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MyKitaab Podcast will help you in your journey of publishing and marketing your book. Your show's guests answer the question "I have written a book, how do I get it published in India?"
Host Amar Vyas interviews authors, editors, publishers and entrepreneurs in publishing. We talk about audiobooks, translations, productivity, book marketing, social media for authors, self publishing, and ebooks. The guests on this show include authorpreneur Joanna Penn, entrepreneurs Leonard Fernandes (Cinnamon Teal) and Mark Coker (Smashwords); Mark Lefebvre (Kobo), and Bestselling Authors, Karan Bajaj and Christopher Doyle.
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Listen to Author, Blogger and book coach Ganesh Vancheeshwaran, who tells us about the upcoming Bengaluru Business LIterature Festival (BBLF 2020), which will be held in Mid-September 2020 in online and in person formats. Ganesh is a past guest of MyKitaab Podcast, so also was Benedict Parmanand, the cofounder of this event. Links to the BBLF 2020 event, as well as contact details of Ganesh and Benedict will be available in the shownotes, which will be available at
Amar Vyas, the Co-Founder of gaathastory and the host of the Mykitaab Podcast, introduces us to the podcast on Book Publishing. This podcast aims to inform authors how to publish their books.In this introduction episode of MyKitaab, Amar tells us through his reasons for starting the podcast, the format of the show, and what listeners can expect from this show. The links and resources mentioned in this episode are available on the "home" for this podcast at http://www.mykitaab.inPlease subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, gaana, Google Podcasts, amazon podcasts, Castbox and if you like this podcast, please leave a review!
Listen to the interview of Rob Hope, creator of One Page Love. We talk about his journey with his book Landing Page Hot Tips, and how he created pre-orders for his book. In this epiosde you will find loads of information about Rob's approach to writing the 100 tips on Landing pages, using a spreadsheet for keeping track of the headlines, and there are several other insights in this book. Note: Rob is conducting a workshop on Landing page design in October 2021. You can find a link to the same at: interview was recorded in September 2020 but is being published in July 2021. In the introduction section of this episode I have outlined the reasons.
Listen to Author and Entrepreneur Bala PC on MyKitaab Podcast. Bala was a past guest on this show and he has recently published his fifth book titled Jujube. Listen to this insightful interview to learn more about this book, its title and the influence of actor Rajinikanth. This episode was recorded in August 2020. Visit to learn more.
In this episode of MyKitaab Podcast, we hear from Amit Agarwal, author of The Ultimate Sales Accelerator. Amit shares his book writing, publishing, and most importantly, book marketing journey, in particular book signing at airport bookstores. In addition to ‘Sales’, ‘Human mind’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Evangelizing power of One thing’ are other key areas of interest for him. Amit grew up in Jhansi, a historic town in Northern India and studied at IIT -BHU, Varanasi and IIM Ahmedabad. He currently lives in Bangalore suburbs, with his wife Ayesha and two sons Tanish and Aarav.You can learn more about Amit's writing and speaking by visiting
In this first episode of Season II of MyKitaab Podcast, Amar Vyas shares a lively discussion with Hema Hattangady and Ashish Sen, authors of the book "Lift Off: The Story of Conzerv". Listen to this discussion to learn about the book writing, publishing and editing experiences of the authors and also what Conzerv is all about.
This is a special episode of MyKitaab Podcast. To celebrate the Fifth Edition of Bengaluru Business Literature Festival (BBLF), Amar Vyas interviews the founder of BBLF, Benedict Paramanand.
Himanshu is the CEO of Pratham Books, a nonprofit organization that is in the space of Children's reading and education material. In this interview, Himanshu and I talk about his reasons for joining Pratham Books, publishing content under Creative Commons and the phenomenal growth of Pratham books (12,000 titles in 150 languages) over the past decade. This interview is in English, but the last five minutes are also in Hindi. At the beginning of this episode, there is a new segment that we would like to introduce in the coming weeks: book reviews.Title Image from Storyweaver, used under Creative Commons LicenseListen to this very insightful interview from Michal on MyKitaab Podcast. You can subscribe to MyKitaab Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Storiyoh, Stitcher and other fine places where you can consume your favourite episodes.
In episode 96 of MyKitaab Podcast, we talk to Michal Stawicki who is an author, coach, entrepreneur who has published over 2 million words over the past 7 years. He has been a past guest on MyKitaab Podcast, and in this episode, we talk about his evolution from an author to an authorpreneur. He and his wife have been able to leave their full time jobs, and they have been supplement their income from writing and related activities. Listen to this very insightful interview from Michal on MyKitaab Podcast. MyKitaab Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Storiyoh, Stitcher and other fine places where you listen your favourite podcasts. You can of course listen to the podcast interviews and get the shownotes at
Welcome to episode number 95 of MyKitaab podcast. Our guest is Yogesh Dashrath, who is the Country Manager for Storytel in India. Storytel is an audio book and ebook  publisher from Sweden.  Yogesh tells his own journey as an avid book reader and an audiophile, and Storytel's journey in India. We also discuss the evolution of the market for audiobooks in India. Specifically, the challenges he faced when he approached publishers and authors while trying to build up their audio book collection in India. We also talked about audiobooks in Indian languages, particularly Marathi and Hindi. This is the first ever interview of MyKitaab Podcast which has recorded it not one, not two, but three languages: English, Hindi and Marathi. This is a very, very exciting and high energy conversation which I am sure you would learn a lot from.As a special for MyKitaab listeners: you can try Storytel for FREE for 30 days! visit is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Storiyoh, Stitcher and other fine places where you listen your favourite podcasts.You can of course listen to the podcast interviews and get the shownotes at
Welcome to episode number 94 of MyKitaab Podcast. Our guest today is Jason Van Gumster. Jason is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, he is a creative professional, an author and an advocate of open source programs. His books include the GIMP Bible and Blender for Dummies He is also the creator and the host of the Open Source Creative Podcast.  We had used Skype for recording this call, and occasionally you may hear a drop in the audio quality, particularly after the call had dropped around two thirds of the recording. We had originally recorded this interview in April 2017, and we are publishing it in December 2018.MyKitaab Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Storiyoh, Stitcher and other fine places where you listen your favourite podcasts. You can find the shownotes and links mentioned in this episode at
[]( were on an unexpected, extended break for the past year, but now MyKitaab Podcast is back! Starting July 11th, we are re launching in a new format, with exciting interviews every other week, which will alternate with a news and analysis show. We looked at the listener analytics (over 55,000 listens, THANK YOU!) and we noticed that there is a considerbale interest int he news and analysis casts that we used to publish back in 2016\. So we thought, with the relaunching of the show, why not add a new flavour to MyKitaab Podcast? Also note that we have a new website []( Over the coming weeks, we will update the links to the shownotes for the existing episodes as well. If you have any questions or comments, write to us at [contact at gaathastory dot com]( can listen to MyKitaab Podcast on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), [Google Podcasts](, [Bookmyshow Jukebox](, [Stitcher](, and [Otto Radio](
Ritesh is a former investment banker turned entrepreneur in the book publishing space. He is the Co-Founder of Read Out Loud, a Mumbai based book publishing, marketing and distribution company. Ritesh and I talk about how to price your books in India, trends in publishing, how International authors can market and sell their books in India, how to use WhatsApp for book marketing, the controversy about the Times of India competition for authors;and finally, film options for books. Shownotes and links mentioned in the interview are available on Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Storiyoh, Stitcher and other fine places where you listen your favourite podcasts.
Last year, we published the interview of bestselling author, angel investor and entrepreneur Kashyap Deorah. We re-visit his interview, where he talks about his writing process, marketing and finding a publisher for his book.
Tony Ballantyne is the author of Dream London, the Penrose series and the Recursion series. He has also written many short stories. Recursion, his first novel, was published by Tor UK in 2004. He has been nominated for the BSFA and Philip K Dick awards.He now lives in Oldham with his wife and two children. His hobbies are playing the piano, accordion and cornet. He also enjoys walking and cycling.He is working on series of stories set in the Recursion universe. You can learn more about Tony by visiting
In this episode, I talk to Shilpa Gupta about her books Ananya and Double or Quits. A Chemical Engineer from IIT Roorkee and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Shilpa has 13 years work experience in Investment Banking. During this period, she was ranked among the top Indian financial analysts by Asia Money, a leading international publication. At present she is a member of the national CII committee on ‘Ethics in Healthcare’. Shilpa took a break from her active corporate career to follow her passion for writing. Her first work of fiction ‘Ananya - A Bittersweet Journey’ published by Rupa Publications,‘Double or Quits’, her second book, is published by Jaico,. It is the first corporate crime thriller in India with a female protagonist. Through Jyotsna’s journey, Shilpa brings out the constant struggle to find the right balance between emotions and practicality, aspirations and values, short term gains and sustainable life. Shilpa has been been a speaker, moderator and panellist at several literary and corporate events and an active member of various writer groups.Shownotes from this episode are available at
Paul Brodie is a Seven time Amazon bestselling author. He believes believes that books should be inexpensive, straightforward, direct, and not have a bunch of fluff. Each of his books were created to solve problems including living a healthy lifestyle, increasing motivation, improving positive thinking, traveling to amazing destinations, and helping authors publish and market their books. What makes Paul’s books different is his ability to explain complex ideas and strategies in a simple, accessible way that you can implement immediately. Paul is lifelong learner and educator and earned an M.A. in Teaching from Louisiana College and B.B.A. in Management from the University of Texas at Arlington. In his spare time he loves to read and write books, travel (especially to Maui and Las Vegas), and is an avid sports fan.The shownotes from this episode are available at can subscribe to MyKitaab Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Storiyoh, Stitcher and other fine places where you can consume your favourite episodes. You can of course listen to the podcast interviews and get the shownotes at
In this episode, I interview Tim Lewis, who is an author and the host of the Begin Self Publishing Podcast. We talk about book writing during nanowrimo, book marketing, and social media.You can find the shownotes on the MyKitaab Podcast website.About Tim:Tim Lewis is the host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast and the author of three science-fiction books and two fantasy books. He shares his struggles with publishing and interviews experts in the world of self-publishing to try and understand better what to do.How did you find this episode? We would love to hear your feedback! You can leave us a review on your favourite podcasting channel or in the comments section on MyKitaab Website. You can also subscribe to MyKitaab Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and ACast. Visit to learn more.
Rachel Amplhett is an author originally from the UK but now living in Australia. Her most recent book, Scared to Death, was published in December 2016. In this interview, we talk about Rachel's bookwriting journey, importance of cash flow for authors, writing productivity, and the highlight of the discussion was how to use Project Management (scheduling, planning, budgeting) for managing your writing career. Shownotes from this episode are available at You can follow MyKitaab Podcast on Twitter @gaathastory, on Instagram @gaathastory_podcast, and you can subscribe to our newsletter by visiting .
Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He has published his book Virtual Freedom in January 2017, and we talk about his book writing process and book marketing. You can get a free copy of Leigh's book by visiting the shownotes page at is an expert in lifestyle design. He helps people go from living a life they hate to living a life they love. His assists people via speaking, coaching, writing and podcasting.Having a corporate background in senior executive positions for various multi-national companies such as ALDI and Masters, Leigh realised that it wasn't the life he wanted.Leigh made a decision and decided to design his life to give him more freedom, fulfilment and happiness. He has successfully transitioned from a dissatisfying existence to life with greater purpose.Now he pays forward what he has learnt to help other people do the same.
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