators thrive in their work. She has been an English teacher, building principal, and author. Due to a recent calling to pursue spreading her message to masses, Sarah has taken a leap into becoming an educational consultant in the areas of balance, resilience, and faithful leadership. Twitter ID
I was trying to do the right thing, but in the process, I mishandled a parent Follow: @jonHarper70bd @ProvenPrincipal @bamradionetwork Nathaniel Provencio is the principal of Minnieville Elementary in Prince William County, VA. He is the 2017 Washington Post Principal of the Year and a featured writer and presenter on family engagement.
Instead of confronting the conflict with my colleague, I essentially withdrew my support and stopped collaborating. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @mmnixon73 @bamradionetwork Dennis Griffin serves as the principal of Prairie Elementary School and is pursuing his doctoral studies in Educational Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University. Dennis is a servant leader that seeks to build collaborative cultures that enhance the future for ALL students, educators, and communities at large.
I'm constantly feeling guilty about not having the perfectly balanced life. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @mmnixon73@bamradionetwork Dr. Melissa Nixon has been dedicated to her work in education for over 20 years. She has served schools in central North Carolina as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and district level administrator. Dr. Nixon serves on the Phi Delta Kappa International Board of Directors and is also an adjunct professor at High Point University. As mother of two, she used her experiences in schools and life to co-author Powerful Parent Partnerships.
I'm in leadership now and I understand more clearly how unsupportive I was when I was not. Follow: @jonHarper70bd fastcrayon @bamradionetwork Amy Fast is an assistant principal at McMinnville High School in McMinnville, Oregon and author of It's the Mission, Not the Mandates. Amy is a committed educator and passionate commentator on public education in America.
Sometimes when we feel drained, our worst reactions surface. On this day, I felt disrespected and I mishandled my student. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @edifiedlistener @bamradionetwork Sherri Spelic teaches Elementary Physical Education at an international school in Vienna, Austria. She blogs at and hosts the publication "Identity, Education and Power on
I punished a veteran teacher for missing a professional development session. I thought I understood what was happening. I didn't. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @mrsmeganmorgan @bamradionetwork Megan Morgan is a Lead Support Teacher for Davenport Community School District, which means she supports teachers in leadership roles in their school. Megan blogs about her journey as a wife, mom, teacher and food adventurer at
When one of my students refused to take an advanced course, I lost faith in him and expressed it. I realized later how my response impacted his life. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @jonbergmann @bamradionetwork Jon Bergmann is a globally respected active learning thought leader. His twelve books are translated into 13 languages and have sold over 100,000 copies. Jon received the Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence and has traveled over 700,000 miles helping educators and school systems learn how to reach every student, in every classroom, every day. He spent 24 years as a science teacher before becoming a district technology facilitator.
I struggle with self-doubt, worry, and fear. I haven't been able to overcome these, but here's what I've learned about how to manage them. Follow: @jonHarper70bd @tsschmidty @bamradionetwork Kara Knollmeyer is a school administrator in St. Louis, MO and the author of Unleash Talent: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and the Learners You Serve.
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