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Author: Alex Maxwell, Jake Tabor

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My show is the tangential ramblings of two collective heads of knuckle. Alex and Jake co-host a show that tries to cover a broad range of topics without taking anything too seriously. Jake lives in Seattle and Alex lives in Portland and the two work together on collaborative writing projects which are an artist away from completion.
137 Episodes
Episode 80:

Episode 80:


Welcome to the AHL! The Alex Hockey League. That’s right, we conclude the trio or sports leagues with Alex’s turn to give the minor league version of NHL teams. We hate the Wild. Go away Minnesota. We also hear Robin go on Robin’s Rant about helicopter parents and letting educators educate. We also get into Robin trying to learn about Pokemon and whether or not an adult can get into it now without the nostalgia factor. It’s Boo or Goo!
 Well it’s finally happened. Alex watched Big Trouble In Little China and niw we get to talk about it! We also get to discuss the upcoming sequel and we find out..did he like it and is he excited for the sequel? Staying on movies we talk about the Oscars and Jake is pissed.To make him less pissed he lists the names of the NBA’s minor league affiliates. It’s all this week on My Show! 
He looks like he's from Canada. Gentle listener, I wish to tell you about a magical, far away place where computers work and do what they're supposed to do. In the height of my laptop's heel turn, it decided that only half of the episode is important. So here is what we could cobble together of our recordings in as close to an episode as we can get. We get to play Canadian or Not, that's at least on the docket. We also get to hear about muscle relaxers and fun stories of taking too many on accident. It's nobody's fault.
AD FREE because we're sorry. Jake has had the worst computer problems in history. We are re-releasing this episode in its entirity. Enjoy!  Alex has ventured back into the dark side of the ring and is learning a lot about the business of wrestling. Rbn and Jake were more attuned to what had happened but were still surprised to learn some of the chaos that followed in New Jack's wake throughout ECW. We talk about Jake-ese and how to communicate with someone speaking their own dialect of English. It's fun. Arcane and draconian. We talk Xbox and how we've been passing the time. Thank you season pass sales.
Ep 134: Drake...uhhh

Ep 134: Drake...uhhh


Alex has made a discovery! Well, to be honest he could have made this discovery years ago when someone shared Run The Jewels  with him. We're not going to talk about who. Just kidding. We totally will. We also discuss a "praying mantis" relationship with Supreme Leader. That's fun. Fight! Fight! Fight! The Ol COVID has us watching empty arena fights and they were really...weird. Also we check in on some new TV shows that are keeping us sane during the quarantine. We also talk about what a shitty job really is. Trust me, most of these people don't know what a shitty job is. Now get off my lawn.
I made an executive decision and changed the title of the episode. I apologize in advance. I'm as mad as you are. Anyway, we have some tension in the ranks as Rbn and Alex argue about F1. I never thought I'd type that. We get a little into TV with #BLACKAF and talk a little about the NFL draft that was happening while we recorded. By the way, is Popeye a superhero?
It's week two of the Vegas trip. No, Robin didn't go to Vegas for two weeks, but his luggage did. Hear all about this and love in the time of Cholera.  We also go into what it's like to be in character at all times and never shut it off (kayfabe). Jake has a great story about the time he had a bartender help him fool a barback with a really bad Russian accent. Also, Alex has a run in with the local homeless population and the seven police officers needed to "help."
This episode has been a long time coming and it didn't exactly come to us the way we wanted it to. Jake discovered that his ethernet port is broken after discovering his headset is broken and everything is broken! Thanks to however, we were able to record the episode right from the app and upload it without a computer. We talk about Kobe for a good amohunt of this episode. As Blazer fans we have a unique perspective when it comes to him and his on-court exploits. From on the court to off, we get to Eminem and we hear about Jake's encounter with a dude at KFC. Sometimes Jake's mouth gets him into trouble. This wasn't one of those times.
This is one of our funniest episodes ever. With The Mandalorian hot in the news we talk about Baby Yoda and all the fun new Star Wars stuff. We explore the Nick Cannon/Eminem beef and wonder what would happen if country music had beef. Jake also has a small preview of The Jay and Silent Bob reboot, having recently seen a screening! All this and more on My Show!
Well, Jake has laryngitis so he sounds like crap for this episode. We’re also still working on getting everything back together in regards to our production. We appreciate your patience. We talk about pranks and how we feel about them and when they go to far.  Coincidentally, the week after we talked about James Bond, a new trailer drops on our recording day! We can all push our dates back until May! Late in the show we talk about how many bombings there were in the middle of the nineties.
Well, this episode gets cut off at the end because we were having such a good time that Jake unplugged his headphones and the recorder shut off for the last 10 minutes of the show. We tried to do the famous bracket Jake we concocted. It didn’t really work but it was a lot of fun. Also, we take a look at how Disney+ has taken over the world pretty much nad is threatening the life of Netflix. It’s all here on My Show!
Alex was wrong and we have evidence! We get into our group chat to expose Alex as the FRAUD he has become. Not really, he just didn’t read something well enough but that’s enough juice around here to get squeezed. We discuss the Favorite Things bracket and what it is and what the ground rules are. Robin saw Joker and has his official movie review of Joker along with his way. Jake is mad at TV tie-ins and we have an all new Boo or Goo! Check it out this week on My Show!
This is the episode where Alex and Jake have the same brain. It’s weird. A young woman made a spectacle of herself at a World Series game and we are here for the to speak. We also take on Season ones and how bad they can be before a truly great show can blossom. Jake has a comparison between the NBA and comedy writers that is a can’t miss comparison. We also get into the Ricky Gervais show from the Office and talk about the round-headed idiot Karl Pilkington and how he low-key has the greatest job in the world. Robin has a WAY TOO EARLY GAME REVIEW of the new Call of Duty. He wears his night vision goggles. Who likes Spam? Who likes deviled ham? We get into potted meats and find out who knows what good eating is. Find it all this week on My Show!
What happens when a high school plays a kid who is supposed to be suspended? It ruins everyone’s season. Speaking about football, Patrick Mahomes injured himself on a quarterback sneak and it brought back talks of the Madden curse. Is it real? It’s also a bit of a trip down memory lane talking about the first video games we remember hearing voices in. Jake has weaponized politeness. What does that even mean? Well, he has an ulterior motive. He’s also working on his Tyson Fury imitation. It’s because we talk boxing. Sports baby!
This week harkens the arrival of El Camino, a Breaking Bad movie on Netflix and we spend the majority of the show talking about it. How did we feel about the videography? What did we like? What didn’t we like? We take a deep dive into Jake’s favorite movie of 2019. We also talk about what Vince Gilligan did before taking over the world with Breaking Bad. How does general attitude towards movies change the way we view them? Are you there to be a critic or are you there to be entertained? We hear about the plight of a fallen podcast that never happened and we look at the Marcus Mariota scenario and where he may end up.
Alex and Jake start arguing immediately about tarantulas at the beginning of the episode because Alex doesn’t know as much about spiders as Jake does. Yes, Jake writes the digests. We talk about the passing oral fixation and why it seems ourt entire generation has one. Psst...gum. Plus, the time Jake was in the car with his uncle and he made other people crash their cars. It’s all inside this week on My Show!
Ep 109: Bickering Boatshoes

Ep 109: Bickering Boatshoes


It’s movie week! We get after Joker and in the triumphant return of Boo or Goo we watch the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s newest film, the Irishman. Should movies released on Netflix be considered for Academy Awards? Robin asks which celebrity we would want to spend a 14-hour flight with and we take on the theory that Marvel can’t make TV and DC can’t make movies. What about Lootcrates and the Funko lawsuit? What do you think?
Right off the bat, Jake takes on most of the internet. We talk about the wrestler MJF and the “controversy” he found himself in when he “mocked” Dungeons and Dragons. We also take on network television once again. Jake seems to think he knows what he doesn’t like about Friends, Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother. Why is mixtape rap better than album rap? We go into discussing Saturday Night Live and trying to find out what funny actually is while we experience our first instance of gatekeeping. Is Dethklok a real metal band?
I love GOOOOOLD! We couln’t stop talking about Goldmember and the apparent new king member of the X-Men...Gold Balls? We get right into the news talking about a collegiate head coach sniffing a foreign substance and Aussie firefighters dodging “projectiles” while fighting a fire. We pay a bit of homage to Charles Dickens with the tale of two weekend. Being in the middle of football season, we examine a theory about who the best player in a sport is and should be. Alex discovers that sometimes you just buy a car, it’s all here this week on My Show!
We're going to blame the record thunderstorms in Seattle for why this episode is coming out on Sunday and not Friday. Now that we have that out of the way, we get to hear Jake get very squeamish about hand and leg injuries and we find out why he's so afraid of them. Also, we get into the finer points of music and decide whether or not trap music is worth a damn.
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