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Mythgard's Exploring The Lord of the Rings
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Mythgard's Exploring The Lord of the Rings

Author: Mythgard Institute

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Join The Tolkien Professor, Dr. Corey Olsen, on a sentence-by-sentence journey through the text of Tolkien's epic fairy story, and explore Middle-earth through the magical game-world of Lord of the Rings Online.
275 Episodes
As the howls on the wind close in around the hilltop, the hobbits reflect on their history.
Join us as we listed to Gandalf telling Boromir he told him so.
The Council on the Knees of Caradhras approaches its sudden end, amidst portents and people answering the wrong question.
Let's go back to Aragorn's foretelling, and then return to Aragorn's interruption of a tense moment.
Compare and contrast: Moria and the Dark Tower. Discuss.
Session 270: Mixed Reviews

Session 270: Mixed Reviews


The reviews on the Moria Plan are in, and they vary pretty widely.
Tonight we return to Boromir's unusually insistent push-back against Gandalf's route suggestion.
It is high time that Boromir had his say at this Council.
Session 266: A Vague Fear

Session 266: A Vague Fear


The Council Near the Knees of Caradhras continues, and the Vague Fear is revealed!
Session 265: The Bad Option

Session 265: The Bad Option


It is time for the Company to confront their unattractive travel options.
Tonight we begin a new chapter! Let's go to Moria! Or, at least, start talking about it.
Session 263: The Rout

Session 263: The Rout


What are the consequences of the failure at Caradhras? What does it mean?
Tonight we think through some of the company's final thoughts about the Caradhras incident.
Tonight, we get to see Caradhras's farewell present. (Hint: It isn't spoons.) Esplora il podcast
Great men have no spades. Great men need no spades.
Having thought some about Legolas's abilities, we need to consider his attitude.
In what way, exactly, do you think elves are most like otters?
Session 257: Winter Banter

Session 257: Winter Banter


It is time to tackle the snow. With wit and panache!
Session 256: Trapped

Session 256: Trapped


The Company has survived the snowstorm, but can they escape Caradhras?
Session 255: Hopeful Signs

Session 255: Hopeful Signs


"I'd like to hear more about Boromir, Dad. He was very wise when the Company was stuck in the snow, wasn't he, Dad?"
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