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We broadcast a broad range of paranormal topics. From Ghosts to Demons, Aliens to Near Death Experiences! We have it all!
25 Episodes
17: Gretchen's Lock

17: Gretchen's Lock


Chasity made her Guest-Host Debut by interviewing Shawn Lonkert and Jami Dugan about the legends of Gretchen's Lock and their up and coming film!
David Thibodeau spoke with Shawn Lonkert about his experience in Waco Texas with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in 1993.
Lance spoke with Shawn about his and his families paranormal experiences in his house. The Story made the TV series The Dead Files titled 'Hell in the Heartland'.
Rev. Rita Strugala spoke with Shawn Lonkert about her experience with paranormal activity, demons, and demonic possession.
Sylvia spoke with Shawn about her paranormal experiences while investigating the Peoria State Hospital.
Stephanie spoke to Shawn about her paranormal experiences and actually being attacked by a ghost!
Scotty spoke to shawn about his experiences while in Egypt and even broke out his Tarot Card set and began reading the listeners. Great Show!
Shawn speaks to Brandy about her paranormal experiences and if animals actually have a soul as we do. Also can animals pic up on paranormal activity that we can not?
3: Dr. Lynne Kitei

3: Dr. Lynne Kitei


Dr. Lynne Kiteh talks with Shawn Lonkert about the Phoenix Lights.
Host Shawn Lonkert talks about if the Amityville house was or is haunted. Shawn also talks more about the actual crime that took place in Amityville on 11/13/74 some audio clippings come from the documentary shattered hopes, and other various video clips found on youtube.
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