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MyLipAddiction is a Canadian Podcast with a free flow format for Content creators to chat with Cat. It's all about the passion and so many topics are explored!
29 Episodes
Cat Chats with the Creators of THE INKEY LIST - UK Skincare brand"A pioneering brand built on the belief that intelligent beauty should be accessible "Having launched in the UK in September to an overwhelming response and an online sell-out in 3 weeks, THE INKEY LIST has just been released in Canada for the first time. THE INKEY LIST is  available to purchase  exclusively at select Shopper’s Drug Mart stores nationally All love Cat
Jess is a beauty blogger from Hamilton, Ontario and Midnight Wink is a place where she shares her obsession with all things beauty! From mascara to lipstick, skincare to haircare, Jess loves it all! She has a focus on products with clean ingredients and effective results. When she's not thinking about, talking about, or playing with makeup and skincare products, she is pursuing her PhD in Kinesiology, a journey which is almost complete. Jess' research focuses on ergonomics and human factors, with the goal of preventing workplace musculoskeletal injuries. If You like SCIENCE and The SCIENCE of Beauty stay Tuned All love Cat
Cat chats all things blogging with one of Canada's Best - KAYLA SHORT!!!A TRULY Educational episode!You can find Kayla @ love Cat
Dal was the very first Guest on the podcast in 2016 and she returns ! We talk about everythingggggg. Cat finds out some really interesting ABOUT ME'S About Dal! All love Cat
short & sweet! Beauty Podcast is BACK FOR GOOD!All love Cat
Cat and Natoya of talk about walking your own path- No matter what. They chat about Kindness and how it ultimately creates more kindness. A very sweet episode about freedom, empowerment and Love.All love Cat
Cat Chats with HumJK about Motherhood, macarons and marketing. They talk friendship in the digital age, great coffee shops and what she has achieved in 3 years of Blogging. Humara is a true joy and radiates positivity and a beautiful maternal spirit. All love Cat
Cat chats with Dal from Littlebeautyloves about blogging life, personal growth and change. They also talk about missing Stashy, putting Yourself out there on Instagram and how Dal was the first guest on Cat's podcast in 2016. Dal and Cat laugh about their first meetup at Sephora in 2015 when they were newbies in the blogging world! Super cute Episode!!! All love Cat
Cat and Stashy are joined by fellow Toronto blogger, Maria of Best Day Blogger! We chat about the integration of all aspects of Maria on her blog (art, literature, and of course makeup) and go on a journey of exploration on Spring trends, kids wearing makeup, memory lane to 90's makeup and... mortuary makeup (what!). No topic is off limits! All love Cat
Cat and Stashy are BACK for their first podcast of 2017 with the bubbliest and giggliest guest, Joyce of Local Girl Foreign Land! We start off talking about makeup porn, then about being superbly hairy, and do a full circle to a detailed discussion of a home apparatus (wink wink). This episode is sure to elevate your mood! All love Cat
Cat and Stashy have one final Christmas treat for you, and her name is Rosalyn of MyStyleInsideOut! This episode is full of Girl Talk including a surprise trip to the Philippines (and sisterly love), Asian makeup brands, and beauty pageant secrets! All love Cat
Daniel the Tic Tac eating jewellery making elf joins Cat and Stashy to chit chat about the true meaning of Christmas, and inject a bit of male perspective on makeup and beauty blogging. This episode will be sure to put you in a festive spirit... or at least make you crave some Tic Tacs!All love Cat
HippyLip returns to chat with Cat and Stashy, this time with 110% beauty talk! They delve into what goodies HippyLip received in the mail recently, face masks, fancy lipsticks, bad makeovers... and rest assured, there's no need to send help to rescue Stashy from Cat's closet... All love Cat
HippyLip, the token American, joins Cat & Stashy to discuss the shocking results of the American election. They cover everything from split households, to Trump's makeup artist, to political memes. It's 80% political talk and 20% beauty - come for the beauty but stay for the politics! All love Cat
Cat & Stash are joined by Jodi -creator of They chat about beauty events, the US election, facial oils and many of the new holiday launches. Valley Girls, Pasties and Public transportation are also giggled about at length. FUN TIMES! All love Cat
Cat & Stash talk skincare and facials, Halloween Scary stories from their pasts and How every costume for women is "SEXY". They also talk Mermaids, Mermen and Holiday Beauty. A Lot tamer than last week. A LOT! All love Cat
Stashy returns to chat with Cat about doing Project Pan, her recent Mediterranean cruise... then things take a sharp turn into a dark alley discussion about 50 Shades of Grey, Game of Thrones and vaginal rejuvenation. Listen to witness Cat and Stashy's verbal debauchery at its finest. Look out for a very special announcement on on 10/20!All love Cat
Beauty Chat with Toronto Jewelry Designer and Beauty blogger Daniel J. He is the Creator of Earth Elements Jewelry. Cat and Daniel Talk all things Beauty! With humour and thought-provoking insight this is a chat that will make you giggle. IT'S A LIFE STYLE!!!All love Cat
Beauty Chat with UK Blogger Rachael- Creator of Cat and Rachael chat about what it means to be an "inbetweenie", staying body positive, best British beauty brands and tips on starting Your blogging journey.All love Cat
Beauty Chat with Ottawa Beauty Blogger, Chantal Seguin. Cat and Chantal chat about beauty events they have attended, the power of positive thinking and loving energy, as well as some of their favourite hot beauty products. Get ready for lots of love, laughter and positive vibes. This episode focuses on being confident, following your passions, loving yourself as you are, and always being your true authentic self.All love Cat
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