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Mystery Recipe helps kids AND their grown-ups uncover the fun, fantastical, and fascinating sides of food. Each ingredient-themed episode builds to a grand finale: a mystery recipe cook-along. Get excited about cooking (and eating) by digging into the deliciously silly and unexpectedly educational. Hosted by Molly Birnbaum. A production of America's Test Kitchen Kids.

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Season Two of Mystery Recipe drops October 5th, and we can't wait to tell you all about the new and exciting things we have lined up! New segments, new friends, and of course, a brand new MYSTERY RECIPE are all coming your way, so stay tuned! And until then, keep on cooking. 
Today we are back with a very special episode from our friends over at Tumble! Tumble is a science podcast for kids that explores stories of science discovery. Co-hosts Lindsay and Marshall take listeners behind the scenes of how science actually works. Our host Molly was a guest on their show, and we wanted to share that episode with you today! It is all about our amazing and still sometimes mysterious sense of smell. Tumble has over 80 episodes on every kind of science, and their new season drops in September, with episodes about trees, whale snot, and the science of poop. Search for “Tumble Science Podcast for Kids” in your favorite podcast app, or visit to subscribe. 
Molly and Mitsy are hard at work in the Recipe Lab getting ready for our second season. But in the meantime we thought we'd give everyone a different kind of treat! Today we are excited to share an episode of 'Circle Round', a kids' storytelling podcast from WBUR. This episode is called 'A Dozen Loaves of Bread'.Circle Round adapts folktales from around the world into sound and music rich audio plays for kids ages 4 to 10. Each 10- to 20-minute episode explores important issues like kindness, persistence and generosity. It's been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post and has won the Parents' Choice Gold Award. Whether you’re four… or 94… subscribe to Circle Round on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.
Today, we have an exciting announcement: Mystery Recipe will be featured on the lineup of Podapalooza, a virtual podcast festival to raise money for COVID relief. The festival goes live on April 25, and the money raised all goes to GiveDirectly, a nonprofit providing economic relief to the families that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. To get access to this episode, and to hear special episodes from other contributing podcasts, go to
Today's episode is an interactive cook along for the whole family. Gather your ingredients and equipment, put on your aprons and press play, and we'll walk you through each step of Season One's delicious Mystery Recipe!If you love Mystery Recipe and want to help us out, fill out our survey at!
Come hear what Mitsy's got in store with today's surprise. And we're doing some more salty science while she's at it! Plus we're finishing off THIS week, with a song.
Today Mitsy is back for some starchy true or false in Tricky Trivia. Then we're talking food with a scientist who is all about shape!
Today we have a special BONUS for you! Now that we know our final ingredient, it's time to guess what the Mystery Recipe will be for season one! After we know WHAT we're cooking, we'll talk through our list of ingredients and supplies you'll need if you want to make this recipe with us during next week's Cook Along Finale!If you love Mystery Recipe and want to help us out, fill out our survey at!
Get ready for our final round of Guess the Ingredient! After that we're thinking out of the box for a heart felt Scoop with Adelina, and we'll hear all about how you use these ingredients at home with Make it Your Way.
It's back to the lab to melt some stretchy science. After we answer this age old question it's time for the cheesiest stand up set in town!If you want to try this experiment at home, visit!
We're BLOCK full of trivia on today's episode. Then we're talking about what it means to be a monger in Ask a Grown Up!
Welcome to Week 7 of Mystery Recipe! We're back in the Recipe Lab with our Official Ingredient Guesser Zoe to find put what ingredient we're talking about this week. Then it's off to a dairy to meet our toughest guest yet. And as always we'll finish up the episode with some at home recipes from young chefs like you in Make it Your Way!
Don't worry about being GREEN to today's science! We'll have a taste test that's sure to have your taste buds tingling. And after a quick dance break, we'll be ending off the week with some super human help.If you want to learn more about using herbs in the kitchen, visit!
Mitsy is back for a fresh sprig of facts in today's Tricky Trivia! Then we're talking to two gardening experts in our Ask a Grown Up segment.
It's time for another week of Mystery Recipe! Join us for Guess the Ingredient to find out this weeks theme. Then we'll head to an Italian restaurant to interview a very famous dish before we hear from young chef's like you in Make it Your Way.
Join us back in the Recipe Lab for some SCIENCE! We'll be doing a taste test all about cookies. Then we're going to meet the Pet Pals of Pleasantville on today's Wildcard Adventure!Visit to find our sugar cookie recipe if you want to try the experiment yourself!
Today we've got a sweet round of true or false with Tricky Trivia! Then we'll hear from someone who is using cupcakes to give back to their community on Ask a Grown Up.
We are back with a brand new week of Mystery Recipe! We're going to start things off with Guess the Ingredient, see what all the BUZZ is about in this week's Scoop with Adelina, then will check in with young chef's like you about how you use this ingredient at home!
It's time for more science on today's Mystery Recipe! We're meeting some Kid Recipe Testers in the Recipe lab to talk taste. Then, watch out for a fruitful felony in today's Wildcard segment.
Welcome back to Mystery Recipe! Today, we travel back in time with our Tricky Trivia segment. Then, we talk to seed expert Cierra Martin from the Crop Trust about crop diversity and why seeds are so important.
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