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Ever wondered what it would be like to explore the world in 70 square feet entirely alone? On “My Solo Road”, Sydney brings you along her journey of traveling in a van as a solo female. While tackling struggles such as safety, finances, and loneliness, she also shares stories about life on the road, every day experiences, and how she got here. Grab a glass of wine or a beer (she’s got one) and learn how one woman escaped her 80 hour work week to live a messy, yet beautiful dream.
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Christian is a wonderful friend of mine who is working full-time at REI while building out his second budget-friendly van. He's been on the road for over a year now while working a stationary job proving that remote income and van life don't have to go hand-in-hand right away. Christian is building is photography portfolio to become remote down the line but brings in money in the meantime with a more location dependent position. 
Claire Thomas recently hit the road in a 4x4 Sprinter with her partner, Jared. Over the years, she has created a powerful community by sharing all about her health (both mental & physical), fitness and overall wellness. She opens up about what got her on this journey and how much she enjoys helping others now. We talk van life, relationships, health and much more! Follow her @clairepthomas & support her (and yourself) by checking out some of her guides!
Christian Schaffer lived and traveled in her Nissan Xterra while saving up enough money to buy and convert a Promaster. She is another solo woman traveling full-time and has so much knowledge to share about working with brands and creating an online business. We talk safety, social media and so much more!
Nat & Abi from Let's Play Ride & Seek sit down with us to share what lead them to van life, if they've found community while traveling, how their dogs adjusted to the new lifestyle & how they hustle on the road for remote income! Check them out @letsplayrideandseek & @vanlifepride !
Eamon & Bec have been traveling the world in their Sprinter van, Trinity while filming everything for their Youtube community. They share with us what it's like to van life in several countries, share a small space & a small business with your partner, and why they recently built out a second home on wheels. We even get to meet the infamous Bob! Follow them: @eamonandbec or watch their Youtube channel: Eamon & Bec
It feels so overwhelming to look at van life and wonder... HOW DO I GET THERE?! It seems like a far off dream, right? Well here are some actionable steps to take to get you there. Let's talk from house & 9-5 job to traveling the world in your converted van.
Every last detail about van life in one episode! Pour your glass of wine, get out a pen & let me share everything I know about van life to help you get on the road. You asked the questions; I brought the answers.
I can't be fake like overnight parking is on my mind right now. I'm a human going through some thangs. So that's what I'm choosing to share. I learned in therapy that trauma can be remembered in your body even better than it is in your mind. Also, white privilege on the road is super real. Lastly, hi hello I'm starting a coffee brand. Random episode? Yes. Helpful? Hopefully.
It's been awhile since I just sat down & chatted with you about mental health, anxiety & all things my brain. I wanted to share everything that has been going on with me lately, what I have done to drastically decrease my *social* anxiety (general anxiety will always be there, whaddup) and why I have fallen in love with therapy. ALSO how does van life help my mental health?! Let's talk!
It's not all about big numbers or lots of "likes". It's about loving your mission so much that you want the whole damn world to hear it. When you're determined to share your message with the masses, you do care about growth. I can't promise you the results... That's on you. I can, however, tell you exactly what I did to get myself where I am today. I believe in you to do with that what you will.. We are all waiting to hear your voice.
After Lee & I discussed our break up, I thought it would be helpful to hear from two people who have been together for 30 years, my sweet parents. They bring us through their journey together starting at a nightclub. We listen to how they've moved through difficult times, come to accept the other person's flaws and continue choosing each other every day. This is a *real* love story... imperfect & all. 
After backpacking, van living and sailing the world, Dylan Magaster joins us to share how traveling the world started for him with only a bag and a little money. He made a deal with his mom that if he couldn't make it work in 5 years, he would come back and live a "normal" life. Learn how having a deep passion for something can push you to your limits -like making 150 Youtube videos before making money- but ultimately, keep you going to achieve your goals and explore the world. Check out @DylanMagaster on Instagram and his Youtube channels FLORB & Dylan Magaster.
Henry and Sydney share the entire story of their friendship since the day they met in San Diego, talk about how sweet the relationship between Finn & Ella really is, and go over the transitional time of Henry turning 30. He opens up about how NYC influenced his choices and why a scooter lead him to travel in a van full-time. Listen to a couple of best friends relive the last two years on the road together and how they've helped each other grow even when apart.
Lee and I broke up a few months ago and we've been taking that time to work on ourselves separately to heal & grow as individuals. Since making the decision to quarantine together, we have been communicating things with each other that we never did while dating. We're learning how to talk more, be more effective when we do, & so much more. This week we share what lead to the break up, what we've learned since, & how we made the decision to isolate together in the first place. I hope you find this insightful, maybe helpful, & definitely raw.
A little more light hearted this week with a classic Q&A. I answer questions about if I want kids, what it's like being quarantined with Lee, if I've ever dated a woman, & way more! We get to know each other real well on this one!
Can't figure out how to make money from anywhere? Brie from ChasingTheWildGoose joins us this week to go over every possible remote job we can come up with. Whether you want to stay home or hit the road, we share how you can turn your job into a remote position OR start doing something new that you may be more passionate about. ALSO: Join my new Facebook Group "Earning a Remote Income | Van Life" to brainstorm with other people or give your ideas to others!
After last week's episode, two people approached me to express their feelings about the conversation.. They were not good feelings. One took the mature approach with an open discussion while the other.. not so much. I'll admit when I'm wrong so this week I correct where I made mistakes and I'll also share my perspective on having a productive versus hateful conversation when it comes to sensitive topics.
The Coronavirus has affected us all in very different ways so this week I sat down with Katie (@soweboughtavan) to discuss how it's affected people living in vans and also influenced some negativity in the van life community. It's easy to point fingers and tell everyone what YOU think they should do. But the truth is, you don't know. We rant, we laugh, and talk a little sh*t.
Where do people living in vans sleep and how do we never pay for parking? Let me share with you everything I know about camping for free in the most beautiful places AND how to park in a busy city where van life "isn't allowed". These are all my secrets and my favorite tools to sleeping on the road.
It's just you and me this week! No guests but I sit down to address my recent relationship status update, tell you all about Pearl's story and how I adopted her, AND I address the lovely hate comments on a recent Instagram post. WOOHOO!
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Emily Mullins

My best friend has trained her dog to ride on the back of her motorcycle in a crate!

Sep 4th
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Vanessa __

such a great podcast Sydney is so open and honest

Sep 3rd
Reply (1)

estella Flores

loved this episode. such a great friendship y'all have.

Oct 22nd
Reply (1)

Tyler Wilson

My fiance and I hope to live on the road someday. your journey has inspired us to follow our dream such as you did. looking forward to more podcasts. Allons-y

Aug 8th
Reply (1)
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