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Imagine being able to make your perfect studio. Where would it be? What would it look like? And if you only had six pieces of gear to choose from, what would they be?

This is exactly what we ask of guest artists, producers and industry figureheads. It might sound easy but there are strict rules in the Forever Studio. Hosts and shameless nerds Chris Barker and Will Betts guide guests through the dramatic journey to studio foreverdom.

There will be nostalgia. There will be anecdotes. There may be gags. But there will be no bundles! It’s MusicTech’s My Forever Studio Podcast.
73 Episodes
Sharooz is a DJ, producer, synth hoarder and serial music tech entrepreneur, founding Sample Magic, Principle Pleasure studios and recently Wavetick. On this episode, we find our the never-before-told story behind his early success in music, the whose monosynth he would steal, and the joy he gets from a very specific reverb unit.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOLERS AHEAD)
Lauren Mia is a composer turned DJ and producer, whose melodic and ethereal take on techno has caught the attention of some of the world’s best known labels. This time we find out where the LA native would put her studio, which unexpected synths she’d pick to make her sound, why practically is top priority and why she’s not a fan of layering sounds.LAUREN’S LINKS WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS BELOW),_Victoria vintage U47 for $27k:
Sarz is an award-winning artist and producer who’s worked with WizKid, Skrillex, Gunna, Skepta and many more across Afrobeats and beyond. This time, find out why he thinks producer tags on tracks are more important than ever, which Amapiano sound he thinks is genius, and how a software mishap early in his career made him the producer he is today.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!) x Sarz
Award-winning songwriter and producer Fraser T Smith id on the verge of releasing his second album with psychedelic rock band Future Utopi. He’s also got an insane list of credits including Adele, Stormzy, Raye, and Kasabian. This time, we talk about his master-of-all-trades mic, a trusty sampler that he describes as “home”, and why he can’t bring himself to hoard studio gear.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOLERS AHEAD) David - Can't Be Messin' Around:
SEIDS aka Sabrina Seidman has gained a huge following on TikTok and Instagram with her mission to make music production and music entrepreneurship more accessible. A singer, songwriter, producer and educator, Seids has been making a huge difference with her quick-fire production tips and approachable style. This time, we talk about unconventional acoustic treatment, the “cheeseburger of audio interfaces”, the perfect studio climate and an affordable microphone that’s her go-to.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!) Pro Crash Course:
Erol Alkan made his name in electronic/indie crossovers of the noughties with huge remixes for Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Justice. And his production work for Mystery Jets, Late Of The Pier and even Duran Duran cemented him as a go-to for guitar bands looking to break onto dancefloors. This episode, we talk about programming Nokias, accidentally digging through Soulwax’s record collection, and how he can make any sound unique.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD)
This time, we’re joined by British electronic music producer and Grammy-winning songwriter, Tourist. Not only did he co-write Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’, he’s also on course to release his fifth studio album. This episode, we’ll learn about the one app he can’t live without, “sneery” synthesizers, and the importance of inspiring presets.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS BELOW) - Womack & Womack: - Chilly Gonzales
Benn Jordan is a producer, YouTuber, scientist and artist whose been making music for over 20 years as The Flashbulb. In this episode, learn how Benn mixed and mastered his first few records on an extremely low-end rig, the “open secret” of the music tech industry, which unexpected song he uses to tune touring sound systems, and the only Forever Studio item he’d be heartbroken to lose if his house burnt down.LINKS (SPOILERS BELOW) Last of Us Soundtrack: Perros:
Our guest this time is one of the UK’s most in-demand vocalists and vocal producers: Raphaella. With over 500 million streams to her name, and an impressive list of credits including Rudimental, MK, David Guetta and Little Mix, she’s enjoying an incredible career. We talk “snakey melodies”, the perfect vocal compressor, the magic of historic mics and one plug-in effect she can’t live without.STUFF WE TALK ABOUT
With their sixth album Adult Contemporary now out, synth-loving funk duo Chromeo join us in person to tell tales of synths (and talkboxes) past and present, and take us back to their high-school friendship where they bonded over record shopping. Find out about their real velvet-walled studio in LA, and discover which famous monument they’d manifest their Forever Studio beneath.Season 6 is sponsored by Audient: audient.comSTUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)Check out the MusicTech Interview Feature:
With their fourth album, Volcano, out now,  J Lloyd, one-half of the beloved UK production duo Jungle, takes us from early beginnings recording Foley on his family PC, through to his first treasured synth. Along the way, hear a revelation about the horn sound on Busy Earnin’, which plug-in was his secret weapon in the band’s early days, and which beloved producer he’d reproduce as an animatronic simulacrum. LINKS (SPOILERS BELOW)
In the final episode of Season 5, we welcome Canadian producer, songwriter, DJ and vocalist Jessy Lanza. With two records of nostalgic-sounding electronic music already released on Hyperdub and a third on the way, we find out which vintage effects unit helps her get that distinctive sound, how she nearly had a beloved synth lost by an airline, and which song Will Smith has completely ruined for her forever. Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Our guest this time is British bass music phenomenon Flava D. Renowned for her versatile music production across grime, garage, bassline house, and drum n bass, Flava D has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Wiley and Swindle and has been putting out her own music, remixes, and DJ mixes since 2012. Discover how she found the transition to DnB, how she made lockdown tracks in the desert powered by a solar panel and which softsynth she turns to for everything from bass to hi-hats. Can we upsell her synthesizer dreams? Find out in this episode. Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
This time, we’re joined by the House, Techno, and Disco producer behind the 2017 Silver-certified hit 'Techno Disco Tool' with 30 million+ Spotify streams. On this episode, we reveal Mella Dee’s surprising muse: dub reggae. Explore how this unexpected influence shapes his gear choices and gives birth to his irresistible, dancefloor-ready anthems. Also, unearth the obscure equipment that powers his sound, discover which producer friend holds the record for speaker blowouts, and learn how he masterfully works with complicated effect units – it’s simpler than you might think. Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Brisbane native Brendan Cox traded his Aussie roots for the electric vibe of London, diving headfirst into a world of production, songwriting, and mixing. From gracing the stage with Imogen Heap as her guitarist to earning his stripes in the studio under the wing of renowned Guy Sigsworth, Brendan's journey is an inspiring tale. Now stationed in the creative hub of Tileyard Studios, Brendan has teamed up with Jadu Heart, LVRA, Patrick Wolf and more, adding his unique touch to their music. This episode delves into the heart of immaculate studio vibes, the quest for the perfect microphone, and Brendan's enduring bond with one cherished instrument.Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: audient.comSTUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
We’re joined by a rising star in the engineering world. Coming up through Monnow Valley Studios in Wales, Callum Marinho cut his teeth on sessions for Tom Jones and even Coldplay. Now he’s Noel Gallagher’s in-house engineer. We find out about dreamy guitar tones, what synths he turns to for Noel’s records, and hear about an esoteric rack effect that’s a go-to sound used by Prince (and the former-Oasis star). Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!) (Andrew Scheps - Sold His Neve 8068 And Mixes Totally In The Box!) 
Critically-acclaimed British house music producer Laurence Guy has a sample-heavy sound that’s earned him upwards of 60 million streams. In this episode, we talk about recording detuned pianos with low-quality mics, tracks getting stuck in copyright purgatory, tricks for warm-sounding mixes. We also upsell his dreams multiple times. Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
This time, we're joined by talented keyboardist and Dream Theatre member Jordan Rudess. Facing the challenge of choosing only six items for his studio, Jordan shares studio stories of working with David Bowie and Tony Visconti, what he’s been up to with ChatGPT and which new instrument he’s taking with him into the studio for Dream Theatre’s next record. Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!) The Studio with Dream Theatre: Tracks Echo Chambers: Music:
Sami Tauber, the human counterpart to a super-sentient AI avatar called VNCCII, heads off-world this episode and completely reinvents society for her fantasy forever studio. Discover how she’s embraced spacial audio, which attainable (and not-so-attainable) soft synth she couldn’t live without, and where she sees the role of AI in the studio.Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: audient.comSTUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Many-aliased producer and electronic music legend Amon Tobin joins us on the show this time. With a career that spans nearly 30 years, he’s created landmark electronic music for labels like Ninja Tune and had his music featured in TV, Film and video games. And his ISAM live show and others have pushed the boundaries of live performance. But what will this vast music career mean for his limited studio choices? Season 5 is sponsored by Audient: STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!)Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen Massey’s Mic Museum and Buchla history
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