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Author: Athena Paquette Cormier

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Real estate investing can mean so many different things to people working in so many different areas of real estate. One thing they can all agree on is that the journey always starts out with the rush, the thrill of making a new investment, the anxiety of wanting – and needing – to find your first deal and hope it’s a winner.But is there a way out of the rat race?Welcome to My Cashflow Academy’s Investors Corner. In this program, you will learn from other real-life real estate investors sharing their tales of how they finally got out of the rat race and lived to tell the tale.Our guide through this journey is Athena Paquette Cormier, a mortgage broker by profession and the Founder of My Cashflow Academy. Through her interviews of top experts and regular people just like you, you will discover how they got out of the rat race, inspiring and guiding you to your own goal of financial independence. Every path to financial freedom is different so listen in to their stories, pick up their strategies and discover what path you might take that you never thought of AND get the tools to get there.As the founder of My Cashflow Academy, Athena is no stranger to educating people about finance and investment, and with her impressive résumé, that shouldn’t come as any surprise. In fact, Athena has been out of the rat race twice now (once before going through a devastating divorce only to rebuild and get out stronger the second time) and wants to help as many people as she can do the same.Besides being a government mortgage underwriter for the FHA 203k rehab program and guiding both borrowers and realtors in rehabbing properties in the 1990s to acquiring her MA in psychology. Athena has the tools necessary to best impart the knowledge you need to succeed in the field of real estate investment.As for experience, Athena’s got plenty! Athena has had over 30 years in the mortgage brokerage business, and even more in finance in general. She’s a dedicated property investor who’s owned and managed all kinds of real estate assets from short term rental condos, to apartment buildings to plexes and notes in several states.Before My Cashflow Academy, Athena owned and operated Crestwood Mortgage Company in Torrance, California. After eleven years, she eventually transitioned to even greater things. Now, she juggles a host of other real estate-related positions on top of her work with My Cashflow Academy. Since 2003, Athena has been the President of Mortgage Bootcamp Inc., which provides educational and expert advice to industries inside and outside real estate, even choosing to study for the Series 7 and 66 exams, pass them with 90%, and become a financial advisor for ten years before refocusing on real estate.With My Cashflow Academy, she has made a living educating and advising people on making wise investments, and this show is an extension of that. My Cashflow Academy’s Investors Corner is for anyone trying to create passive income from cash flowing properties so that you too can get out of the rat race and stay out and live the life you wish to, not the one you have to. Fueled by the individual stories of each guest that comes through the show, each episode contains something new to learn, something you might not even have heard about up before!There are so many things you can put your hard-earned money into. Choose your investments wisely so it can grow. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, real estate investment is something you can do – and you can do it well with the help of Athena!Are you ready to invest? Come join us on My Cash Flow Academy’s Investors Corner because we’re ready to help you find the right path to attaining success.
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I’m excited to have you meet Tracy Z. Rewey, joining us from Florida, a note investor and founder of who will share with us how to make great returns on not the building but the debt.Be the bank!In My Cash Flow Academy's community we talk about the ways to be the Bank. This is one of the best -  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned investor you need to know about this area of real estate investment. Imagine getting 10%+ returns and no maintenance. Imagine getting a property for 30%-60% on the dollar?So what is a note?How do you find them? is it right for me? Is it as good as owning the property? or better?If you have heard of note investing but only heard the hype, then you will love Tracy who is a straight shooter will share the nuts and bolts of it.Come learn just how she did it! How she went from 9-5'er to investor who was out of the rate race.Should you invest in performing notes? Non-performing notes? Should you do a partial?  Wait what? I can buy a piece of a note? and make bigger returns?  Should you invest in a sure fire loser? Yes on purpose…How can you partner on notes and raise money to invest in more?  What was that about buying a property for 30-60 cents on the dollar? With 30 years of investing herself, pooling funds with others and teaching others, she has a lot to share!Women uplifting and inspiring women to be financially independent and secure! (but of course men are welcome! )That’s what we are all about! So please join us to hear from Tracy on just how she built her wealth, got out of the rat race and now is passing it on.#noteinvesting​  #tracyrewey​ #realestateinvestment​ #athenapaquette
Create Affordable housing in 2 hours!Join Stephanie McCrarie, Richard Cohen and me  for a virtual walk through of a affordable house company that makes it easy to expand your ROI and units...Have you been thinking about an Additional Dwelling Unit, (ADU)?  Have you been thinking about having space for an office at home during  Covid shutdown? Or maybe you have an empty lot that could use a home on it for rental income? I made it a goal as an investor this year to research all the best companies out there that are doing tiny houses, modular home, prefab homes to see how I can leverage my investments' ROI AND possibly create affordable housing.If you know me you know i think outside the box. If you know me i always want to be thinking about value-add for the assets i already own AND for my client's investments as well. "How can this get even better?"Imagine you have a lot with a house on it but room for another house... this could add $1200 to your incomeImagine you have an empty lot and could fit 4 homes on it... this could be a nice quick way to build massive cash flow on a dead assets (no income but you pay expenses)Imagine you have teenager ... oh well you get it... If you are one of my clients who has a lot of units, or someone who took my class but still sitting on the sidelines, then this will open your eyes to the possibilities.Join us as we get a tour and education from Stephanie McCrarie at AbleNook a modular housing provider that says it's product takes just 2 hours to assemble. Their product  can act as an Additional Dwelling unit, ADU, AirBnb , humanitarian aid shelter, and more. The designs are sleek and clean in style and can be put on any terrain. Whether you are an investor trying to do value-add to a property, a realtor advising clients on how to maximize ROI or a non-profit trying to provide for an underserved community you need to be here to find out about this amazing product can help you!AbleNook Modular DwellingsAddress: 3313 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605Phone: (770) 714-3348Email: #affordablehousing  #passiveincome   #cashflow
Have you ever participated in the City of Torrance annual Turkey Trot run? Then you were wearing her products :)She has an amazing  small business that when she bought it was netting $5,000 per month to one netting 6 figures.  From Bookkeeper to Owner: She was a freelance bookkeeper with several clients and one of those clients was a small local T-shirt printing company. The owner was retiring and selling the business and so Tana convinced her to sell it to her. She had been working on the books so knew the business' finances (no better transparency than that) and it's potential From $5000 per month to $1,750,000 gross: So how did she turn a good little local business into a a 7 figure ($1,000,000+)  national business? How did she finance the purchase of the business? How did she get more clients, and how did she finance the expansion of the business? How did she decide what products to start producing besides Tshirts Did she have to pay heavy marketing to expand if so what channel and what cost?  How long did all this take? What were her biggest stumbling blocks? Ah-ha moments? What would she recommend an entrepreneur doing starting today do or do differently?Come learn her secrets to hiring, firing, negotiating with government entities, and how to survive any roadblock from divorce to Covid.  How does she find and keep great employees while growing? Is there such a thing as growing too fast? How did she get so many government contracts is there a secret formula to win the bids? How does she work with non-profits and are they good profitable clients? How did she shift to working with online retailers and how is that different from local government or sports clubs?  How did she weather the Covid storm given that manufacturing type businesses seemed to be a hot bed for the spread of   virus?Come learn exactly how she did it and what tips she can give any woman entrepreneur. There's so much more to it than a Business Degree!#tanasandoval #businessowner #businessmindset #torrancebusiness #printingbusiness
Dear Investor, What a ride this year has been!  Especially for investors or people thinking in investing in the apartment building space. Back in April, I wondered if i would be paying all the mortgages out of savings while my tenants had a rent free year.  Luckily it didn't turn out that badly but in some areas across the country and for some investors, it did.Join me as I speak with Pat Swanson, Vice President at Colliers multi-family broker in Southern CA as he updates us on the effects of Covid19 economic shutdown, and the regulations that put a moratorium on evictions, on residential commercial properties (apartment buildings). Inquiring minds want to know:Were sales slower during pandemic shutdown and have they recovered? Have property values come down because of Covid?  What is the data showing on the overall collections for A B and C class properties. in LA and OC?Are there pockets or areas that did better?Is this a buying opportunity time or still a seller's market?Are banks lending with the smaller down payments like before the pandemic? or requiring bigger down payments? Are the banks counting the lower collections in valuing the property or treating this rocky time as a temporary thing? Did the OC do better than LA?Where is the smart money going to (other states) to get a stronger cap rate and less intrusion? As one of Southern California’s most accomplished multifamily investment advisors, Pat’s success is predicated on exceeding his clients’ expectations. From acquisition and disposition strategies to portfolio management, Pat’s experience also includes bulk condo sales, distressed asset resolution, value-add repositioning, and 1031 Exchanges.  Throughout his commercial real estate career, his accomplishments have been recognized with multiple awards - the most recent was achieving CoStar’s Power Broker Award, which celebrates the Top Commercial Brokers in the Country, as well as being the top Multifamily Agent in California for Colliers International from 2016-2019. In addition to being a proud business graduate from USC, Pat was a three-year starter for the nationally ranked Trojan football team. His athletic ability extends beyond college football with a Black Belt in MooYea-Do Karate.  Away from work, Pat is active with Light the Night, a key fundraiser for leukemia and lymphoma research. He is also involved with Swim with Mike, a charity for handicapped children and the Special Olympics.  Pat and his wife Alexis have four children — Ty, Micah, Shayne and Ryanne#californiarentals #multifamilyrental #rentaltrends #2020trends
Athena Paquette Cormier talks to Anna Radke.  Anna is an Intellectual Property lawyer. She explains, "How to Protect Your Intellectual Property, IP."www.brandcounselpc.comanna@brandcsounselpc.com917-257-8926
Embert Madison Eqr helps regular people do regular transactions of buying and selling homes in the Sacramento area, and area that is booming!But... he also has a specialty business as an investor of Short Term Rentals for executives.We will hear about investment opportunities in the Sacramento area, his specialty real estate investment strategy with Short Tern Rentals and his new business to make life easier for small business people.Short term rentals instead of party houses or exotic vacation areas, he caters to executives who are in an area for work for a short time and do not want to sign a lease for 1 year.Do they own and rent out or do a master ease? what are the pros and cons?How does a busy attorney do that on top of his job? Does he have assistants , or independent contractors, etc. ie who is on the team?How does he market to get his target audience?Will this business model work elsewhere and is it scale-able and what about government interference right in the government of CA's backyard??And if you missed the cannabis call you can bring your questions for him on that as well.Learn about a new model for Short Term Rents and the status of real estate investments in Sacramento area.Embert Madison Eqr 6801 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 210Pleasanton, CA 94566 925-460-3370 |  925-224-7782
Sherry LaMaison, a real estate investor, who survived an abusive marriage and got out, giving up all her assets in the process, rebuilt her portfolio of cash flowing properties, and got out of the rat race in just a little over 10 years with a very comfortable cash flow. Though like most investors, she is still looking for deals, doing what she loves.Sherry is a mixed martial artist (MMA) and is mother to a son.She invests mainly in multifamily real estate and has invested in commercial property here in CA and TX, in notes and done flips.She has had good partners and bad partners (wait til you hear the worst nightmare in partnership and how it resolved) and wants to share how she set those up and what she would do differently. Who can you trust?  What should the agreement be, and did she choose to do an LLC and why?She has had good property managers and nightmare managers. What does she do differently now that she did not know then to avoid a manager stealing and mismanaging causing even the smartest lady can be tricked?How does she manage investing out of state?Do you want to create cash flow for life, so you are not depending on the 9-5 or the government? Then this is your chance to hear from a real investor who has lost it all and rebuilt her investments and now wants to give you the nuts and bolts so you can do it too!
 Have you thought: Wow the cannabis business is booming especially it seems since Covid19 shutdown started! Maybe it's time for me to profit from this business! You have probably heard more and more over the last 2 years about investing in real estate that involves the cultivation, production and distribution of Cannabis. You may have even seen listings on the MLS that tag a property as Cannabis friendly (I saw a couple in Lancaster last week). but who do you finance it with since this is still illegal at the federal level?Where does the profit go since you cannot deposit the money into a federally insured bank? and what if the law changes?What is the play here? Should you own the land? Should you own the commercial building or strip mall that they rent from?Is a cannabis business a good tenant? with lack of documentation how do you qualify them income and asset-wise? How reliable is the reporting of the profit and loss given all this? Will you be left holding the bag of a dud investment? Will you be a landlord of a company that can no longer pay cause they cannot legally exist? or is CA a safe haven? Is the reward now worth that risk? As a residential real estate investor: Can you stop a tenant from smoking in your house or apartment building?California Attorney, Realtor and Property Manager, Embert Madison specializes in contracts and negotiations involving real estate that serves the cannabis industry. and find out how it works, the profits being made and the legalities of it all
Boss Lady!  How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of coronavirus - If you are looking for Boss Lady!  How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of coronavirus, then watch this video to learn everything you need to know about Boss Lady!  How these 3 women create cash flow even during these times of coronavirusBoss Lady! How these 3 women create Cash Flow from home even in these times of CoronavirusJoin us as we talk to a local celebrity, a grandmother and a former Media salesperson about creating mailbox money even in these times of Corona virus restrictions.If you have played the CashFlow101 game or heard Robert Kiyosaki talk, you know that he encourages you to start or get involved in a small business that eventually could replace your full time job income. Get out of the Rat Race!He encourages you to use that extra money to invest and also says that the beauty is that you learn business skills with that small business so you can talk like an investor with investors.Yes being an investor is a sales job. You are selling yourself, your ideas, that the seller should sell to you, etc...And if you have read Cash Flow Quadrant then you know you want to get out of the E (employee) part of the quadrant to the S (self-employed) and eventually be fully on the I (investor) part of the quadrant.AND benefit from the tax breaks B business owners get that employees do not.These 3 ladies are all at different stages of building their businesses from fairly new and successful to been there 15 years with awards. and who helps them?How did they have a job 9-5 AND build the business and still have a life?Come hear how they build a team, do the marketing, learn to run the financials of the business, stay motivated themselves,and lift other women towards their goals.YES you will learn a lot from these 3 ladies sharing the good bad and the ugly.This is not a late night program this is business women telling you the truth!The structure will be 15 minute talk about their background, the business itself, how much money it took to get it started, how long it took to see cash flow, how much cash flow they have now, what were their mistakes and their wins, and what they would do over.Martha Vasquez 15 years direct sales built it from nothing to a strong cash flow and then scaled back.Vera Herlihy (Jimenez) is a television personality so has a busy life and strange work hours but loved her product so much she wanted to share with everyone and work towards financial freedom.Janet Stone was able to leave her media job to be a representative for a clothing line that had a legendary women who started it out of her garage.Take control of your financial life now because Corona Virus won't be the last life-changing event you will see in your lifetime...Martha Vasques - PARTYLITE 567-0084Vera Herlihy (Jimenez) - ARBONNE 248-6567Janet Stone - CABI 283-6598
Sarah Zenker and her team to talk to us about Arizona real estate and opportunities in the cities they service.Her broker Byron Short has 30-years experience investing and selling in AZ along with their multifamily specialist Jonathan Pear who puts deals together invests himself and manages 110 doors.We cover a lot of ground and introduce you to a few markets. If you are intrigued then they are open to doing a consultation with you individually. Some of the cities they cover are: Greater Phoenix MSA, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Peoria, Anthem, Carefree, Glendale.Types of properties: SFR, plexes and apartment buildings at many different price points. You know that's my formula; Build the team first.Athena Paquette Cormier
Gene Trowbridge of Trowbridge Law Group is not only an attorney who specializes in helping his clients put together syndication's but he wrote the book on it!  He is one of us, A real estate investor!The world of crowdfunding for "regular guy investors" is only just 6 years old but the deals have exploded and no longer for just rich guys...Have you ever thought you could do so many more deals if you had more money? Are you tapped out of your funds but see  great deals pass you by?  Have you wondered how these companies Crowdfund their deals? Have you ever wondered how to accept other people’s funds to invest without getting in trouble? Or wondered how to write up an agreement that keeps you safe and your investors clear on what to expect?Should it be an LLC? What rights do people have and what is your liability if something goes wrong?Have you been researching online on how to form a partnership, Reg D vs TICs tenants in common vs PPM private placement memorandums, what the SEC has to do with any of this, etc..Ever wonder how you even make money or get paid doing this?Syndication's are not only for real estate so if you or a friend wants to raise funds for a business idea or company this is for you too! Here is your opportunity to come find out as Gene talks Syndication!Gene's website is www.trowbridgelawgroup.comAt we say you have to learn before you earn  and this is certainly true here. If you don't know the lingo you could miss out on bigger cash flow or even worse get yourself in deep trouble.
Kamin Bell Samuel, MA MS MSS  about how to survive and thrive beyond the Coronavirus shutdown and how to create the life you want in what will be the new normal. Things will never be the same, as they never are during cataclysmic times like this.Kamin is an unlikely person to be in a position to help "heal" or help you get in touch with your feelings.Kamin has the distinction of being the U.S. Navy's first female African-American helicopter pilot.She has a background in  IT information technology, web development and online merchandising. She also served as a Vice President of Global Website Operations at a billion-dollar company So what has being a STEM woman, brainy (3 masters degrees?)  and brave woman, a corporate officer in a highly intense field  taught her about survival?          What has she learned about reinventing yourself and getting clear on the next steps in your life when is it time to shift and how in the world do you do that?How do you move beyond fear and the unknown,  to THRIVING in this world!  How does she bring the efficiencies of the tech and finance world to her decision making. How does she bring the creative and shifting skills of the marketing world to personal decision making.Listen to her story is amazing!  
Dr. Aura Imbarus has seen and lived with empty shelves, lack of the basic needs of life, extreme repression and fear  (what she calls greyness everywhere) and has lived to tell about it. Through an extremely lucky event she escaped a near-death event and lived to tell about it. She will share with us how to not only survive but thrive under these kinds of circumstances and come out it stronger healthier and more authentic than ever.In this conversation she will share practical things she did to combat the lack all around her, the  blues about her circumstances, boredom and repression as well as tools on creating health and wealth even if circumstances aren’t right.If only this   -  I would happyIf only that   -  I would be richIf only he/she would be that way If only I lived there instead of here…All these thoughts keep us prisoners of  the mind and then of circumstances we create and our environment…Aura will give us her tools to overcoming these. She will also undoubtedly give you a zap of energy to send you on your journey through this temporary ordeal and BEYONDDr. Aura Imbarus is an awarded educator, freelance journalist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed Amazon best-seller and Pulitzer Prize entry, Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity (Bettie Youngs Books, 2010), a memoir detailing her life in Romania during the Communist regime, and an upcoming self-help book, Conversations with the Past: A Journey Home (Rainbow Ridge Books, Sept 2020).She was featured on NBC, ABC, CNBC, Good Morning San Diego, Forbes Romania, etc.She is also the president and founder of See Beyond Media, a company focusing on adolescents’ challenges in the 21st century, having as its launching platform See Beyond Magazine ( and of Raw and Real with Leo and Aura podcast, where on a light and humorous tone she is examining and dissecting social issues. Dr. Imbarus is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, having trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Wanita Holmes.She sits on the Advisory Board of CA Ballet, is a member of Royal Society of St.George, SACC – Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce; she is also one of the founding members of RACC – Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce, CA.In her free time she is taking ballroom dancing. She loves car racing, skiing, yoga, sailing and traveling.
What is her Golden formula to getting Amazon and HSN to sell her stuff?Listen to Gina Alexander as she shares her life lessons that has made her a top seller on Amazon and HSN
Sepideh Saremi, a psychologist specializes in helping people thrive in uncertain times. We are all experiencing different reactions and experiences to this unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic. While a super small percent in California are affected, we are determined to stay home to fight it.Meanwhile at the home front all kind of issues personal, financial and emotional are surfacing... We all react differently but you may be experiencing different reactions to the situation. and how you react to the facts determines your experience. Here are a few things clients are sharing...• You have the stress of financial burdens with no way of knowing if income is coming in• You are stressed because you are taking care of another• You feel connected and belonging at work or gym and now feel lost without it • and maybe you are even going through a rocking breakupor just maybe ...YOU need upliftment t tools, PRACTICAL TOOLS and want to hear how she dug out of all of this... Is that you? In regular times (and these are not regular times) she helpsMothers (she is a mother of a toddler who has been through a tumultuous divorce) who switched from career to home,From runners or athletes (she is one an athlete) with a block who want to reach the next level, to Business people with blocks that cost them millions..Sepideh Saremi, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW#66510) personal advocate for success and executive coach who specializes in working with high-performing leaders and their teams. she will also share lessons learned on creating a brand.She is the founder of Run Walk Talk, a trademarked method of leadership development andbehavior change which combines movement with meaningful conversation.Sepideh’s work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Runner's World, Women's Running, Outside magazine, and Well + Good, among others, and she speaks frequently in the press about wellness, mental health, running therapy, and peak performance.Her website is
As an investor, deferring paying capital gains taxes legally when selling and whenever possible is a great strategy. The 1031 Exchange is one option that can make this happen for you. Athena Paquette Cormier interviews the President and CEO of Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC, Bill Exeter, about what the 1031 Exchange is all about. […]
When we hear real estate, we think by default about business and making money out of properties. Rainbow Services, an organization that provides housing for those women in crisis who have children, looks at the word “home” with a whole other meaning. Elizabeth Eastlund, the Executive Director of Rainbow Services, talks with Athena Paquette Cormier […]
Do you have a PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance - on your loan? Are you comfortable with paying it or do you want alternative ways to do so? If your answer to the latter is yes, then this episode is for you. On today’s show, Athena Paquette Cormier defines what PMI is and where it’s […]
As business owners, any possible way to increase your cashflow is definitely good news. Being good to the environment while doing this is just a bonus thrown in. The Account Executive of Livable, Sarah Hoverson, talks to Athena Paquette Cormier to share how her company can help out in saving on utilities without the hassle […]
Building up your IRA or 401(k) takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication, all in the dream of taking it easy after retirement. However, you don’t have to wait for years in order to reap the benefits of your retirement account. Vice President of Specialized IRA Services, Amanda Holbrook, reveals what your retirement account […]
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