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"I'm the South Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy. I've been based in Canada since 1998 traveling to many sporting events, produced 100's of intense 3-10+ min sports, comedy TV/streaming video MYKwebTV shows along with 1,000+ guest spots talking sports on USA, Canada and Australian radio." @MykAussie
16 Episodes
"Includes from May 8. New York's @SportsGrid the Morency Unfiltered radio show and podcast. I'm talking NFL Broncos schedule, AFL crazy stories, Covid-19 news in USA, Canada, Australia, more. From May 14. New York's @SportsGrid the Morency Unfiltered radio show and podcast. I'm talking NFL, MLB and Covid-19 issues, Covid-19 in Edmonton, Calgary, Gabe asks me about my sports comedy movie that includes star NFL players, Cwoc Pamela Anderson etc. From May 27. New York based @SportsGrid TV, radio etc, Game Time Decisions show. My segment with Gabe Morency and Cam Stewart. I'm talking AFL Rd 2 return June 11, AFL 2020 Premiers odds, NHL playoffs coming to Edmonton maybe, INXS band" @MykAussie
"From April 14, 24 and May 1 2020. With host Gabriel Morency we are talking Covid-19 and "Farticles" Wow, Ooch it could be true, NFL, CFL, AFL masks and crowds. The next show we talk Broncos NFL Draft, AFL maybe starting, CFL and NHL doubtful, the golf challenge of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. The next show we talk AFL restart, my feud with Pat McAfee, CFL, NFL, Covid-19, Edmonton life, more." @MykAussie
"It was fun to interview longtime mate Mike The Can Man on my Intl Sports and Sports Comedy show. We talk about Covid-19 in Boston and area, the latest NFL Patriots news including Legend Tom Brady leaving for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, CFL and CFL Montreal Alouettes news, AFL Australian Football League and AFLW the new women's league latest news, NHL Boston Bruins, his Legendary status reporting on high school cross country running events in Massachusetts, his mate Frankie McDonald the famous Canadian weather reporter and his rating and comments on my sports comedy movie Football Fan Frenzy." @MykAussie
"From my MYKwebTV Periscope Live show! I'm talking about #AFL Australian Football League Rd 1, whether they should have played or not re #CoVidAustralia, hmmm no, more re #Australia and the Corona Virus! Some quotes from Sam Newman's "You cannot be serious" podcast with Dr Peter Larkin about playing the AFL Rd 1 and Covid-19, my thoughts/pissed off with people/Aussie media etc about former NFL punter Pat McAfee and him saying he had never seen AFL before, BS I called that!" @mykAussie .
"I'm talking AFL Australian Rules Football season start, NHL Oilers, Corona Virus, St Patricks day, more on SportsGrid New York based TV, radio etc with Gabe Morency @SportsRage, Ariel Epstein and Jared Smith." @MykAussie
"I'm talking Corona Virus and prevention/immune system build up product/stops and kills a cold, my great buy up at the booze shop, Spike Lee and security guard trouble at NBA Knicks game, crazy but funny security guard stories, Uncut Gems the great movie with Adam Sandler and NBA Boston Celtics Champ Kevin Garnet, Intl AFL Aussie Rules Footy Edmonton training and my woolen South Gawler Lions jersey the guys laugh at but like, Tom Brady the Champ is a free agent, XFL week 5 and my segment from Fri Mar 6 on New York based @SportsGrid TV, radio etc.." @MykAussie
"From Fri AM Mar 6, 2020 on @sportsgrid NY based show I'm talking XFL 2020, XFL Picks, Corona virus Outbreak and the best product to build your immune system/prevent and kill off a cold, sports comedy, more with Gabe @sportsrage, @ArielEpstein, @_ShaunG, @jaredleesmith." @MykAussie #XFL #XFLpicks #Coronavirus, #sportscomedy
"From Fri Feb 28 on @SportsGrid New York based TV, radio etc I'm talking XFL 2020, XFL Picks, @EdmAusFC Intl AFL Australian Rules Football , tennis "The grunter" retiring, a crazy soccer "pecker biting" story, more with Gabe @sportsrage, @JoeRaineri, @ArielEpstein and @_ShaunG." @MykAussie #XFL #XFLpicks #XFL2020
"From Fri AM on New York TV, radio etc @SportsGrid I'm talking #Kawhi #NBAAllStar2020 #XFL week 3, #HoustonRoughnecks, #DCDefenders, #TampaBay #Vipers, #MLB #HoustonAstros cheating, #FuryvsWilder #UFC in NZ with Gabe @sportsrage, @ArielEpstein, @jaredleesmith and @_ShaunG." @MykAussie
"Was fun to again be on The Morning After show on SportsGrid formerly FNTSY Sports Network the New York based TV, radio etc station. With Gabe Morency, Joe Raineri and Ariel Epstein I'm talking XFL week 2 and the meaning of the name Houston Roughnecks, AFLW and Valentines day stories.." @MykAussie
"Was fun to again be on The Morning After show on SportsGrid formerly FNTSY Sports Network the New York based TV, radio etc station. With Gabe Morency, Joe Raineri and Ariel Epstein I'm talking Super Bowl LIV Chiefs win and my Chiefs by 10 pick, XFL week 1, AFLW Australian Football League Womens week 1 and Australian Open tennis. It includes Gabe talking about me 10 mins before I come on." @MykAussie
"I'm talking Super Bowl LIV (54) in detail a week before the Big game. Also Australian Open tennis, Australian Rules Football, life as a referee/umpire, funny names and stories. Includes a Tom Brady interview I filmed at Patriots media day at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston." @MykAussie
"I'm talking Intl Sports including my Super Bowl stories, NBA Raptors, Clippers and Lakers, Australian Open tennis, MLB Houston Astros and my face to face chat/annoyance with Roger Clemens, Travis Head starring for the Australian Test cricket team, CFL Grey Cup, Australian Rules football chat, more. Most of the show is talking about my NFL Super Bowl stories, attending three Super Bowl weeks with media passes and the star players and celebrities that I met, watching the Super Bowls on TV in Australia as a teenager, being a Denver Broncos fan while living in Colorado in 1991-92 and where I watched the Broncos win their Super Bowls, playing NFL/CFL style game on Super Bowl Sunday with mates in Vancouver, more stories." @MykAussie
"Welcome to my 1st full length 45 min podcast! I'm focusing on Comedy based around Sports along with talking current Intl Sports hot stories! In this episode I talk NFL Denver Broncos 2019 chances, my 4 meetings with the Legend NFL Patriots QB Tom Brady, my meaning of a Cwocodile or Cwoc, a funny Swimming at Wreck Beach story in Vancouver when I 1st moved to Canada in 1998 and my near disaster at the nude beach, CFL BC Lions and Eskimos 2019, my interview with CFL and NFL HOF QB Warren Moon at Super Bowl XXXVIII media day in Houston, my famous Pammy Lee Anderson cardboard cut-out in her red Baywatch swimsuit at CFL Halloween game and then the 2005 CFL Grey Cup where I chatted briefly with the real Pamela Anderson, Wimbledon tennis and a tennis story from South Australia when I played Peter Carter who was Roger Federer's 1st coach, AFL Australian Football League and funny AFL player names that Gabe Morency laughs at when I talk AFL picks weekly on his New York based The Morning After show on FNTSY Sports Network, World Cup Cricket and how I wasn't that upset that Australia got beaten in the semi final this week, NBA Kawhi the Raptor Champ now a LA Clipper and a explanation of the Aussie slang word "Sepo" that applies to NBA player Lou Williams who talked BS about Canada and some USA NBA media that talked BS as to where Kawhi was signing! Hope you enjoy!" @MykAussie
This show includes my segment from Fri June 21 2019 with host Gabriel Morency and my special guest Kawhii Toronto Raptors Star on The Morning After show from New York on FNTSY Sports Network. wE also talked CFL BC Lions vs Edmonton Eskimos, AFL Australian Football League tips and best bets Fremantle Dockers vs Melbourne Demons, Brisbane Lions vs St Kilda Saints, Geelong Cats vs Port Adelaide Power, Collingwood Magpies vs Western Bulldogs.
"Talking NFL and who ruined my Sunday, about boomerangs in Australia, This was from Dec 2016 and a test as I'm producing a Sports Comedy podcast soon. You can hear me Friday 7.40 AM EST USA Canada Mexico time talking sports on The Morning After show based in New York on FNTSY Sports Network." @MykAussie
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Peter Taylor

Yes, about time Myk. Great podcast. 👍🍻

Jan 20th

Peter Taylor

When's the next episode Myk Burnaby Eagle Aussie?

Jul 26th
Reply (1)

Myk Aussie

This is a test for my upcoming pods!

Jun 12th
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