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Join Holly & John each week to discuss the weird and unexplained. Was that a UFO? Do ghosts use toilets? We are here to ask the big questions and see if we can get answers by sharing personal experiences and interviewing others about theirs.
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Dim the lights because we are bringing you another CURSED FILM with The Omen from 1976! What we are here to investigate is if the underworld came to the surface in order to stop the making of another movie trying to expose them to the masses through the silver screen?!?! The production of the Omen was full of danger at every corner, narrowly missing death at every turn.
Can evil incarnate a film, its sets & those involved in its making? Does making this kind of film with the content of possession poke a sleeping Satan? This week we try to uncover the mysteries surrounding the movie, The Exorcist, from 1973. Whether or not it was cursed and if so, by whom?
If you stayed up late enough to see something you probably shouldn't have, would you keep watching? This week we cover strange occurrences in the middle of the night when the watchers are the ones being watched. Followed by the news of someone stuck with ghosts during quarantine.
We are spiraling back into the world of urban legends and this time we have come face to whiskers with a sinister fuzzy stranger. Come along as we head to Virginia for Bunny Man haunts and the cursed Bunny Man bridge. We also make a pit stop into Colorado for some very rude news at a funeral home.
In part 2 of this sleep guy, Edgar Cayce, we dive deeper into the predictions he has made and are believed to have come true! While slumbering away he predicted new technologies, proof of Atlantis, outcomes of wars and so much more in his thousands of readings. DON'T FORGET TO WASH YO HANDS! BIGFOOT BLESS YA! Follow us on Instagram for reference photos to each episode:
Welcome to Season 2! We are kicking 2020 off with the story of sleepy-time, chamomile prophet, Edgar Cayce. We talk the pillow talk in the strange case of a man who can predict the future and cure diseases just by taking a nap. In part 1 of 2 on Edgar Cayce we pinpoint how his powers came to be and the trial and tribulations of being a clairvoyant in the olden times and kicking it with ghost grandpas. Follow us on Instagram for reference photos to this episode:
We are dosing on mystery this week and covering some strange news and mini stories you will want to hear. Facebook warns of suspicious vans that don't exist. Bugs Life II: A Journey Through Space is a working title but may be coming to theaters near Mars! Mannequin me like one of your french girls then lets hit the town! Also, what happens to a Cabbage Patch doll when it dies?
Have you heard the word, BIRD? We are diving into the legend of the great Thunderbird. Are they here to protect humans, arrange a bird attack, aliens or even still flying in the sky to this day? One thing is for sure, they shoot lighting from their eye holes and that's terrifying! Follow us on Instagram for episode references: Check out LLYNs new single here for some goos tunage!
This week we bring you a real spooky tale for the Halloween season! We check you into the Crescent Hotel where you will be bunking with ghosts and roaming the halls with its secrets! We delve into America's most haunted hotel and it's grim past as a hospital.
The chilling legend of Clara Crane the candy lady still haunts Terrell Texas and we are here to give the disturbing story. Heed the long told advice of never taking candy from strangers. Also cover mysteries in the news from the blob takeover to basements seeping blood from the floors! Happy Spooktober Mystery Crew!
Happy Spooktober!! This week we have the strange tales of Alien Hand Syndrome. What do you do when your hand becomes something of its own, something you can no longer control and possibly possessed by ghosts?
This week is a creature feature from the crevices of Yokai, the river dwelling KAPPA! This creature has some niche interests and hobbies that will leave you wondering how such a creature came into existence and will certainly keep you from swimming in rivers.. **We are switching our podcast schedule to bi-weekly episodes. Since we are an independent podcast, we feel this gives us an opportunity to bring the Mystery Crew more to the table as creators and research on each episode. As always, bigfoot bless ya for your support!**
This week we micro-dose on some our favorite mystery stories of the week. We talk furry friends ordering frisky films, loved ones replaced by doppelgangers and moon fighting planes found in the sky.
We groove on out of this ocean doom with part two on the Bermuda Triangle! Can any of these theories fully explain the high strangeness of the Atlantic sea? Aliens? Sea monsters? Freakazoid weather? Sometimes answers leads to more questions...
We are back in the groove..the Bermuda groove! The Mystery Crew is diving into the water mystery of all mysteries in the Atlantic Ocean with this part 1 of 2. We cover the Devils Triangle origins, impact and stories from the sea. Followed up with the classic mysteries in the news of a very unusual Santa Clause coming to a town near you!
This week the mystery crew discusses the great mystery around the large amount of people that go missing in the United States National Forests each year. We discuss the great David Paulides 'Missing 411' books and some strange stories of unexplained disappearances. This one is a head scratcher and will have you asking why, how and where all along the way!
We have Tabitha back on as such a wonderful guest and storyteller. If you did not get enough of her spooky experiences on Haunted by Mommy Dearest, she is back with a strange encounter at the Four Corners region. You will have to listen to hear what strange creature she encountered in this mysterious desert area on a desolate dark night...
We are tripping out on micro-dosed mysteries this week! Sometimes we deep dive so hard on our big stories, we do not get to cover all the news we would like. So we will sometimes be bringing these episodes to cover more news of our strange world. Trip through the mysteries of monsters in the loch and harbingers of doom before Chernobyl in this micro-dose..
This week we pick up where we left off on all things werewolf. We werewolf up and werewolf out on how to tell if someone is a werewolf, how to defeat a these hairy creatures and some spooky werewolf stories. Tune in till the end for some other creature feature news of the week!
This week we delve into all things werewolf! This topic to so much deeper than those classic t-shirts of three wolves howling to the moon. Tune in for a howling good time of werewolves on trial, Satan handing out lotions and us attempting some spells..
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